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Traditional Reformer Flow

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Niedra throws in all sorts of fun challenges in this fast-paced, classical style, High intermediate/Advanced Reformer workout. Along with the standard classical exercises, you'll also practice the assisted Breaststroke, Horseback variations, Elephant Arabesque, and Single Leg Tendon stretch! At the very end of class, Niedra pulls out the Jump board for a little stretching and a little jumping. If you don't have a Jump Board handy, there is plenty of class here if you stop when it comes time to use one. Come ready to work and learn.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Dec 15, 2012
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Good evening. I have Colleen here with me and we're both going to go through a reformer routine together, a classical style. It's a lot of fun. I'm going to attempt to synchronize the work as well. Of course his work on our technique and I'm going to be throwing all sorts of challenging ideas at Colleen as we go along just for the fun of it. Okay, so sitting down classical style, crossing the arms, lift of the power, sitting down and on your back, hopefully with very little swivels and pressing out and add out. So we're going to be moving quite fast years. This is an intermediate, advanced workout and as usual time is short in life and we have a lock to get done and last one in, in bird on a perch. And again, okay.

So every time hugging the midline, looking to make sure the outer size and narrowing the hips and narrow the spine is long and the powerhouse is up on the heels. Every time we come in, pulling the toes way up, especially the little tall look into have the little toe and the big toe even I think it's two more terrible accounting and discussing technique at the same time. Back to attended, not tendon, stretch, Yak, pressing all the way up with both legs, one leg up in the air and bending in and out five times with just one leg looking to keep the pelvis rounded, the hips long. The leg is just, the knee is going in line with the the oldest shoulder. One more time, changing the legs, pressing all the way out, anchoring the powerhouse, lifting the other leg up and bending in, pressing out, pressing out. So there's a certain amount of actually resistance on the way back to control and stabilize the power house and to make sure that the machine is being controlled by the body. Now tended stretch, pressing out, lowering and lifting.

I lift every time narrowing into the inner thighs, outer and inner calves, working, looking to have all five toes pressing into the um, foot bar. One more time long. Lift up length in the size and then coming slowly looking to release the tension and stay with resistance in the legs. Okay. Hundred so because this is balanced body, we need to sit up. Release.

Yes. Lying back down and starting from table top and breathing in. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Now extending the legs out. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale. Now breathing in for four into three. Four out, two, three, four, five, six, four out, two, three, four, five, thick into three out two, three, four, five, six, seven into three out, two, three, four, five, six, seven into, out, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight of two, four, six, seven. Egg it out. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine in, out, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and rats. Setting up for overhead. So two springs legs long and down, slightly in front of the sole, the rest, hugging the midline to spine as long.

Arms along and shoulders are anchored into the mat. Arms down, legs over and lifting up at slow, rolling down, reaching the arms, law, legs down, arms up. And I'm suddenly exuberant up and wrong. Open collar bones using the powerhouse. And one more time. Lift and reaching long, long, long setting up for coordination and exhale. Now we're versing it. Inhale, hold the breath. Exhale, exhale. Inhale, hold the breath. Exhale, adding little beads. Inhale and exhale deeply in the powerhouse.

Exhale in swinging around for rowing. One Spring, nice lift and scooping through the powerhouse. Arms out. Push, lift up and over the powerhouse. Big Circle with the arms lengthening down and rolling back up and scooping. As you roll back, arms out, staying here, pushing. Try to keep the machine from moving as you come forward.

Big Circle all the way round and come back up. And one more time. So stabilizing into the powerhouse of body stays. Now see if you can keep the machine from moving. Keep it from, keep it from moving hands together. Big Circle, lengthening all the way out. Nice stretch and lifting up 90 degrees with the arms.

Shoulders down and back and come back up. Simple version first. Press down along with the arms, big circle all the way around. Press and come back up. Now coming down to not at 180 degrees. So parallel to the legs and come back up one more time. Lifting the elbows, but staying with the arms. Ben. Lengthening the arms way out.

Reaching Long. Try to touch the floor and big circle. Okay. And one more time. Lifting up nice and tall. Leaning back till you're parallel to the floor. So anchoring the pals, the stretch your arms by your ears and lift all the way up. All the way up, all the way up. And with slow length. Now extend the arms to touch the sides of the frame.

Extending down towards the floor and deepen the powerhouses. The arms come together. Big Circle. Lovely work. Okay. And swinging around to face the front. Reaching from the armpits.

So broad shoulders, some extent for me. Let's have the legs that long in this one. So reaching out, bringing the hands down, lifting up and getting even taller, broad, open collar bones all the way down. And press lift. Get even taller, taller, taller. And last one, extending out 15 way upside body. His long arms right by the ears. Now keeping that vertical plane all the way down. And now flex the feet, spread the toes and scoop as you reach beyond your heels, heels and fingers away coming all the way up, all the way out. Lifting up through the lower back and again, pressing out, coming all the way up. Nice lift through the spy. And one more time.

Sliding out. Lift all the way out and down. Sitting cross legged, hands behind. Thumbs by the occipital bone, rod elbows and lifting up. Neck, stretching from your shoulders through your fingertips. Long arms, elbows wide. Next one, going from the ribs through the shoulders and the fingers. Elbows wide, going from the waist all the way up and extending and elbows wide. Going from the pelvis, lifting way up and it was white and last one all the way from the tailbone, stretching the whole spine, lengthening up and then opening the arms, crossing the feet the other way. Arms are slightly in front of the shoulders.

Big Breath in and breathing out. Breathing in, breathing out, breathing in, breathing out, breathing in, crossing the feet the other way. Breathing out with the arms wide and breathing in. Breathing out, breathing in, breathing out, breathing in and breathing out. Very nice and long box. So pulling on the straps one spring and pulling on the straps so, so that has a slightly outside the frame for me.

I would like the heels in line with the sit bones. The lower body is anchored and pulling the shoulders back and broadening through the collarbones, releasing down, lifting the powerhouse and again pulling back, lifting a little bit higher, pulling the shoulders way back and down. And the third one, see if we can have a gaze upwards towards the corner of the room looking to get the backbend coming right from the shoulder blades and above it and down arms to the side for t shape to arms are out. Let's Colleen, let's have you slide your hands down so your hands are in the straps. You can flip them right into the stack and we're going to do something a little different. I'd like you to inward rotate. Pull the arms back above your bottom and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Lot Old Romana style.

Opening the arms out and again, pulling back and lifting a little bit further up and opening the arms out. And last one, even more of a back bend. Squeezing those shoulder blades. Hands above your bottom if you can. Yes, opening the arms. Act. Okay. Stepping off in backstroke. So here is forward and down.

So nice scoop through the powerhouse. Arms are up open and reaching long looking to stretch those ends towards the knees. Keeping the powerhouse pulled up and bending arms and legs up open and lengthening even further. Broad in the shoulders, in the back and come back in. This time we'll add little beats arms. It makes up open and keep beat. Three, four, five, six, seven and eight deepening into the powerhouse and coming in and setting up for teaser different on these bigger boxes. So knees bent or long, whichever works we can do either. So first of all, nice broad collar bones pulling up into teaser and down and up. Three times three, lifting a little bit more and rolling down, rolling down, rolling down at everything. Go out and rolling up again, deepening into the powerhouse to lift in big circles with the arms, Lyft, Lyft, and lift and rolling down.

Now we're going to have a fun variation opening out. We'll lift up into teaser together, pulling up into teaser, keep reaching into this handles or the strap and take one the right arm down in the left arm up and then reversing it. And so you really need to anchor into the powerhouse because the hips want to start to go flying too as counterbalance. And the trick is partly to keep pressing into the straps and then rolling down. You look like you survive. And one more time coming up again.

And this time shaving from the front of the head book resting up. So every time you press the arms forward and up, the power ass engages even more. Lifting, rolling down, rolling down, rolling down and releasing. So stepping off and let me, I'll spot you for breaststroke. So pressing, very good. Bend your knees. Here we go. And one, two, three, stretch forward and lift. Open those arms. Lift the stomach. Yes, beautiful. And come in one, two, three, long lift, even further. Very good. And third time try to lift all the way from the low part of the pelvis. Stretch forward and lift all the way up. All the way up. Yes. Beautiful.

And come back down. Okay. Stepping off my turn. One, two, three. And so my, you'll have to push my feet to counterbalance me. Yes. And [inaudible] and [inaudible]. [inaudible] I was not the new, quite tall. Let me do this. I was going to add a stronger spring and they help you. I'm not, I'm standing outside so you have to reach over.

Um, if you step in because these machines are long, you want to step away the moment, um, I'm moving in your direction. Yeah. So do you want to try again? Yeah. So you know, you don't want to stand from the side, go to the back and let's see, one to two. Oh, this part's not as important. No, now's that. I would step out of the frame, grab my ankles. Now this is kind of the important part as now. Push my ankles together and down more down. That's it.

So you help me, you counterbalance me reaching up, reaching out. That felt fabulous. And now here you soften the grip. And if you're, it's too far. I can do it on my own. One, two, three. This is really decorative choreography to anchor my legs together. You, you were in there, I felt you. And one more time, but that's feeling so much better. I think you were one, two, three. So you anchor my heels together, push them down as I come up, push down more so I can actually, whoa. Whether that was gorgeous and that felt really good. It's really a trick because people's body weights and flexibility is different and the machines are different. So each person's a little different.

But that felt awesome. Okay, so I'm happy. Let's go for horseback. So when spring, hmm. Actually let's work without these just to review. So with your feet, this is kind of the breakdown for us back to really get an understanding of it because it can be tricky. So from this position with the feet just on, just hug the knees a few times together. See work your add doctors. You want to find those inner thighs without the pelvis being involved, right? Right now squeeze the knees so you work your in size and just lift the hips up.

Nothing else changes and sit back down. So hugging the legs and lifting the pelvis, nothing's changed in the pelvis and down. Now we add in lifting and tilting. So the powerhouse pulls back going all the way into the ribs and then sitting back down high into the saddle again, scooping to live, to innercise. Work the arm, skin come forward just to get the sense of this powerhouse pulling back and coming back down. So now the legs extend. What happened? Legs wants to roll out. Uh, as an, we're striving to keep this really inner hug going just like you would do on a horse. So here we go. Hug The box, scoop, reach three circles with the arms just to make sure you get your alignment set up. And then as you sit down, you flex your feet and you keep them long and again, extend, reaching back with the powerhouse.

Circle the arms three times and sitting back down. And one more time scooping back with a powerhouse, reaching, circling, circling, tried to get your shoulders right over your hips, back, back, back, back, back instead of way forward, sitting back down. So this is the tricky part because usually the body goes forward. The goal is to stay shoulders as much as possible over the hips instead of rocking forward. So it's not now pull the ribs back or even more, even more ribs, ribs, ribs. So the ribs go in, Woo air. You go hug the innercise. And I sit back down. Nice, long spine. Just one more time like that. That is so good. Lift up again. Floating ribs back, back, back, back, back, back.

So this lifts you up and then sit back down. That was beautiful. That was beautiful. Hard to do. But this is all good. It's going to be, don't have to be perfect in one day. So let's take the box off and oh Kate. Yes, we have to be gorgeous and correct. And let's go for long street series, so, so as you get on, make sure your shoulders right over your head. For me, I happy. I'd rather have the heels wait to toe the heels or for the forward and the toes back so you have a straight line. And then when you step on, nothing changes. So Nice. Lift through the powerhouse.

Nothing moves as you present and come in and press out broad shoulders and keep that powerhouse. Very, very good. One more time and back. Now let's lift the right leg up back and then left leg up back, and then bend the knees down. This is fun. Lift the hips up. So really pull the hip bones up. Broad, long lift through the stomach so that the trunk remains long and then come back up and broad through the collarbones and again, and lift in broad through the collarbones lifting longer. This one's an old Romana one that I love. Pressing out. Press the hips down.

See you in a back bend and let the hips stay low, low, low, low. As you lift your chest, let your head go back, bring your head straight, take your hips back, lift the arms up. So the spine is long, big lift and emulate that back bend again. Going as far back as you comfortable going, coming back up and lifting up into up dog. Taking your head as close into your knees as you. Yes. So the shoulders are overstretched in a sense, but the powerhouse is still engaged. Keeping the shoulders anchored on the back. Press some machine out and bring the hips. Excellent.

Come straight forward over the front bar and pipe the pelvis up. Head right in there. Keep the head and shoulders there as you precept. Come forward and Pike and let's do one that was an archival one where you combined down, down and up. Stretch. Now come forward. Lift your chest Rod collarbones. Press out and pike all the way back up. Wonderful. Heels down, toes up and back and forth.

A hundred um, hundreds. What am I saying? Elephant. Three four, five, six, two more times seven and eight. Very, very good. Keeping the heels down, right. Like go straight back. Parallel to the floor, hips, a square, back and forth. Three times one, two, three other leg changes. And again, hips is square in law. Three times one, two, three and now up on your heels for the High Arabesques, press your heels out 12 inches. Take your right leg up and let the hips go a little out of square. So from your waist, your shoulders, your square, get the leg even higher, extend through both legs and bring the carriage in three times. Ring it in one, bringing it in to bring it in. Three change legs.

Press out slightly long spine and let the hip open a little bit because you go in beyond the 90 degree, but shoulders and waist a square when you didn't. One, bring it in to bring it in. Three step on top of the carriage. Take the leg out, up as wherever you feel you can control your hips and bring the carriage in. Three times. One, two, three, change side. Lift the leg up, push the carriage out a little bit. Bring it in. One. Keep the powerhouse working in the shoulders, broad and three and right down and long back. Stretch, hand, foot, hand, foot, broad collar, bones and hips. Go down. Press out, lift and down. Present.

Lift and in. One more time down. Press out and lift. Nice lifted. Chest, broad. Collarbones. Reverse, pressing out, down and feel all the way through the crown of the head. That lift. Press out, down and lift. One more time down and lift. Very good. Stepping down and stomach massage.

I don't think we need a pad so we can go right into this. Three or four springs and hip suck. Hips right under the knees. Very good. Now get the shoulders as close to your knees as you can. And just for a moment let go and bring this chest even further forward and pull the power house up. Very nice. And put the hands back down.

So it's really the trunk, not the hands. Placing the position out we go press and in to and in. So the whole time the waist is long and lifted. The weight is a here behind the sit bones. So the lower back is being asked to open and the powerhouse is really supporting this shape. Very powerfully. Releases spring if you want to.

And hands behind. Let's have the hands on the side, lifting up and broadening. So with the hands on the side, it's less hands and more trunk pressing out again Andy, two and three and four and five and six and seven and in eight and one hand up the other hand up, lifting out of the lower back, pressing out long spine and coming back in, pressing out long spine, trying to resist the collapse of the body and the way back. Lifting and up. Nice long waist. One more time. Lifting and back and now going into a twist, reaching way out, lifting the waist and arms come up and twist. Beautiful work and up and twist and up and tourists lift the waist and and with Aha and back. One more time and twist and back.

Now hold the carriage again. Bring the weight over the Sh, the hips. Press all the way out and right like underneath and six times with one leg. One, two, three, four, five. [inaudible] six changing sides and one, two, three, four, five, six coming in, holding the foot bar, pressing all the way out, lengthening the spine in the waist, lowering down, up, coming back in the knees go wide. As you go out, pull the powerhouse up and back. So the whole waist area lower back, really get be opened up and in. And third one, anything that feels good. Lower lift and come back in. It's stepping off.

Next one is tendon stretch, two springs. Um, I'm using to read. I hope that will be good. So getting ready, your feet can either be one third on, two thirds off, that's more challenging, or two thirds on one third off that a little easier. But all of them are a challenge. Lift the toes just for a minute to make sure the foot is spread and pull the powerhouse up. So pressing out.

Press the hips way out and lift the hips up to come back in. I'm pressing out and come back up. One more time. Pressing out and lifting the hips to come back. And now lifting the right foot up. We're going to go to front to side to back to side and change. So right foot comes forward pressing out one and one and one and two the back one and one end to the side and one. And here's a transition, uh, this side four deep in the power house. Here we go. One and one has to happen fast. Good.

[inaudible] to the back. One, one and two the side, one one together. Bang down and step off. Now this following stretch, I used to do a Ramana studio in another lifetime, but it was fabulous for the hips and we used to do it balancing up here, but today we'll do it in the back as a start. So imagine your down here supporting yourself. So the balance is a far more precarious one. But right now we'll hold here, take your left leg and just lift it up as high as you can and lift high on this hip of the standing leg because you're balancing on, take the leg behind you and let the chest go lower. So you're in a high stretch here. Now keep try to keep the leg that high.

Bring the leg back so the hip has the lip, hip has the lift as you bring like out to the side, which it is high as you can and bring it down too fabulous for opening up the hips. Other light goes out to the side. Take the leg behind you, lifting it as high as you can. Bring in the chest, lower to get the leg higher. And I'll keep the leg that high to bring it out. Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up, keep it up, keep it up, keep it up. Bring the leg down, stand up. And we are ready for short spying massage because we deserve it. So short pint spine massage into frogs in the air.

So starting out, pulling the feet down, long spine, extending the legs out, lifting the hips. So just a few of these to kind of organize the body again. [inaudible] so it's fine. Massage is just so delicious. Lifting the hips, controlling the lakes over [inaudible] and then into the powerhouse. Look into articulate even the right and left side of the spine and down.

And one last time. This variation, if dinner, floating the legs over, bending down, ruling through the spine and hip Sam, now pressing up again so you lift up, seeping, get your legs more or less in a dry agonal bend the knees in and the knees go wide. All word was as wide as you can as you can and arrest the legs up and out, down and press long diagonal down and presser the hips to live. To get this, the legs to work and lift. And one more time like this and lift long. Lift the chest even more significantly. Roll the hips down, bend the knees and bring the feet over and getting out of here and the foot bar is now to a slide forward for the next one. So nice and long. Semi circles, right?

It's going to have the hands here. You can make fists. That's how the hands right at the base with the thumbs out so you can get the arms more capable of pushing. The knees can be slight PyLadies turn or parallel depending upon what the body works best in your body. Articulating chest first through the spine till the hips come down. Press halfway out, roll the hips up and press the hips long extending the knees over the feet, rolling through the spine and dropping down, pressing out halfway articulating through the spine to lift up and pressing all the way in. All the way in. All the way in it. Stay right there Coleen, because you'll be beautiful. Demonstrated. Excellent.

Roll down again and now bring your hips between the springs further down, further down, further down, more, more, more to you're almost touching the ground. Yes. Now press out with your hips down there. Good. Now scoop your pelvis, row, row, row, row, row, and lift and press all the way in. Nice long ties. I was gorgeous. So just a little variation reversing it. You can start out pressing out, rolling down, pressing for that last one only works if the two outer springs are the reformers. Set up with the two hours springs pressing out. Again, rolling down through the spine. So right here, fabulous place to reach through the arms, the press, the hips down in opposition to open up in the armpits. Lengthening the size out. One more time, pressing out, rolling through the spine, reaching with the arms and opposition coming forward and pressing the size out.

One hand comes down, the other hand comes. Now the thighs extend away from you and I drop the heels down. Big Flex and same thing, sending the size, a slight variation. Very good. Sliding back and chest expansion. Toes over the edge, holding onto the strath. Big Lift of the chest.

So actually start out. Don't pull the machine. Um, yeah. Get, let them go back cause he straps a little shorter. Big Lift of this. I'm on to you have a choice of two or one. Uh, we will, but we'll be at, not in, you'll be adjusting the springs for that one. So if I was to say anything, when you have one spring, you have a better opportunity to work between the shoulder blade. When you have two springs, you have better chance of stabilizing the last. So there's benefit to both ways.

So nice lift up through the powerhouse in the waist, shoulders abroad, working from the shoulders first. Pull the arms back, turn your head to the right to the left straight, release the arms, lengthen the spine and pull again. As you can get the collarbones very broad head to the left, head to the right, straight. Release the arms again, broad lifted show collarbones right left straight release and Paul lift. Long spine had the left head to the right straight and really well the straps with one hand. Sit back and add a spring. So you'll be on three springs for thigh stretch. So either lighter one or red one. Um, yeah that will be good. Bring the knees forward.

So the right in front of the shoulder rests feed the knees should be more or less straight lines unless there's some knee problems. And I actually have a little bit of a knee thing going on so I'm going to have a little bit more of a v. So hipbones lift, waist lift and the slight today let's have a slight rounding of so you will lifting up and over in the upper body. Keep the hips lifting and hinge the trunk back and lift the arms to come back up. So a few different ways to interpret this. Colleen, I'd like you to think more in terms of a stomach massage shape versus a back extension. So lift the wasted a broadly. Shoulders in the back. Yes. And close your front ribs. Close them. Bring the chest even more forward. Now keep your hips forward as you go back. Hips forward, hips forward, hips forward, hips forward, hips forward, hips forward. So your side. Yes.

Lift the hips even more. Beautiful. And one more time. Big lift of the waist and back you go. Hindering suggest a few different ways to interpret this and come back up again. Good. You do the back bend. You want to go into the backbend from here? Have you done it before? Okay.

You want to make sure you lock the hips the same way so only the upper back opens. So lift the front hips way up, narrow the thighs towards each other so you have stability. And I would press your little toes into the maths like yes. So shinbones and feet are working. Hinge back, back. You go now keep your hips steady. Open your chest and your head way back close and come back up.

And one more time. Close here more. Drop your head more. Narrow this and back. You go in this shape back. Take the hips back, take them back, back, back, back, back, back, back. Keep them there and open your head and chest. Keep them that, opened the chest, open the chest, open the chest, close the chest, stay back there and come back up. So the whole thing is out there and just you open, you close and you come from the nice. But that was really good. Let's do, do you do the full back bend going into the bar.

Okay. So stay right where you are and just going to spot you. You're on two springs right now just to just you. Okay. So lift the arms up, lift up in the waist and back. You go towards that bar. Back, back. Oh, come back up again. Young lady. So I'll spot you, but I want you to go even though I don't want you to twist. So you go back. The big thing is to take all the work from the waist. So big lift through the, I'm not the way some, sorry, the rib cage. So you work your lats. So lift up and that's it. Start Bending upper back ribcage lifts back, back, back, back. That's it. Now just bend your elbows.

Just the elbows bend and press your chest to the ceiling. And Ben, so the chest goes up, up, up one more time. Now you're not going to do the legs, but you can come up from here where my hands are relaxed your head up and sit back down, bottom down. That was beautiful. Do you have it in you to do it one more time? So on the way back up, you were still going one hand, one hand, so you were a little insecure. You have to take all of the power right here and use that as your lever to come app and not kind of try to help at all. It's not about the arms. So reach away up big lift through the ribs and over you go lift and back, back, back. Beautiful. Bend your elbows and lift.

Bend your elbows and live to remember this is where your power is. Lift the chest up. Good girl. That was awesome. Okay. Over you go. Just nice rest and then step off and have you done second long box before. Hamstring, hamstring pulls and swimming and walking and swan dive and yeah. Um, grasshoppers. Perfect. Okay. So let's have some fun. No two springs for the hamstring Pauls and different ways to get into this cross. One foot. Whoops, that's not the way we would be doing it. We'd just be doing it normal.

One foot, one foot coming forward. And so you bring yourself forward till the kneecaps are just over the edge. Very good. Long spine and pulling in. Mm. Pulling in. Oh my goodness. I haven't done this for a while. There's such a difference between my right and left leg, but I really need this and Paula and cool.

Two more times pressing the hipbones down and now with one spring we can stay on to that to let the left leg go soft and just the right like, oh my goodness. Okay. And three and then the other leg and one and too and three o k letting the legs and rocking. So Ben grabbed the heels so you can work toes or lower down, lifting up and rocking forward and back. Forward and back. Forward and back.

Forward and back and forward and back. And then extending out for swimming. And now lifting up for swan dive. So this is interesting. Here we go. One, two, three, four, five.

Sliding forward for grasshopper. So nice lift. So those hamstrings we were working on before, they are the what? Initiate. So make the hand strings lift. Bend the legs, lift and clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap long. And one more time. Lift those legs up. Bend them and lift them up. And Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, lift and step off. Beautiful. And bend the knees a little bit to roll down.

Lengthen the legs long. Pull the stomach in and slowly roll. Roll, roll back up. Just unraveled spine and decompress it and make sure you're not feeling nice and even, and short box. So let's see here. Oh, okay. So Nice.

Long Spine. Scoped the Navel and rolling back. Opening out, closing the powerhouse and up and rolling back this time. Extend the arms out. And Paul, so you hold the underside of the frame and back to the waist and over. And last one, going back again, putting the hands on the floor and pushing up into a bed. So you open up in the chest and the shoulders coming back back.

Ways coming all the way back up and stretching over just to release the spine and coming back up. And let's just pretend we have a beautiful stick. So nice lift up through the spine, leaning back and up. Lift, leaning back. So the whole spine is working, the back is long, the powerhouse supports the back and hooking the stick beyond the toes in rounding the spoon and lifting the stick back up again. Long Spine, going side to side, bending to the right and bending to the left and bending to the right and bending to the left and bending to the right. Bending to the left and hooking that stick beyond the feet and rolling back up again.

So first when we keep our hips on the, on the box for the twist, nice lift, rotate to the right, extend out and back lift, twist to the left. And extend. And now this time we'll be rolling a little bit onto the hips or twist to the right and then let the weight come off the left hip and see if you go a little bit further coming back up, lengthening long twists into the left and let the right hip come up. So you literally roll onto the hip. Yes. And come back up. So it's almost like you're hovering in space on the side. Third one is, have you done the spear of fish? Yeah. So we have an imaginary stick here. We're twisting to the right, we're rolling on the side, we take the stick extended out and we've did take a heavyweight or a fish out of the ocean and we use that weight to reach out and bring us back up.

The power of imagination, twist to the left, lengthen the spine up and extend out and take that stake. Get a hundred pound weight. We are so strong. Kali lift, lift, lift, lift up and homeward and down. I'm not used to giving myself pep talks. This is kind of Nice. So let's take the box off. And as time is running short, we are going to do some fun ending stuff.

Let's quickly do running just to get ourselves back into our legs and then a very fast amount of oh whatever amount of springs you like pressing out with the legs and going for a run or prances. So make sure the hips right up at the top of the thigh. You want to feel the size being pressed into the pelvis. So the joint is very stable, which keeps the pelvis nice and stable. The powerhouses lifting the waist is long and the feet are just getting used to kind of integrate all the work that we've been doing.

And then coming back in and let's quickly put some the jumping board on because jumping board is so much fun. Okay, let's have us both lying down on our backs. Just springs. So you want to have your feet in a Pilati stance with your toes a little bit below the top of the board and just press out and make sure you have a nice stable platform with your feet and without the heels or the toes coming off. Just bend the knees so your weight stays into the heels and straighten out.

So you really look to get this sense of the weight into the heel, Colleen, that's it. And out. So the heel is grounding nicely into the board every time. And one more time and straight. Now we'll add to this. Bend the knees of the heels. Press down, straighten the legs, lift the heels off so all the of the foot is pressed down and back. Bend the knees again and press so little toe to big toe.

That ball is anchoring strongly into the, into the, uh, board and down. One more time. So the heel presses into the board. Innercise. Pull up, ball of the foot. Presses down and back. Now we'll add to this. Bend the knees, straighten and roll through the ball of the foot to the toes, and then roll through the ball to the heel. Bend, straighten, roll through the ball of the foot all the way up onto the toes. Ball of the foot. Heel. One more time. Bend, straighten, roll through the ball of the foot to the top of the toes, ball of the foot, heel. Now we'll add a little jump at the idea is that every time we go through all these stages and every time you jump to innercise, pull together. So legs really extend and the powerhouse is anchored.

So let's go a little bigger and a little bigger and a little bigger and sore. Sore two more times, sore and sore and come down. Oh K and we had a great workout. Thank you so very much. Okay.


Thank You Thank You Thank You !!!
challenging, fun, and energetic with variety ~ WoW :)
That was AWESOME Niedra! Thank you!!! :)
Niedra Gabriel
YAY! Glad you anjoyed it.
Happy HOlidays to both of you.
2 people like this.
loved it, but would help if you could announce the spring changes!
Thank you so much for mentioning small variations and stretches that came from Romana!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Vanessa for the suggestion about spring changes - actually Blanaced Body springs are very different from Gratz machines so this is a great detail to cover next time I film and Pilates workout.
Thank you Yoly, glad you enjoye this.
Happy HOlidays to you all.
Great workout to help shed some of those Christmas excesses and find my abs again!
Love this class,,beautifully taught and beautifully executed.
Niedra Gabriel
Glad you enjoyed the class Devra and Pilates Tree - keep working out.
Great fun, love the on spot cueing that lends to easily reviewing and studying proper execution. Always enjoy your joy while you instruct!
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