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Cardio Burst Reformer

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Come get your cardio on and be prepared to sweat in this fast-paced Jump Board workout! For starters, Amy takes you through almost 20 minutes of jumping without stopping. You'll review basic leg beats and changes from her previous classes as well as learn some new and more challenging "steps" or jumps. These are intricate and powerful, a fun challenge. A brief transition to get your hand weights and you're off again. Adding light hand weights to the workout continues to stimulate your cardiovascular system and coordination. Amy brings you up to do jumps from Stomach Massage Round Back and kneeling jumping from your hands. Slowing the pace, Down Stretch, and a delicious shoulder stretch round out this heart-stopping class. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Jump Board, Hand Weights

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Okay. So I'm ready for a jump board workout and we're going to need, you'll need a set of hand weights for this class. I'm using two pounds. You can use a one-pound, I don't, wouldn't suggest a three pound hand weight unless maybe some men might up to five pounds, but they'll be jumping and moving arm work. So I just think a little lighters. Okay, I'm fine with that cause you'll wanna watch out for your shoulders and not dropping the weight too low. Uh, all right, so we're going to get started and I've got a red and a blue spring on medium tension, um, on a balanced body reformer. That's what I have. I've taken off the arm straps and you know, nothing too distracting back there. I've got my jump board and we're going to go. So the intention here, I've done a few jump board classes and I'm going to build a little bit more today with some footwork patterns that have come from dance.

So where the legs are doing some different changing, um, beats. So the beats of the inner thighs and the legs, sharply changing positions. Uh, it's a great leg workout. You'll definitely get your heart rate up and get a little sweat going and follow along. This, uh, should be pretty fun, I hope. And Oh and then we'll jump in from our hands. I have some hand jumps. Plan, some jumps from stomach massage position, so we'll in for some surprises, we'll start again. Parallel feet all the way together. Just take an inventory across your body.

A lot of us have already warmed up our feet. I'm ready to go. I'm going to bend. I'm gonna start out with some small jumps. Sand two, three. So going in with the articulation of the foot and five and six. I'm doing 10 jumps, seven and eight. Feel that floor. Nine and 10 turned out first position. It's a small plot. He's V so with a lot of the other jump board workouts too, there's the, there's preparation videos on [inaudible].

Anytime you want the heel to get down to that jump board, you want to get it flat and flat. So if that means you don't come all the way very close into the bumper, that's where you need to go. You don't want to come all the way in, slam in and have your heels popped up. Okay, so I've lost my flow. Let's go for three, two. Now I'm turning hip with parallel for 10 jumps, one toe to heel, toe to heel. So muscular quality here.

I'm going to think a lot about using the back of my legs, the butt high hamstring and nine and 10 toes out in the top corners of the jump board using the quads to help extend the knee. So full lower body activation here. Seven and eight and nine. So we're going to do the basic pattern again. Parallel five jumps to three. Four turnout V for five jumps.

He'll stay together on this pattern here on this position. Four and hip with parallel and one, two, three, four, five in the corners. Sand five. Okay, three, four. I'm going to come back to the pattern and one jump of each position. Parallel wide toes in the corner. So I'm going to repeat that five times.

Parallel. Close, Small v Hip with parallel in the corners. Missed one in there, sorry. And Parallel Small v Hip with parallel wide V hip two three. I'm going to go one more round trip, parallel small v Hip with parallel and then I'm going to start going from one foot to the other foot. I'm in parallel. Still really enjoying the push off.

No. At this place I'm kind of keeping these jumps small. I feel fine about jumping bigger if you want to. The smaller jumps right now for me, I'm feeling a lot more in my calf and my ankle, not as much in my quadriceps. Four more here, one and two and three and four.

I'm going to go back to first position, eight times three heels together. That really strong connection up in the inner thigh. In fact, I'm going to have us keep going in the small v so let's start talking about the inner thigh. It's together. Every time you're up in the air, the back of the leg pulls up, the front of the leg pulls up, so changing the feet. Let's start working on our shoulders mall. It's French for the changing changing fields. So I'm going to land, I'm going to flow down for a sec. One foot in front of the other change. Put the other foot in front of the other. Change One foot in front. Push one foot in front. So again, keeping the jumps small for now.

Every now and again, check the hips. Didn't have to say it. And most of you probably know about the ABS. The flat here. Roll through those feet again. Are Your heels popping up? Try to stretch down. Let your ankles bend. There's a yielding.

I want to think almost like you're landing on a cloud. [inaudible] okay, so let's think about those inner thighs a little more. As we changed the legs, I'm thinking inner thighs change. Inner thighs change. So this is a jumping third position. If you're knowing the dance positions you could cross greater if you have that flexibility in your hips so that your heel of your front foot would land next to the big toe arch of the other. I'm going to stay in third. Okay.

Alright, so next little section. I'm going to slow myself for a second. I'm going to talk about the beat. So here I go to slow it down. As I jump. This front leg is going to go beat and land in front here. I'm going to jump in. It's going to go beat behind. Hit a land in front beat. Land beat, land beat. There they go.

So like really dynamic inner thigh for sure. It's coming behind in front. Behind. In front. Behind the front. Wow. Yeah. To get it to change to the other side, we need to do just one challenge mark. Keep it in the back. Now it's this foot that goes behind the other. Here we go behind, behind, behind, but it lands in front beads behind lands in front.

I'm gonna take four, three, two and one. Okay. Now I'm going to come up for just a second and drop my school. My spring two a green. Nick, go back down. Just kinda quick. Get back into the, so taser, the first position. Now why I've chosen to go lighter, slows the carriage ride down a little bit cause we're going to be doing some more leg work. So I want to have more time to fit that in. So let's go to Sean Tomas.

Remember it's just one leg in front. The other leg in front. Now we're going to take this front like beat back. Landon Front again beat. Let's do eight of these. Beat, beat no and six, seven and eight. Why Shush Ma? So we get ready for the other side. Here we go. Left goes back, left, goes back, beat back. [inaudible] does. This is one beat.

We're doing one beat seven and a. Let's try. Whoops. In a Sean's mind. Let's try two beats. So this leg is going to go beat, beat, land, and back. Ready? Let's give it a try. Pete beat Landon back. We've just switched legs. Beat, beat Landon back. So I'm alternating beat back. Front, back, back, front, back and beat. Beat, beat, beat, beat, beat. Back. Front, back, back, front, back, back, front, back, back, front. Back.

Last two and last one. And let's rest. Okay. Going into a little soft jump, one foot to one foot again. Now instead of just this kind of prancing, so this fine. I'm going to get a little more flick of my foot flick and flick and fact both feet can flick and flick and I'm in parallel and flick and flick and flick. So let's try that. Start a little drum. A first position.

So I'm letting my one foot drop behind the other ankle. Little soft turnout. [inaudible] the foot is behind the ankle and I'm going to start a little flick here. So the foot flicks and flick. What? I mean they're out to the side. Out to the side.

Huh? So one of the other jump boards I taught, I slowed this down and I brushed the foot against the jump board to flick jump and then it cut behind. So that's the, so tay, that jet Tay Cooper. I'm saying a lot of words right now. [inaudible] so taser, the jumps, all of these are our, so tase this lice cut behind. Is that jet take? Who pay jet take who pay. Wow.

I said flick a minute ago to get you that. The idea of the energy. So there's kind of like a sparkle of the feed in the energy going out. Okay, so we've got our little [inaudible] [inaudible] Huh? I'm gonna take four more. One and two and three and four.

Now what I wanna do is just hop on one leg, jet Tay or this little [inaudible]. Excuse me. So Tay, now I'm going to make this flick a lot bigger out. Cut Out, cut out. I'm going to switch to the other side. Ready? Here I go. Now I'm going to flick out and cut out the leg that's doing the jumping I to make sure it's straight underneath me that it doesn't kick out. This one goes out. I can see it in my peripheral vision. I'm going to switch legs. Four of them.

Who one cut two cut, three cut four cut and switched. So it was really five oh well one and two c the energy out, energy in out and one more guys out and in. Let's go back to a little jog. [inaudible] my feet are really alive. My arch is a really happy my calves. We'll be chatting away tomorrow.

One more little jump. So I'm going to have this go back to the, so tasing first and I want to do a little Irish dancing. This is what I call it. So if I tick pick up my right foot, draw a line up to my knee, up my calf, I'm gonna add that little shone small in there. So up lands and back up lands and back up lands and back. And uh, so little rytary comes up to the knee lands behind four, three, two and last one. I'm going to make it a little bit bigger. Up and down, big up and big up and me and four really working my hip joints as well.

And three and four and close in parallel. Okay, we're not done. Not nearly done. Real quickly up, grab your hand weights. Come on back down. Now I want you to hold your arms up in a nice somewhat of a circle. Keep jumping. We don't want to slow down at this point.

Little circle of the arms. The shoulder blades are heavy. Feel the weight of the weights helps him down into your tummy. And your tummy onto the mat. You really on there. Okay. Turn out first. Now we're going to open the arms. Open the legs, close the arms, close the legs. [inaudible] so this is what I was talking about at the beginning of class, knowing how to control your arms, holding this weight to come down not lower than the edge of the reformer.

[inaudible] rolling through the feet. So we've gone back to a basic jump. Okay. What I want us to do now is come to parallel, one foot to the other foot. And I would like you just to start moving your arms in a way that feels nice for you. Just kind of improvise. Dance was a lot of his has often many, many moments of improvisation.

And this can be one of them. I'm dancing, I'm just doing it in a jumping fashion. And you'll kind of find, I think he'll get lost in this moment like I am now. Uh, you could just go getting a lot of cardiovascular benefit here, Huh? All right. So what I'm going to do is try to get this pattern, my arms going up and over. I did this in another class with the ball in my hands up and over like a rainbow. I'm jumping alternating legs.

Okay? And I'm just choosing to do this leg position, this jump, you could do two feet to two feet. Let's try something a little different. I'm going to move my arms in a different way. I'm going to go up and down, reach [inaudible], hold onto those weights. I've never had anybody drop them. Okay, so you're getting some nice shoulder work. So what I'm going to do is change that.

The arms come down toward the mat but not resting. So if I hold the arms, my biceps are catching the weight and I'm going to add some bicep curl and curl three. So I realized guys, I haven't counted very well at all. As I said a moment ago, I've gotten really lost in this fun, but I did that. That was eight. I will promise to count eight more. One, two, three, four using those biceps. Seven, six, seven. Now we're going to go down for a little hoedown arms. Hoedown meaning I'm pulling my weights up like I've got zippers on the side of my waist and elbows up. [inaudible] again, I'm just choosing to keep my legs together. I'm going to try first position to second position getting tricky first position. Second position first.

Second, first and second. How about a scissor first and scissor and this is interesting. And scissor improvise. [inaudible] four Morin one and two and three and four. So I'm going to start winding this jumping part down just a little.

Now I will rest my arms. Yeah, I'm gonna start slowing down the jump. Yes. Moving just into a simple leg extension. [inaudible] this is for me a really nice moment.

Feeling sweats and a feeling that my just feel my heart just beating in there. It's rhythm. I feel alive. Ah, and just hold. Okay. So couple more things. I said we're going to jump from stomach massage and jump from our hands. So I'm going to choose not to use my sticky today.

Let's see what I can do without my sticky. I'm going to go to a blue spring, only taken away the green and the stomach massage position is gonna be the round back. So holding on, getting pretty close, put a foot on the board, the other foot on the board, I would aim your feet a little higher than lower. Most likely they're going to start to land down here, which we'll want to watch out for. Okay, so here I am up there. I'm going to bend myself forward. Definitely likes stomach massage. So coming forward now exaggerate for a minute.

Bringing your chest over your legs. When we jumped from disposition, it could get a little tricky and your upper back may want to go back. Not good against this impact. Uh, we're on a light spring, so we're fine. This is going to be about your abs and the leg relationship up into your hip and your low belly. Okay, so here I'm going to go. Now Push. I'm going to start kind of small jumps. Oh, there we go. So I've got to find my abdominals. Ah, I'm looking at them. There are they? I found them.

I am pushing my hands against the reformer bed. Now you're probably noticing my heels are not getting down on the board. No, they're not in this position. It's okay. Okay, so that for me, I'm going to take eight more jumps the feet, see if I can get there. Take a break if you need to. Inner thighs again. Ah, my feet have actually stayed pretty well in the middle of that jump board. Last one. Okay. Pretty exciting.

It's a hard one. Okay. And then from the hands, so the hands, we got to do some arm work in the jumping to kind of prepare for this. The way I like to do this, I'd like to get pretty close to the edge of God, about one of my hand lengths away. Or with this away I'm going to put my hands on the jump board, fingertips facing in and bring my body down to relatively flat position. Now if I lifted my tail a little, lifted my sternum a little, but I kept that awareness of the abdominal muscles, that's probably a better position than slouch. Okay, so again, finding that principle of extension. Now as we jump, think you're jumping from your lats, not your neck. All right, so it's great. There we go. Lats first through the elbows and hands [inaudible] and as you're landing, let those elbows been wide to the side of the room and accentuate widening your shoulder blades on your back. Why?

I'm gonna try to keep my chest now a little lower to my legs and I'm trying to get more flat back. So finding those back extensors, shoulders down way from the neck. [inaudible] for more jumping from my lats and my lats. Of course it's shoulders. I'm just reminding it to initiate in the lat. Okay. And rolling up.

Now I'm going to do a little kind of a cooling down. The slowing down for a stretch. I like red for this. Now I'm gonna put my do the down stretch position. So I'm talking my toes, hands just right on top of the jump board. Longer wrists than flexed wrists and leaning the hips and I've drifted back away from the bumper. I'm fine with that. I just want to hold for a moment there. Now if I start to glide the carrot, I'm actually thinking most of the intention, intention happening in my hamstrings, still in the hamstrings, but now in situating a little bit of more upper back work and push, I'm to do five of those. Stretching the hips down.

[inaudible] keeping the heels reaching back. Even when we're taking this upper back extension, press the shoulders and reach. Yeah, and forward. Give yourself time to explore those. This is kind of a cool down, stretch and forward. Let's take one more. It's going to change just slightly now, but have you flex your hips head between the arms?

It's trying to find that flat back position. Again, it's a grilly neck shoulder stretch. Haven't lost the integration of the abdominals. The tail is slightly lifted. [inaudible] I'm going to take my left hand and put it on the frame of the reformer. Now this spring here, I've got my middle red. That's the one I've chosen. That's kind of the center of me as well. So if I, my nose is right above that and my naval, I'm going to try to pivot.

Rotate is if that spring is in my spine, really, I'm just turn around my central axis. This feels great to me. No great lat stretch on this right side and the other frankly, and then coming out of that wine [inaudible]. So you are that spring right in the center and you're coiling turning right around your central access, reaching the hand on the outside of the frame. It's a very much like a saw, haven't pushed back with the legs, haven't drifted in and coming center. I'm gonna Round or let my back round. As I bring the carriage in, I'm going to set my feet down.

I'm gonna conclude this with just a nice s, you know, five or 10 breaths. Feel free to leave if you need to. Thank you guys for taking jump board with me. Maybe three breaths. So we're building our skills with our, our dance beats and all of our changes. Thank you very much.


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Fun Class Amy ~ Thank You !!
loved the new patterns and Lat Jumping :)
I love these short workouts! Thank your adding the ballet jumps for variety!
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What a delight to log on, look for your jump board series and see a brand new class! Loved it! I really like the continuous jumping for cardio. Will revisit this one again. Thanks so much, Amy.
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Thanks everyone!! It brings me so much joy to read your comments and feedback! Thank you for taking the time to say what you like and give your encouragement!
Amy Amy Amy...and people ask me if I lie awake thinking things up! Thanks for getting my heart rate up, love the short time-frame too, easy to sneak it in!
Such a great short pop in class with great variations. Loved it!
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Kerry and Sabrina........ glad you enjoyed the short cardio class! Tried to do just that---make it one that will be nice to pop into and get the cardio done!

Thank you for a great class! I enjoy doing it prior to another pilates me a complete workout!.....even if I must rest in between :).
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Thank you Joanne! Great idea to do this before another class......yes, this little short class may not be enough of a 'full experience' so adding it with something else is fantastic! Glad you enjoyed it!!
Yay! Just what I have been waiting for :) Lovely as always Amy!
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