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Foam Roller Chest Opening

60 min - Class


Begin class lying on the Foam Roller in preparation for opening the chest and shoulders. From that point, the foam roller is creatively incorporated into familiar exercises, encouraging more strength, flexibility, and balance as a result. A great level 1/2 class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

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Jan 02, 2013
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So let's start on our backs on the foam roller. Just open up the chest and the shoulders a little bit. So lying down you want your head and your sake room on the foam roller and your feet will be slightly apart and bent and sandy moved down a bit so your head is a little bit more on. You want to be sure most important that the head is really securely on the foam roller. By the way, if you don't have a foam roller, it's fine to do this on the floor, no problem. But what you want to try and do is pull the navel in, make sure that the sacred ms stable so you don't want to be arched.

You want to have a long back. And then if possible the ribs down and just take the arms up to the ceiling with the palms facing each other and gently press the shoulders down towards the floor and then reach the arms up and then press the shoulders down and see if you can keep the body from rocking side to side and lift up and press down and lift up and press down. And lift up. And one more time like this, press down and lift up. Now go halfway down. Pull the stomach in so you feel that lower area like a belt pulling down to the floor.

Turn the pumps the face front and reach the arms back and see if you can touch the floor over. If you can touch the floor, let the ribs go out, and then bring the arms up again and take them down to the floor by your sides. And here, most everybody can get to the floor. And if you have, and now broaden the shoulders, bring the arms up and reach them back. Reach them back, letting those shoulders stretch and open, and then bring them up again and down to the floor and bring the hands up and over your head nice and long reaching. Open the shoulders, open the collar bones and bring the arms up again and down to the floor. And one more time. Bring the arms up and over your head. Reach them along, and take a moment here to feel your armpits. See if you can let the skiing of the armpits open a little bit further to let the arms go down. If the arms are going easily, Megan, stretch the elbows and then bring the arms up to the ceiling and down.

Say, here we go. So we keep all the way to the floor with the knees, hip with the part. Very good. Bring the arms up to the ceiling again. So the right above your head, your shoulders, and then bend the elbow, the going to the side and see if you can l take the elbows all the way to the floor. This will be a bit of a stretch. Keeping the chest open, let the hands move down towards the floor and then lift the hands up and take the arms backwards. Opening up the chest and the shoulders and again, bring the arms up and down towards the floor and bring the arms up again and take them back behind you and bring the arms up and down towards the floor and bring the arms up. So if you're having trouble getting to the floor, you put the little book here and over your head towards the windows above you and then bring the arms up and down towards the floor and bring the arms up and take the hands back behind you. Very, very good. Now bring the arms up to the ceiling again.

Take the arms all the way over your head if you can, you reach into the floor. If you can't reach them as far back as you can and start bending the elbows, bringing the elbows down, trying to feel the arm bones heavy to the elbows. Come down towards your waist and then stretch the hands out long and sweep the arms up over your head. Again. Bend the elbows nice and heavy so the elbows are bending down, bending down, bending down. Stretch the hands out a little bit. Lower Down Wendy, so their hands are here. Little lower, lower, lower, lower, lower.

Debbie's the apps and the hands up. But here and now, see if you can keep your fingertips on the floor as they go up. That's it. Lily. Keep the hands on the floor. If you can, touching the floor, touching the floor, touching the floor. Touching the floor. Yes. And again, start bending the elbows, bending the elbows, bending the elbows. The elbows are moving down towards your waist. Then you stretch the hands out a little bit. Lower Down Tim. Fingertips face up and then slide the hands out. Then up. No, the hands. Touch the floor the whole time. Touch the floor if you can, or as close to the floor. And then one more time. Bend the elbows.

Then Ben, Ben trying to keep the bones heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy right down here towards the floor. And then stretch the hands out. And then on the way up, can anybody, everybody touched the floor here? Yes. Now how? Go out a little bit. Make sure you still touch the floor, go a little bit floor further. Touch the floor and then go and take your time. Moving the hands up and get as, stay as close to the floor as you're able to do.

So you may not be touching the floor all the way till the arms, your head, but you try and get everything nice and open, nice and open. Ow It's good for you. And then bring the hands down by your sides. Very good. And now for it to feel how lovely and open your shoulders are.

Now double check that your spine is long and change the palms from up to down because now you'll use this to balance so your fingertips are on the floor. You can also let the elbows drop towards the floor and start to by pulling the stomach in, feeling that the back is long. And then lift your right leg up, keeping your stomach in, and put the foot back down and lift your left leg up, keeping the stomach in and put the foot back down. And lift your right leg up and put the foot back down and lift the left leg up and put the foot back down. Now wiggle your feet towards each other so the knees and feet are together.

Check that your hips are long and the hips affirm and that the back, this is on the bolster and the stomach is in. And again, if you write me up and put the foot back down, and if the left knee up and put the foot back down and lift the right knee up and put the foot back down. And if the left knee up and put the foot back down. Now lift the right arm up and put it down. And if the left arm up and put the foot back down and lift the right arm up and put the hand back down and the left arm up. And put the hand back down. Now, right arm and left knee and see if you can stretch the right arm and the left leg out. Bring them back, stretch them out, bring them back, stretch them out, bring them back and stretch them out and bring them back and put your hand down and your foot down. Reconnect to your powerhouse cause there's a lot of things you have to think of at the same time. Lift your left arm and right knee up.

Pull the powerhouse in and up and extend the arm and leg away and back. Extend them away and back. Extend them away and back. Extend them away and back. And one more time. Extend them away, pulling your stomach in and back and put your foot down in your hand down now.

Yeah, it's good to be challenged now. Knees and feet together. Again, stabilize. You want to know, squeeze the hips, pull the stomach in and see if you can lift both knees up at the same time and then pull the stomach in and press your sacrum into the bolster as your feet come down to the mat and again, lift up and if you feel this is too much, you can do one leg at a time and put the feedback down. Keeping your back into the map. It takes a bit of work and again, lifting up, pulling the stomach in and float the feet back down. Very good. And one more time. Lifting up and put the fleet back down. Very, very good. Now Roll to one side to lower yourself off the bolster and put the bolster above your head on the mat just to get written so it goes above your head.

Okay. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Cause we will use it later. Yeah, just like this, just off the mat, just out of the way. We're now, we're doing normal warmup, so lying down on your backs just normally now. So we [inaudible] of the warmup, but without the bolster has a whole other quality to it. So knees together, buttocks tight, stomach long and lift one knee up and put it back down. Keeping the stomach in. Lift the other knee up and put it back down. And right knee comes up and put it back down in.

Hug the hips and the knees together. Left knee comes up and put it back down and hug the knees in the stomach, in the hips and rightly comes up and down and the other knee comes up and down. Now hug the knees, hug the hips, pull your stomach in, and you want to feel like a corset pressing into the mat as you bring both knees into your chest. So both knees come deeply into the chest. Now take the legs to table top. Keep the stomach in and lower the legs down to the Mack without letting the back arch. Bring the knees into your chest right here.

It's easy to pull the stomach in and feel the back long. Have the hips nice and narrow as you take the legs, the tabletop, and then float the legs down without letting the back arch. And again, bring the knees into the chest. Very good. They're very good. Take the legs to table. Top. Stomach is in, and then float the legs down, down, down, down, down. And one more. 10 a time bringing the needs to table to enter the chest.

I'm so into the chat now, right here. Everybody hug your hips. Nice terror. Not with your hands, with your buttock muscle. So he want to take both sides of the hips and tighten them and right where your sit bones are. Yes. Now bring the legs, tabletop. Bring the knees right over your hips. Have your feet in line with your knees. So Megan, a little higher with your feet tight, tight, tight bottom.

So you want this pure 90 degree angle. Hard to do. Good work belly in, nice work, and then float the feet down to the mat. That was lovely. Bring your arms up to the ceiling, Paul, the stomach muscles in and lift your head and chest up and reach your arms. Nice and law. Broaden the shoulders. Make sure you have a little space between your chin and your chest.

And then float back down. Lifting your arms to the ceiling. Curl up again, tightening the chest, the ribs into the belly and lower back down. Lift up again and gaze on a long diagonal up, like in line, a little above your knees and lower back down. Shoulders abroad. And one more time. Lifting up this way, lifting a little bit further so the shoulder blades are off the mat, just about off the mat and lower back down. Very, very good. Now just reach the arms back over your head, keeping the ribs down. Bring the arms back up to the ceiling. Actually, you know what, Lilly, it's fine to have the bowls to there. Sort of.

This hands will rest in the bolster. Reach back. So people who have tight shoulders that they have a place to get it to add back up and reach back and back up and reach back. Hands are shoulder width, right like that and back up and reach back. Belly and hips from good work and back up. And one more time reaching back and just hold this position. All of you should have your hands on the bolster. Whoop Sandy gets already here.

You are now. See how long you can feel those arms and pull the shoulders down at the same time and lengthen the elbows. So the arm bones are really, really long, but the shoulders are pulling down the back. The stomach is in and the ribs are down. No, not the bottom. The ribs. Yes. [inaudible] yes. Then bring the arms to the ceiling, breaking them down. I loved it. And bring the hand down by your side. Very, very good. Now going into hundreds. We'll do hundreds from table top to begin with. Lift the arms up again.

Curl your head and chest up. Bring the knees to the chest tight. Knees. Check that your shoulders are wide and then bring the legs to table top. Start pumping with the arms. Breathing into three, four, five. Exhale. Do, do. Three, four, five. Exhale. Three, four, five, three, two, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, four, two, three. Exhale. Three, four, five. Nice, broad shoulders for five. Exhale, two, five, six, two, three, four, five. X Sale, three, four, five, seven, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, eight, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, nine, two, four, five. X Sale, three, four, five. Last set, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five. Bring your knees. You chasse. Give them a hug.

Drop your head down to the mat and still with the knees and like that. Just roll your head to the right and the left a minute just to loosen up in the neck, in the shoulders. Very, very good. And now bend the knees in a little bit more whole behind the knees. Rock yourselves up to a sitting position.

[inaudible] okay. Sitting up nice and tall with the knees like the y rounded open. So you need the open, your feet are together. Lift you back up and have your elbows wide. So you have this lovely space between the armpits and your waist.

So you're lifting the ribs up, tiny, tiny waist. And then talk the tail on Vu and just roll back a little bit. Pulling the stomach in. Shoulders are down. Remember this long neck and then come back and sit up tall. Lift up the sternum even more, Debbie. That's it. Roll back again.

Tuck the tail pool the stomach in. Round the head slightly good and then come back up. Come back up, lift up the chest, belly in, elbows wide. Daphna a little more. Lifting the elbows. Good. And again, round your back a little bit, but pull the stomach in, lowering back a little bit and then come back up. Lift up tall, lift up tall. Lift up tall lily. Shoulders down. Yes, but lift the chest and one more time. Rolling back. Rolling back. Close those ribs Megan. And then come back up and lift, lift, lift, lift, lift and rest a minute. So we're gonna do this again, but I want you to imagine that you have a big belt in your waist.

There is. So even though you're rolling back a little bit, you're not falling down. So it's just an idea to keep in your head. But it means even though you're rounding, you're not dropping. And it's a thought that gives you energy to have more length in here. So if you walk your feet a little bit further out, a little bit wider, you feel it'll help you. That's totally fine. Sometimes people find it easier to get the feeling with your feet apart.

So why don't you just sit up a minute and see what's easier for you? Fit together or feet apart now really lift up as much as you can. Tin Better under the knees. Yes, I think I get knees apart. They're linear. Good, nice. And if I can't see from here and just how, how much can you lift up? Nice. Oh yes, Wendy and a whole other inch or two. You all expect it to be two inches taller by the end of the class today.

Shoulders down. Nice. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Now just keep that height, but pull your belly in and roll back a little bit anyway. Nice. Wendy? Yes. That's so much better. Keep going. Keep going. That's so much better. Yes, Sandy. And then come back again and lift and lift and lift and again, drop your head and pull the stomach in a little bit. Rounding back, rounding back a little bit, but don't collapse. Pull the belly in even more and then come back and lift tiny waist, belly in. Suck up the stomach.

Broad shoulders and again, back rounding a little bit, rolling a little bit, rolling a little bit and come back up. Come back up and lift and last one same way. Rolling back, rolling back, rolling back a little bit and then coming back up and lily shoulders down. Otherwise, very nice. Lifting up the chest. Nice, tall body, lovely, elegant, long neck. And then relax. Okay, I think you all would inch. That was good. Now single leg circles we're going to do with with this bolsters to just to show you what's going to happen.

You will be with your hips up and you'll be holding onto the side. And first of all you'll do your circles here. And then the second one you'll have your leg out. It's going to be a lovely stretch into the hip flexor. It's a very unusual way to get this area open and I think you will all love it.

So lying down on your backs, you need the bolster under your right, at the base of your bottom. [inaudible] so first variation, your knees are bent. That's it. That's it. And you want to hold the sides of the bolster with your hands. So kind of the base of the sacrum is nicely on and the belly is pulled up and the ribs are down. If yes, yes, yes, yes. So slightly closing the ribs. Shoulders are down. Can you pull this down a bit?

Very, yes. That's a good Megan. Good, good, good. Move a little bit further back with your body. Open your feet a little wider. Good. Hold the sides here and ribs down. Belly, India. Yeah. Good, good, good, good. So you have a nice steady hole. Okay. Now lift your right leg. Daphna hands on either side.

Lift your right leg straight up to the ceiling and slightly turn it out and do a few circles. Starting across your body. Circled down, around and up. Circle circles so you can feel your bottom on the bolsters. You do this, not flopping around. Then reverse the circle other way. One, two, three. When you keep your pelvis steady, four and five busted. Now keep the make to the ceiling. Take your other leg an extended out. This is where it gets interesting because there's this view, the full stretch into your hip flexor.

Heaping the stomach in rice and long. Yes, yes, yes. As much as you can. Keep the knee straight. Keep the leg turned down and circle again. Circle one Daphne, keep the foot on the floor. Even if the knee is bent. Yes. Circle, circle and circle. So even if you, and then reverse your circle. So most important is that foot is still on the floor and you'll get the knee as straight as you can. Circle and circle. Oh, okay. Bend this knee in. Put the foot down and bend the other knee in and lift the leg up to the ceiling.

So check that the ribs go down. Good. Then Lily. Yes, your ribs in a bit. Stomach strong. Stretch your knee and for me very slightly. Turn it out. Very slight in the socket. So the hip. Stay long belly in yet. And start again. Good Circle. One, two, three, four, keep me nice and straight. Five, reverse it. Circle one, two, three, four, and five.

Now keep your leg in the air steady. Start reaching out with the other leg on the floor, looking to get that beautiful stretch, Eh, in the hip. Black 30. Yeah, it is nice and intense. Yes, that's what you want to get to stretch. And let's start again. Circle one, two, three, four, five. Reverse it. Circle one, two, three, four, and five. Very good. Bend the knee. Put the foot on the floor, then the other foot up on the floor to lift your bottom up in the air and take the bolster out from underneath. So that's one way to do it. Good. Put the bolts to over your head or to one side and rolling your hips up. Place your hands on the floor.

Open your feet hip with the part for bridge pose, right, handsome, long and flat. Check that the back of the neck is lovely and long. And now tuck the tail and roll your hips up so you make a long diagonal from your heels to your armpits. Your stomach is in. And then roll down, roll down, roll down in length in the spine out. And again, Tuck your tail in. Pull the belly in, and then roll up and laying. Send everything out. Now once you're in this position, very slightly, lift the toes for a minute and then push towards your head to get traction right into your powerhouse and length in the neck. And then roll down.

Roll down, roll down, roll down. So it's an energetic, actually powering into the trunk. And again, lift your hips up. You can keep your toes down there with just to give you that feeling. Roll up through the hips. See if you can really undulate through the spine. Lifting up and then drop the sternum to roll. Now Roll Down Sternum first, roll, roll, roll, roll and down. And last one.

Just pause here. Make sure your feet hip width apart. Make sure your knees and your feet are the same distance. Now first thing, Tuck your tail, which means your waist presses more into the mat. Just lift your bottom a little bit. Impress your waist down. You're like a dog with their tail between their legs. That's it. Now Open your feet, love hip with the park a little bit closer and then start rolling your bottom up so you roll up, roll up, keep that, keep that bats it just in there. This is lovely in law.

Nice long body. And then roll down. Roll down, roll down, roll down. Okay, excellent. Bend your knees into your chest, fall behind your knees and roll up and down a few times. Rolling like a ball. So just roll back and forth. Unless you don't think your back is up to this. So back and forth. Just rolling and rolling. And Rolling. And one more time. And Rolling. Okay, good. Good, good.

Now see if you can grab your bolster and put it between your ankles. What's that? Do you know what Tim? It's too long. Put it on your shit. You know what, Tim, I think for you. Let's have it on your shins. In fact, let's have everybody put it on this shins. Tins. Just inspired a variation. Yay. So feet a little bit wider than the map map lily.

And you want the bolster just below your knees. Your hands will be on the bolster and now you push down to lift up just the way we did before. So we have this lovely tiny waist lifting up with the shoulders down. Take a breath in and push down to get even taller and then start to roll the bolster forward. Literally press, press, press. So you roll down towards the ankles, drop your head down and broaden your shoulders here so your head is dropping, but the shoulders are wide.

And then pull the stomach in as you roll back and roll the bolster up. So you wiggle your fingers to get lovely and tall. Shoulders. Now lift up tiny ways. Take a breath in and breathing out. Start to roll down. Roll down, roll down, roll down. Bam.

Tried to press the bolts to all the way to the ankles. Push down to the bolster and pull back with your belly. Belly. Yes. Stuff. Now yes. Pull in, in, in, and then pull the bolster back and roll up. Roll up, roll up, roll up. Sit Up. Nice and tall. Broad shoulders. Lift the waist and again, rolling down, rolling down, rolling down, reaching beyond. [inaudible] worth, very round back.

Now pause here and move the shoulders away from your ears. Yes. So the shoulders are very wide. And then roll back up. Roll back up, roll back up, lift your back, lift your center, pull the stomach in, lengthening up the back even more. Lift even more. Lift even more. Lift. And then relax and take the bolster and just put it to one side for a minute.

So which out of the way, and we're going to do a variation of a twist, but with the hand like this. So we're doing the variation of the salt to place your hands behind your head. Flex your feet, sit nice and tall and lift up in the waist. Tiny, tiny waist twist towards me. Let's have everybody twist towards me. Really get this elbow back. Flex both feet and take the elbow down towards your knee and the other elbow to the ceiling. So really press down and then come back and sit up tall.

Lift up, tiny waist, twist to the other side, elbow to knee down. Flex your feet strongly. Come back, sit up tall and tiny waist and for a side twist, elbow to knee. Flex those feet as strongly as you can and come back and lift and others I twists and elbow down, elbow down, elbow down and come back and lift and first side twist and go down. Go down, go down and come back up and lift. Elbows wide and last one twist. Flex your feet Debby and elbow down, elbow down. We double down. Come back and lift. Very, very good.

Bring your legs together, put your hands down and just have a look. The next one will be a variation where you didn't miss me, did you? Um, this is a variation of swan that we'll do with the bolster, but because you'll be on your stomach, I want to show you what's going to happen first. You'll be with the bolster under your, just below the elbow with your head down. Actually your feet will be hip with the part. Then you lift your head up, you pull your shoulders down and you lift up a little bit.

So it's a really nice way to get this sense of lifting up in the stomach and then lowering back out, dropping your head down, so with will stretch the shoulders and also work your back. So very important. Lift your head, shoulders, go down your back, pull the stomach in and then lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting, and then lengthening out with control all the way out. Nice and long. So lying down on your backs, you might just, well just, yeah, just like that Tim. So the bolster is above your head, your hands it, and you want your arms extended out and you place the bolster just below your elbow. That's it. That's it. And you want your arms long and you want your head diving down between your arms. If you can get your forehead to the floor, good for you.

And if you can get your arms long, good for you. Yes, Sandy. Next level. Now have your legs long hip with the part that's good. Narrow your buttocks a little bit. Squeeze and press your hips down. Good girl. Just like that. Just to start, can you have a nice foundation?

Now lift your head up and pull your shoulders down, your back and now start lifting your chest. Elbows stay straight though, Tim. That's it. And then lower back down, lengthening out, dropping your head down so the arms stay long the whole time. The elbows don't bend. Lift your head and chest. If your feet are cramping, you can flex your feet. Lift up, lift up, lift up, lift up. Yes, that's it. And lower back down. Lower back down. Lower back, down. Head. Dive them between your arms and again, lift your head, pull your shoulders down, your back.

Started lifting up, lifting up, lifting up, shoulders down, and then lengthening out, lengthening out, lengthening out. Head dives down between your arms. And again, lift your head, broaden your shoulders, pull down into the bolsters. You rock up even higher. Really, I think you can come higher. Lovely work. Lower back, lower back, lower back and down. And now five more. A little bit faster.

So roll up and roll back down and roll up and roll back down. Elbow. Stay long if you can. It's all in your back. Lift up. Shoulders. Lift that back. Yes and lower back down. And two more times. Lift up and lower back down. Lower. There we go. And again, lift up, lift up, lift up, elbows long and lower. Back Down. Very good.

Put your hands under your shoulders. Sit back into your heels. Child's pose. Just sit back for a minute. Stretch your back back out. That was very nice. Work all of you. And then come back onto your stomach again for single leg kicks. So just lengthen out and come up on your elbows.

So no bolster just up on your elbows. Bring your feet together and this is just so it doesn't go flying off the table. So your nice and high, bring your knees together, makes this with your hands and if you can pull your stomach up and squeeze your hips narrow and look forward to knock. Look down and pressed the shoulders away from your ears. Now Bend your right knee in towards your bottom without losing your bottom.

Squeeze it, squeeze it in, squeeze it in, no kicking yet. Just warm up and lift your knees slightly off the mat and lower back down. This is just to warm up the muscles of the go straight down to when did we turn the foot down? Bottom tight. Bend the other knee in and just bend it as far as you can. Keep the stomach lifting, shoulders away from the ears and then extend the make out. Good. Tim, you got it? I forgot.

Then the right knee en now right here, pull your stomach in and tighten your buttocks. Can you lift your knee off the floor without the hip swiveling there. Make that muscle work good and lengthen out and other legs. Shoulders Down Lilly, shoulders now then. Then Ben. Now lift the knee off the floor if you can. Good. CIM. Yay.

And put the leg down. Okay, good, Sandy. Okay, so now we go for single leg kicks or knees together. Buttocks, pain, shoulders down, belly up, shoulders down. Good girl. And here we go. Wait, take Ben's in place. Kick, kick, kick, kick and out. Want to get to time kick, kick knees together. Daphna kick, kick and down and kick and down and kick. Kick down and kick. Kick and down.

One at a time and down and kick. Kick. Very good and down. Now Darba laid kicks both hands behind your back. Turn your head, just move the bolster away. Turn your nose to the right and both hands behind your waist and the knees are squeezing tight together. The knees are together, the feet are together. And then both knees pick your bottom three time, kick the legs, the arms go back and lift your chest. Shoulders are tight together.

Low. Now before we kick [inaudible] a minute feed, go back to the floor. We go in slow right now. Nice tight buttocks. Press your hips into the map and don't lose your bottom. I don't want floppy bumps. Start bending the knees slow. Don't let the bottom change. Don't let it change.

Don't let it chase kick three times without the bottom. Getting loose. Two, three. Put the legs on. That was much better. Now lift up with your head and chest. Lift that chest up. Good. Now we go for speed lowering down. Here we go and kick to three and pull back and lift up other side k to three and pull back and lift up and first side kick to three and pull back and lift up other side. Kick to three and pull back and lift.

You're going to be a gumby girl and first cycle three hold back, you don't know it, but your star and other side kick three pull back and down and one was set three had ooh and who's lift? Lift, lift, lift. Lower back down. Sit back into your heels. Child's pose. Very, very good work. Now just take a deep breath in and breathe all the way into your lower back so you feel out the sacred them and breathe out and let the bones go nice and soft and breathe in all the way up to the sacred feel. If you can make your bottom swell and breathe out and one more time, breathe in and breathe out and still bending forward. Walk your hands to the right so you walk all the way over to the right here, but stretch in the left side of your ribs and then come back and walk all the way to the left and then come back.

And let's have all of you come up to a sitting position with your legs stretched out in front of you with a beginning of neck pole. So you'll be sitting with the legs in front of you, but you want your legs hip with the part rather than together. So hip with the part [inaudible]. Your fingers are kind of like at the base of your skull and you can even have your thumb supporting your Skus to you. It's like you wanted to sit up nice and tall, just the way we were doing before with this feeling of really stretching up nice and tall. Flex your feet strongly.

Take a big breath in and then drop your head and start curling down, taking your head towards your knees, very rounded and literally you can use your hands to stretch down deep. The people curl and then roll back up and sit up tall and long and lifted. Broad shoulders lengthen way, way, way up. And again, drop your head in, curl in and pull in. You're rounding your spine, stretching your neck and pulling your head down towards your knees. Diving in there and rolling back up, sitting up top, pushing your heels away from you and lifting up. And one more time. Drop your head, pull down, pull down, flex your feet as much as you can.

Go Lily Yas and come back up. Come back up, come back up, sit up tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, and then relax down. Very nice. Bring your feet together. Take your arms to the side for spine twist. Yeah. When do you come forward? No, no, not with that. Sandy, you come forward, Daphne, your move back. Lily, you come forward. Just a so everybody has room to have the the side. Now take your hands down just for a minute so you can kind of see this one you want to check or imagine you have a beautiful bow around your ankles and the bowls licensed.

Tastes like a box of chocolates and you can't do that. So what the exercise will be is twist west and with twist, and I'll know if you're not doing this. Wait, if I see this happening, I know you're swiveling from your hips, but from here down, nothing supposed to move. The twist is just in your waist area. So I'm stir the side, lift the chest, arms, why tiny waist and that's everybody. Go to the weight, twist, twist and back. Lift your chest. Other side twist. Look to the left and back to the center. First side, twist, twists and left other side, twist, twist and lift. First side, twist, twist and lift and other side, twist, twist and lift. Lift, lift, lift, lift. Stretch your legs. That's it. And relax. Very, very nice.

Let's have sidekicks. So let all of you stretch your arms out and roll down nicely onto your backs. And how are we going to work this? Let's have all of you turning to face this way just so that there's no confusion about what the exercises will be. So support your head with your hands.

You all want to be placing yourself on the back part of your mats with your elbow on. If it's not easy for your neck, you can be lying down. You can even have your arm in front of you with a few pillows under your head if you need that. Now, slates are straight now and flex your feet now really narrow the hips and pull the stomach and adjust. Test. Lift your legs up in the air and lower them down and lift the legs up so you're working strongly in the waist and lower them down. And now lift the legs up, bring them forward, put them down and flex your feet strongly. Flex your feet strongly. Pull your belly up, wrap the hip slightly together.

Now the bottom foot is like you're pressing into the ground. Lift the other leg, hip height and push the bottom leg down, bottom leg down, and they'll squeeze the legs together. So you're pushing through cement. Push the bottom leg down and feel this like float and lower back down. Push the bottom like into the ground to lift and down. No, lily, can you flex your feet even more? Yes. Lift and down and lift and down and lift and down and lift and down.

And one more time and lift and down. Now point the foot. Turn it out a little bit in little circles. Circle, circle, circle, circle. You want the knee facing up, circle, circle, circle. Reverse it back, back, back, back, back, back, back and back. Bring the legs back to parallel. Take the top leg, turn it out, bring it back to parallel. Turn it out. Back to parallel. Turn it out. Back to parallel. Turn it out. Point and swing the leg up. Flex and downs. Strong bum.

Point lift. Flex and squeeze your hips together. Powerfully. Point, lift and down. Point, lift. Squeeze your bottom point. Lift and down and lift and down and lift and down. Lift and down. Ben Did both makes up in front of you to a 90 degree angle. So you want your feet right under your knees, Debbie. Bring the knees higher.

Yes. So you want exactly a square. Definite. Bring the knees higher up and make sure the feet are under the heels. Sandy knees higher lily knees higher to bring them. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Now check that your bow top hip isn't going back, but it's straight forward. And lift the knee and down. Lift the knee and down. Lift the knee under.

Lift the knee and lift the knee and lift the knee and lift the knee and down. Lift the knee and down. Lift the knee. Lift the leg, foot down the down, knee, up, leg up, leg down, knee, down, knee, leg, foot, knee, knee, leg, foot and knee. Now knee, leg, extend, bend, foot and and lift. Yes. I think some of you are seeing the light and down. Op.

So Deb, you want to feel, you see how the knee is going up, knee. As you lift, the knee stays pointing up. Extend pointing up. Now everybody turned the knee out more. Yes. Then bend it foot and down, and two more times. Knee up. Lift the leg and turn it out.

Bend it back. Foot down, knee down, knee up. Lift the leg extended. Turn it out. That's it. Bended. Put down and knee down. Okay, just massage. And now all of you on your stomach for little beats, you'll be lifting the legs in the air, beating your heels together. So for it on your fingertips, elbows wide healed.

Legs are right in line with your bottom. Now everybody squeeze your buttocks tight, tight, tight, tight buttock, muscles. Stretch your knees. Stretch, stretch. Yes. Squeeze your buttocks. A La knees tight. Lift the legs off the floor and little beets. Add open the legs open. Close. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Lift a little higher.

Knife type buttocks at seven last set to four, five, six, seven and eight. Lower down and sit back into child's pose. Nice stretch. Take a deep breath in here and breathe out. And let's have you all lying on this side. So you're facing this direction. Lay yourself out in the back part of your mats. You want to be in a straight line, flex your feet, narrow the hips, and lift the legs up.

Lower them down, lift them up, lower them down, lift them up, bring them forward and put them down. And once sit down. You want right on the ground. Nice flex. So the little toe is into the ground so you feel yourself really nice to grab it up. Push the bottom leg down and lift your top like up. As you're pushing away. Straight, long makes yes. Flex your feet and then bring the leg down and lift the leg up and bring the leg down. Very good.

And lift your leg up and bring the leg down and lift your leg up and bring the leg down. Nice. Flex foot here and lift and down and lift and down and flex. Stretch your knees, stretch it, yes, and down. And one more time and lift and down. And now point the foot.

Turn it out just a little bit and little circle. Circle. Then circle and circle and circle and circle. Six, seven. Reverse it in one. Try to keep the hips nice and steady so they don't flop around. And seven and eight. Now turn your leg out, bring it back parallel, turn it out, try to keep it the hips from moving back and forth and parallel so you're working the rotation [inaudible] and parallel and turn it out and parallel and turn it out. That's it. And parallel and turn it out. Takes a little bit of figuring out how to make this stuff.

Now turn the light out a bit and swing it up. Flex and stretch down. Point. Swing and squeeze the hips tight and lift and down. Lift and down. Now swing the leg and down and swing and down and swing Dow.

Neat. That's it Dow. Two more times and down. One more time and down. Very good. Now Ben. Vanessa, so you have this 90 degree angle, the knees in front of the hips, the feet just below the knees and lift the knee and down and lift the knee without the hips moving and down and lift and down and lift. There we go. And down, lift and down and lift. Belly in, down and lift. Just in the hip and down and lift.

Very good and down. Now lift your knee up, lift the leg foot down. Need down, knee, up, thigh, up and down and down. Knee up, up, foot and knee. Knee up like up and down. Now adding up to this, the Nigo Zap, the leg goes up, extend the leg, bend the knee, foot the foot, knee to knee, knee up, leg up. Extend Bend Foot, the foot, knee to need me leg up. Extend trying to keep the make turned out. Bend it back down. Need down, knee up like up. Extend, Bend, put down and foot down and then massage your hip out.

Very good. Roll onto your backs and then the legs so your hips are tight, your knees are tight, your feet are tied. For preparation for Teaser, extend the right leg out without bunny's coming apart. Everybody just lift your head and chest off the mat so the arms are parallel. Your ribs are in, your stomach is in this leg as long and straight. Lower back down. Curl up again, lifting, just contracting the stomach and lower back down. So Lily, keep your knees tight together so they don't come apart. Lift again and come back down. Bring the foot back down. Squeeze your inner side, extend the left leg up and lift again and down and lift and down. I'll keep the shoulders away from the ears as you lift a little higher.

Definite. That's it and down. And one more time and lift and down. Very good. Now for the fall teaser, if you have any kind of Braque concerns, don't go any higher. Repeat the same one exercise you've just done. If you have a sensitive back, that's what you do. If you feel that your can deal with it, you go into lift the same way. See if you can roll up, roll back to the same place and down. So let's all start with the knees and feet together. You're right, like extends and then lift your head and chest up.

This the way we did and only those who know that their back is more safe. You lift up, you roll back down lower to the mat, lift slightly, roll up, roll back down and hands to the floor. One more time. Lift up a little bit. Roll up even further if you want to roll back down and that, put your feet down. Very good. Squeeze the knees and the feet together. Daphna move your feet a little away from your bottom. More out. More out.

It'll be easier. Squeeze tight your buttocks. Extend the other leg up and again, lift slightly. Roll up those who want to row all the way up. Ro. Good Debbie. Roll back down and down and again, lift up a little bit and roll up and roll down and down. And one more time. Lift up and roll up. Squeeze it. Come and roll and down. Good.

Bend your knees into your chest, right. Give them a little hug and roll up to a sitting position for seal. So open your knees in prayer. Slip your hands underneath and wrap them around your Hank ankles. Lift the legs up. So lily, that's it. Inside, inside, underneath.

It's tricky. Almost, almost. But inside the niece, here we are it. Jim, you got it wrong too. Inside, underneath, and hold. Yes. Okay. Feet in the air. We all there. Clap, clap, clap. Those of you who want to roll back to your shoulders and roll back up and balance stomach in tight. Here we go. And Clap, clap, clap, roll back and see if you can roll up again. Balance, balance, balance, balance and clap, clap, clap and roll back and come up and balance and just clap, clap, tap and hold it. Belly in. Lift the stomach up and stay in a scoop position. Tiny little waist.

Bring the knees up a bit. Yep. Push with your elbows. Pull your shoulders down. Yes. Good. Come up to a standing position. Very, very nice. So heels are to gather and take your standing mermaid. Lets have the left hand turned out, left hand turned out. Sweep the arm up, rapid round your head and slide the other handouts.

You open up the side of the ribs, stretch the hand out so the hand by your head is stretched out and come back up. Bring the hand down right hand turns out. Sweep the arm up, rapid round your head and bend to the left. Sliding the left hand down. Stretch the right arm out and come back up and down. Now we'll do it more on a flowing mo movements.

Sweep and wrap and stretch and sweep and lie and stretch and slide as threat and up last one and sweep and slow and under. Okay, I'm in front of you. Three little circles. Circle One, two and three rivers two and three. Bring the hands and [inaudible] your back and stomach up. One more time. Circle one and two and three. Reverse two and three and down. Nice.

Long Body. Good Tim. Now drop your head and roll towards the floor. Lifting the stomach up on the way down. Three little circles. Circle one, two and three. Reverse two and three and row back up. The hands. Come down by your sides as you stacked in upright vertical position.

One more time. Big Breath in and then roll down. Round long arms pulled up, belly three circles two and three. Reverse it. One and two and three and then roll back up. Grow back up, stack up your spine. You want to make sure that the weight is in the middle of the arch, the belly is lifted, the shoulders are wide, the arms are long.

Take a deep breath in and breathing out and let it go. Thank you very, very much. Very nice.


Excellent teacher!
Nice start to the NY ~~ great gentle workout for me today. Thanks.
Wonderful class! Love the use of the roller and the short but really challenging glute work.
Great class! Loved the pink pants!
Great class! Loved the pink pants!
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Ana, Sabregirl Candace and Josephine, so glad you are enjoying this workout - keep up with your training and classes, 20 13 will open up wonderfully this way.
Question - I love this class. How often should I or can I do it per week. Looking to develop and move up the levels. Just trying to figure out a good plan.
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Shannon, You sound so diligent and committed to your workouts- wonderful. You can "do" Pilates every day as it is not the type of workout that breaks down muscles the way weight training does. If you enjoy this specific class and find it beneficial, I would repeat it 1 - 2 times a week till you feel you have mastered it and are wanting stimulation or something new. Do trust your own body, if a workout benefits you it is productive for your body and your mind, if you feel bland about it, not much is happening. sometimes specific exercises are VERY effective in shifting your energy. Those are the classes/movements you really need for a while. Of course the basics of using your core, working in a symmetrical manner and moving with control and flexibility are daily requirements for health and vitality. I hope this helps?
Great collection of movements, well instructed with good pacing and enthusiasm. I appreciated the hands-on tips and the range of abilities of the class attendees. Thank you Niedra, I will look for your other available classes.
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Zakrah, Glad you enjoyed the class.
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