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Foam Roller Stabilization

20 min - Class


Join Meredith in using the Roller to challenge your balance and loosen up your body in this 22-minute class. Meredith uses hand weights to explore shoulder stability and mobility with an added focus on hip mobility. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights, Foam Roller

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Okay. So we're going to, we've got two pound weights in our hands. We're going to do a little bit of shoulder stabilization, mobilization, hip mobilization, yummy stretching, fun stuff. Okay. So what I want us to do is just, um, you want to sit on your roller, and this is maybe the hardest thing we're gonna do all day. This part right now. We'll start with that. How's that? Perfect. Okay. So feel and, and make sure that you're far enough forward by the way on the roller so that you can roll all the way back and have your head on it. Okay?

So let's just sit right on the top and let's just do a couple of lift. Inhale and push back. Exhale. Is everyone comfortable? I know it's not always a favorite to be sitting right on the roller. Everyone good? Mkay. And press. So I want you to feel that as the weights go up, it's as a result of the shoulder blades going down the front of the body. Down, no, down the back of the body. Yes. And inhaler and exhale down. I know what I want to say.

I just don't always say what I wanna say. Hold here. Take your arms out to your sides and press down and feel the spine. The lift is the arms lift and open out to the side and press down and reach up and open and pressed. Yeah. And to Maria, I am pressed down. Oh, I now take the weights in your arms like this and reach forward. Yeah, we're ready in a reach with your arms forward, holding back on the shoulders and you're going to push down with your legs. Feel a little hamstring engagement.

Start to lower your arms so they are there for you should you need them for balance. As you roll your way down onto your back, super job you guys. And now lift the arms over head. Take care of your arms. Go over a head that you keep their rib cage on the Mat. Bring the arms forward over the shoulders, lift the head and chest. And now we curl back up. I think I liked the hands facing downwards more so I've just changed my mind there and of course didn't follow my own advice and my head came off there and say, here we go again. Exhale, pull the arms forward.

But don't let that pull the shoulders forward. So I just feel that the weights create enough of a counterbalance here to help that rolling up and down the back feel a little easier. The head will come down, the arms will lift up at the ribs, don't lift. So we feel that the ribs are heavy on the mat and I don't want you to do that by tucking your pelvis either. So we've got a neutral pelvis, arms up over shoulders, head in, chest up the weights, reach for the legs and now we curl. That's solid. You guys. Good work. That's my new favorite word. And I don't know why I've kind of bothers me actually. I'm using it a lot. Go forward with the arm energy, not the shoulders pulled back against that energy with your abdomen.

You're good. You're good. I'm just taking my time and come all the way down. Okay, so the head comes down onto the roller and now we're going to take the arms and reach back. And now just feel that as the arms come back over the shoulders, we don't move the shoulder blades. Turn the palms to face one another. Now squeeze the shoulders into the roller.

Do you feel how when that happens there was a little shoulder elevation, scapular elevation and neck tension. So I want you to try to avoid that. So take the shoulders out of the roller and just outside of that and now keep the shoulders very, very still. As you let the way through. Rest in your hands and open your arms to your sides. And now as you bring your arms across, feel the shoulders wide and the shoulder blades widen away from the roller. And inhale as we open and exhale as we come back and as you open your arms, I want you to create a side to side polar, an east West Pole.

Like you're trying to pull your arms away from your shoulder joints and back and in ham and back. Now turn the arms to palms to face away from your eyes. Lift your arms overhead. So we've practiced that stabilization. Reach out to the t position with your arms and bring them right across the top. Turn the palms to face away.

So we just work on that stabilization of the shoulders. Feel the rib cage. Hmm. What do I want to say? I want to say that there is a of fairly coordinated rhythm with the scapula and the rib cage. So as your arms go overhead, feel that the shoulder blades wrap down and forward and the ribs reached down into the shoulder blades. Now I don't know that they'll actually touch and then open and back, but that's um, I feel that that will give you very solid shoulder stabilization ribs down and into the shoulder blades, which are wrapping under and up, open and back. Now holding here over the, over the chest, the palms are facing one another. We're gonna take one arm overhead, doesn't really matter which way, which one and reach the opposite arm away. And then both arms back. Yup. The bottom arms going towards the lake. Just outside that.

Trying to slide away and the top arms going overhead as much as we can without losing the center position in our bodies and reaching out and over and back and out and over and back. Here's our last one. Okay, so we're gonna do a shoulder stretch. Now, if the weights are too intense, just put them onto the ground. Take the arms up, palm facing up. Keep the bottom of the ribs down on the roller and the pelvis in neutral. Start Bending your elbows. Avoid squeezing the shoulder blades into the roller. Instead, reach them away. And as you've been into a goalpost shape, feel that the elbows are almost higher than the weights. Not a great deal, but just just bias in that direction.

Then stretch the arms out straight. Bring a straight arm palm facing up, down to the legs. Rotate the pumps to face down and lift the arms up. Stabilizing the ribs. Bring the arms overhead. Allow the neck to lengthen and relax. Start Bending, creating that nice goalpost shape goes slow.

Feel the stretch. Allow the arms to straight in and reach down towards the sides of the pole vis. Rotate the palms down to lift the arms up. Let's do two more and long neck, Benny elbows and reached down. And last one. You know what, go back down and put the weights down just down next to your roller. And now let's just lift the arms up.

So I feel that without weights we can stay for a little longer and do a little exploration. So bend the elbows to get into that goalpost shape position, reassessed rib cage, then ever so slightly and don't create neck tension, but let the elbows go a little higher than the hands. And then let the arms relax and just be there for a minute and take a deep breath and feel that that perhaps gives you a more capacity to have a deeper breath. We all get so limited in our chest and shoulders and now bend the elbows a little bit to check in with the ribs again, have they arch, and then let the arms be there. Now here you might feel the shoulders coming towards the roller. That's okay. Start straightening the arms out and let, now they arms hang.

But there's never going to be any lifting or elevation of the scapula up or forward. And now bring the arms all the way down. Might be a good idea to just put the weights away from you so that you don't roll onto them cause we're going to come off the roller now. So roll onto your back. Ah, that feels good. Um, take the roller now. Lift the pelvis up and fly the roller underneath of you.

So it's resting just about at your sacred area. And again, resist any temptation to allow the ribs to art. So once we lift our legs, we're going to keep the pelvis above the ribs throughout. So go ahead and lift the legs up. Gonna stretch the legs up towards the ceiling.

And I want for you to start to bring your left leg towards your body, but your right leg goes away from you. And I want you to reach way out, way out. Now bend that right knee, tell you a slight it along the ground and pull it over you with a bent knee. As the straight leg goes forward, stretch the top leg up as the bottom leg goes down. Ben The bottom. He said, we're doing a nice slow bicycle, more first stretch than anything. So feel the outward reach of the leg and then slide underneath you and switch outward. Reach to the leg, slide underneath you and switch one more time to each direction.

Outward reach, sliding into switch outward reach, sliding into switch. Go into the scissor position again. Uh, just look after your each other candy. And I'm Deb. We're going to do the helicopter. So let's go open in one direction to a v and then continue rotating through the hips and to the opposite side of the scissor. Let's go the opposite direction, reaching way out.

Get that nice inner thigh stretch and then working the mobility of the hip joint and then reaching out so further and further each time. And as you go out further and further each time, and let's do that one more time through. Does that make us even do you think? Yeah. Okay. Stay here, Ben. The bottom, he said, just reaches now down to the floor and bend the top may towards the chest. So now we're just letting that bottom line kind of draped over the roller. So we're looking for hip flexor stretch. If you haven't found one, it might be helpful to bend the leg that's on top a little bit more and perhaps even bring that leg out to the side slightly.

So the hip flexor on the bottom like opens everyone with me. Y'All feel a stretch. And then if the is bent, which I think all of ours are, pull it open more. Hello, open more. That should change the stretches where and then bring it back to the center very carefully. Slide that bottom foot in and bring it up.

Put the leg that was bent on top of the knee that was straight and now just shift over towards the bottom leg. So we shift away from the top leg, the little leg with the ankle on top and back. And that shift the other way. Just using the roller to massage that area in our spine. I'm just rolling back and forth over my sacred area, side to side over the outside of my hip joint. Okay, coming back to center. Come back to both legs. Up.

Start to take the opposite leg. So it's the uh, right leg I believe. Did I say right and left? It's the other leg that goes down towards the ground as that like reaches away from you allow it to bend a little. So the pelvis is wrapping over the top of the roller. That leg that's on the top is going to bend in towards the body or maybe slightly outside of the body and the whole point is to see about that bottom leg.

Now we're going to take that knee and we're going to open it slightly to the side. If that feels good and just breathe here and then bring the leg back to center. B. Real easy. Coming out of this stretch, a lot of us, it's pretty intense and then that leg goes underneath the opposite ankle, the ankle of the leg. That was on the top. And now we're going to shift that taught me across, away from center, and then back to center. And then shift towards the leg that's on top with the pelvis. So there's a stretch in both directions, although it's very different.

And last one, come back to center, uncross the leg, bring the knees towards the body and very slowly just start to sly the roller away from you. Do it slowly. You get a little massage slowly, slowly. And as the roller goes away, the back starts just melting. Mm. Okay. And then turn onto your side and use your hand to help you up. Let's really do a little ITB and rolling here. So why don't you to get right on the meaty party or hip, right between the, the, the outside thighbone and the top of the pelvis. And then I just want you to walk kind of forward and back right over that.

If you feel a place that feels especially sensitive, okay. And then help yourself over the hip bone or the side of the hip, the greater trow cantor. If we want to talk precisely and now roll yourself down that leg. Now I'm, I'm using my arm to help me move. I'm using my other leg to help me move. There's no perfect way to do this, so just you can take weight if it's too intense off by pushing out with your arms, you can use your arms a little less to bear more weight down, so play with it. It should feel fairly intense and if you don't feel much, chances are you need to roll towards the front of your leg bias towards the front of your leg. I don't know, I've never met anyone who's done this and not felt much. Have you? Okay, that's nice and easy rolling along that thigh. One more time and all the way down this time.

So we're just going to gently shift off the roller and just sit for a minute and feel, I think usually it's pretty apparent you can even touch and sometimes it feels a little looser on one side and the other can definitely feel like inside. Not so much with my hands, but I feel different. So we don't have time to do the other side. Oh yes we do. Okay, so here we go. We sit on the head. So find that meeting space between those two. Bony landmarks, Iliac Crest, strict greater trow canter.

Spend a bit of time looking for a place to sit. Oh, just rolling back and forth. And now we're going to start to roll over the top of that greater trocanter and then just gently start rolling down the thigh again, bearing down as much or as little as you see fit. Rolling. Right, right up to the top of the knee, not onto the knee itself. So just where the thighbone meets the knee and then back sliding back and forth. And let's do two more. And we did three and play around with where you're positioning your leg as well. Maybe move back a little or move forward a little in terms of where the pressure is occurring rather towards the front or the back side or right down the middle.

Yeah. And then back. And then this time we're just, when you get to the bottom, it's going to ease our way down. Turn around. We're going to do one more thing. Just one more thing. So why don't you to put sure where to tell you that I guess it doesn't matter cause you guys can go onto the ground. So we're going to come, come back onto your elbows and then walk yourself forward enough so that you feel like you're in a pretty easy position that you could just lift up. Okay. And then bring your hands either behind your head or forward and then just start rolling down. You will just, I'm creeping my feet forward a little.

I like my hand behind my head cause I like to extend over the top when I get to my shoulder blades. Let's hang out there for a second and then we're going to bring the head up using the arms and start to push back. Well I'm curling over to get the get all the way to my lower back. So again, it's hard to teach perfect here because everyone needs something different. So find what you need. And then do that.

And then when you're finished with that, just make your way down to about the bottom of the ribs, approximately bottom of reds and put the pelvis on the floor and either bring your hands behind your head, which is going to be more supportive for the neck. And now go over the top of the roller. It's easing the spine into extension. It's going to be here for a minute. Breathing in and breathing out, allowing the spine to relax over the roller. If you need to readjust, you should.

Um, my head is not on the mat, it's just off the mat. If I were to move back, I could put my head on the mat, but then I'd have to change where I'm getting my back extension. So I don't think it's important, but I think it's possible. Oh, now I've just rested it on the Mat. I've moved enough so that it could, could get there. Okay guys. So coming out of this careful want you to use your hands, use your arms to lift your head, bringing your chin towards your chest, and then reach forward. Grab your legs and aural yourself up and open up the knees and take a stretch forward. Okay. I feel better.



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1 day later. Man do my pecs feel open yet buff :D
Woo hoo, Miriam!
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Interesting and fun!
Thanks Sherry!
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Just did this as my post dishes pre eating dinner workout, feel open and relaxed for it. Thank you!
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I love the way you use language. It's like poetry. I hope I can teach like you as I get more experienced. Melissa MTTC graduate/new studio owner
Thank you for the beautiful feedback Melissa.
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This is so relaxing!
Great to hear, Valerie!
Class froze several times. I have the app and am using my iPhone. Frustrated
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