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Tower Workout

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Join Melissa for this full body, energetic flow class that will give your abs a great workout. Melissa cues clearly and directly for each exercise and includes all facets of the Tower/Wall-Unit - Leg Springs, Arm Springs, Roll Back Bar, Push Through Bar, Tower, Teasers, Kneeling. You name it, it's in here! Enjoy this dynamic and powerful complete body workout.
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Hello everyone. I'm Melissa. We're going to be doing a tower class and I just wanted to start to talk through the spring setting that I like you to have. So we'll start at the bottom of the tower. We're going to take that arm springs if you're working on balance body, the yellow springs and I have them basically third from the top. Um, then leg springs, the purple balanced body springs will be just one more up from that, the fourth from the top. And then you want your roll down bar, um, to be set, whatever you would typically have for roll-down Barba. I have it. What is this? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven from the top, from the bottom, I guess. And that's all we need to know right now.

Also your red springs all the way to the bottom. Okay, so let's get started ladies. So we're going to have a seat. You're going to hold onto your roll down bar and then bring your feet, bend your knees, bring your feet towards the top of the tower. And from here, just roll down just to get into our position. I want your shoulder blades lifted up off of the bed. You're going to raise your knees up to a tabletop position and we are going to be starting with hundreds. Let's take a look down towards your stomach. Take a nice deep breath. Inhale through your nose. As you exhale, watch your stomach visually. Pull down into your spine.

Keep that nice connection. Stretch your legs out to your point of control where their back is stable. Legs repair Lao, and we are going to pump the arms just for 50 here we go. Breathing in two, three, four, five and exhale. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, four, five and exhale. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, two bore five. Exhale, two, three, four, five, one more. Now breathe out all of that Air Paz.

Bend the knees, place your feet down and let's roll our spines up. We'll do the other 50 turned around. So go ahead, turn around, lie on your back. Your head will be towards the back edge of the tower. Take hold onto the roll down bar. Nice and wide. Knees, come to a tabletop position. Take a breath in through the nose. As you exhale, curl your head, neck and shoulder blades a little more challenging the legs. Extend the arms. Reach down towards the thighs. We have 50 inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two or five an axial hauling in the ABS. Inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale. Two, three, four, five. Inhale to four.

Five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. Last breath. Breathe out all of the air. Bend the knees to tabletop. The arms lift, the feet go down. You can release that roll down bar. Take Your hands to the upright poles and slide your body down. So your arms length from the upright poles.

We're gonna take the leg straps, the purple springs onto the arches of the feet. Make sure that arm springs on the outsides. Okay. Once you have your feet in the straps, the hands will go onto the uprights. Your thumbs are on the same side of the fingers. Press into the bar, getting some shoulder stability. Let's extend the legs to about 45 degrees. The legs are rotated.

They're turned up from the top of the hips, engaging in the inner thighs, the glutes and the abdominals. You're going to bend your knees into frog. Exhale, stretching the length, and we're just going to do six step everything. Inhale, bend, exhale, draw the abs in and the link. Then bend three. Exhale, lengthen, bend for excellent abs and stir. Rush to legs. Ben. Five acts, Hilary, reach nice and long.

One more bend and exhale, pause. We're going to do what I call circle frog. The legs lower down, the knees bend, and then you stretch just to 45 degrees again. The legs lower towards the table, the knees bend, and Exhale, reach to 45 lower then nice and smooth and controlled it as a circle. Make it circular, down. Bend and acceleration. Lengthen two more in this direction down.

Then draw the ABS in. Reach and lengthen. Last one down. Bend and exhale. Pause at 45 reverse. Bend your knees into frog. The heels go down towards the bed. Stretch and lengthen and lift to 45 inhale and exhale, reach and left. Inhale, bend the knees. Exhale, draw the ABS in. Lengthen and left. Bend the knees. Exhale, go down, reach and left. Two more.

Bend to frog stretcher each and lift Ben to frog stretcher. Reach and lift up to 45 swimming frog. You Bend your knees into frog. Extend the legs evenly to a v and then bring the legs down and together. Bend the knees and with control. Open. Exhale.

Use the inner thighs and the abdominals. Bend the knees. Open the legs. Axe. Hail together again. Bend the knees extender evenly. Draw the ABS and engage your inner thighs. One more open and stretch. Exhale together.

Pause here we reverse you. Open the legs to a v. Bend the knees into frog. The abdominals. Pull in you stretch the legs open. Bend the knees and Exhale, reach open. Thery then the knees acceleration.

Reach and lengthen the legs open for Ben. The knees, acceleration. Lengthen. Open Five Ben, the knees. Draw the stomach in a hurry. Last one, open bed and exhale length into 45 take your left leg over the top of the right little crisscross. Take your right leg over the top. Crisscross, cross nice and tight. Here we go. Speed it up. Change and two m three and four. Five and six, seven, eight. Keep it going. Little criss crosses engaging in the inner thighs. Find a small engagement in the glutes. The abdominals are pulled into the spine.

The shoulders are down, and let's do 10 and nine and eight and seven little faster, six and five and four. Three, two, one heels together, toes apart. Then your knees all the way in. Take hold of the black straps and let's take the straps off of your feet. Okay, we're going to come up to seated. So rule your spine up and once your outlets turn around, we're gonna hold onto our handle springs, the yellow springs. The distance back is up to you. You want to get some strength, so move on back wherever you feel that you have nice tight springs that you're working, but you're still in control.

And let's extend the legs out in front of you. Flex your feet and bend your elbows at a 45 degree angle. We're going to make fists with the hands Nice and strong. Stay here. Just focusing on the form. Your abs dry in towards your spine. Deep Abdominal connection length in the back.

Let's extend the arms forward with an inhale. Exhale, curl in, x and forward. Exhale, hail in x and exhale in. So keep it going. You want the elbows and the shoulders to be in the same line of each other. You know the deep abdominals pulling in and out. Engage lightly in the glutes. Lifting a little bit taller, lengthening up through the crown of the hat, and let's do thery and two and last one.

Stretch the arms forward from here. Round the arms. The fists are going to face in towards you. You exhale. Bring your fist right into your sternum. Inhale forward. Exhale, pull it in and for. Use Axial as an opportunity to draw your abs in deeper every time and pull it in and resist the arms forward. Put and resist forward.

Let's do four and exhale three and exhale. Two. Last one. Pull in, extend the arms forward from here. The arms are back, the fingers are long. Pull your arms back. They won't go too far. Maybe they will and arms forward as you pull back. Keep the chest nice and broad and wide and again, pull back.

Chest stays wide and resists forward. Exhale, inhale forward, pull back, chest open and resist. Toes are pulling back the feeder. Flex. Push energy out through your heels. And let's do four more and read out hubs. Pull in and read that length and tall through the crown of the head and two more. Last one here, and bring the arms forward. Good. We're going to come forward. Scoot yourself up and then just carefully release those straps.

Place your feet up against the upright poles. Legs are nice and long. We're going to hold onto the roll down bar on the outside edge. So let's sit up straight here. Lifting up through the crown of your head again, your deep abdominals are pulled in. Take an inhale to prepare. As you exhale, press your bar down and get taller. Keeping resistance on the bar.

You're going to rotate your pelvis under you and you're going to roll your spine down, looking towards the belly. Roll the down through the lower back, the middle back, the upper back, the shoulder blades ahead. Open your chest. Now lift the head up, press the bar down towards your thighs and scoop your abs into roll up and he'll release the bar. Lift Tall. Exhale, press the bar down. Get Taller through the crown of your head, and let's rotate the pelvis under you. Roll down through the lower back, the middle, back, the upper back. This shoulderblades ahead. Open the chest. Lift your head.

Press the bar down towards your thighs. Exhale as you roll up. Inhale, lengthen. One more like that bar presses down. You lift taller and you roll it down. Nice and fluid. Nice and smooth and controlled. Inhale, lift the head. Exhale. Feel those vertebraes peeling off of the beds and he'll sit tall.

We're going to arch here, so lift your chin, lift your chest. The rassic extension. You're going to bring your body back back, back. The head touches the bed. Let's roll it down. Tuck your chin to your chest, snake through the body, and rural it up with flow. Two more. Inhale, lift the chest up and arch back. Tack the General Down and rural it up nice and fluid.

Inhale, lift up and arch back. Tuck the chin. Exhale, roll through your spine. Sit Up straight. Sit up tall. Draw the belly in Nice and deep. Rotate the pelvis under to roll back from here. Lift the chest arch spine to come up. And again the ABS draw and you roll down the lower back, middle back, upper back, shoulder blades, head and arch the spine up and one more.

Exhale rolling down and inhale rolling up. Once you get to the top, stay here in neutral. Your right arm is going to lift. Your left arm goes underneath. Both of the arms are in line to the upright pole. Bare straight. You're looking under the right arm. Exhale, roll down the right side of your spine until you get to your shoulder blade. Square off the arms. Bring your right arm underneath your left arm on top. Rule up through the left side of the spine and bring the arms back to the center. Left arm on top, right arm underneath the rotate.

Looking under the left arm. You roll down the left side of the spine. Go to that left shoulder blade, square it off. Bring the right arm on top left arm underneath the exhale, Rola and inhale center right arm on top. Left arm underneath. Exhale ruled down. Inhale Square, twist the other side. Exhale rural up. Inhale, square left arm on top, right arm underneath. Axil ruled on the left side, squared off right arm comes up.

Left arm reaches under both arms are straight and center. One more time through a twist. Axial. Keep those arms nice and straight and center. Square it off and rotate. Rolling up and back to the center. Left arm on top, right arm underneath axial roll down. Just the left side in heel. Squared off right arm on top.

Left arm underneath the rural at the right side and squared off from here. Bend your knees, you have your feet together, you have your knees together. You're gonna roll your spine down just to the lumbar spine. The lower back. And pause right there. Check in with your shoulders. Relax your shoulders. Make sure you're in a nice continuous shape of your spine. A C curve.

Take a breath in through your nose as you actually look at your abs. Pull them in deeper, deeper, deeper. Take another breath in through the nose. As you exhale, curl up an inch lower and into your inhale. Exhale. Inhale, lower. Very small, 80 bitty movement. Left and lower. Low Abs.

Scoopin left and lower. Exhale, draw the ABS in and lower. Five more. Here we go. Five and exhale. Four. Scoop the belly deep. Breathe out as you lift and exhale, lift and two more left. Tiny range. Deep Abdominal connection and lower down.

Stay right here. You're going to stretch your right leg to 45 degrees. And here we go. Lift up for a 10 and lift up two breathing out. Draw the belly in and opposition of your chest. Lifting four and read out five scooping deep in the ABS. Six and exhale seven and exhale eight and left nine and lift 10 low or the right foot down.

Stretch the left leg and we left one and breathe out to pulling the belly in as you left and four breathe out. Five check in with your neck and shoulders. Six and seven and left eight two more. And number 10 lower down. Place that left with down. Bring your knees to the left, your arms stay square with the tower and you left one working on the right side of your waist. To breathe out, lift 30 deeply. Scoop the belly in and up for and left. Five and left six.

Exhale seven and lift eight two more. And Tom, let's bring those knees over to the right shoulder square with a tower and we left one concentrating on that left side. Pull the belly in and up. And four, breathe out. Five. Feel that stomach pull in deep or every time and seven and eight. Two more. This is 10 let's square off and with control. Roll yourself up. Good. So from here, take your right ball of the foot to the right side of the tower.

Take your left hand with an under hand grip to the center of the roll down bar and come onto your right side. Your left foot hooks behind the upright pole. Your right hand goes on top. We're going to bring that bar directly over your head. Feel that length. Lift up, link them. You're going to reach over to the side. I want you to feel as if you're lengthening more on the left side and then length and more on the right to lift up. Exhale, reach out through the left side and length into the right to left.

Let's just do six breathing out. Pause. Hands directly over your head and length into the left. Here we go. Visualize that left side getting longer right here. Visualize lower right side, getting longer to lift you to more acts. Hilary reach. Inhale, keep lengthening to come up. Last one, reach to the left side long and reach to the right side.

Long to left. We'll change science, so here we go. You have your left foot in front, your right foot and back, right hand is in an grip and you take your left hand on top. Take that bar directly over the top of your head and just link the visualize at length. Breathe into prepare. Exhale that side. Bend over to the left. Inhale, lift with control, and again, reaching longer through the right side as you side bend and lift through the left side as you lift with control. And exhale 30 inhale, control it up and go down for inhale control.

Rule Up. We have two more length in the right side, the top side length in the left side, two left. Last one. Breathing out. And inhale, we left. Good. Release that bar. We'll do one more with a roll down. Barden kneeling. So coming up onto the knees, hold onto the bar wide. Okay, I have the thumbs on the opposite side of the fingers. So get a good grip. The tension should be some on the bar. Not a tremendous amount, but enough that you can do the exercise. So we're gonna stack our hips there directly over your knees.

Just feel this inner thigh engagement. So draw the knees towards each other. Really pulling up with the ABS and the glutes. From here. Your head drops down first you're gonna Start Your round, your spine forward. So this bar is reaching down towards the bed from here. Scrape the bar on the bed to your knees.

From here we start to roll the spine up. You scrape the bar along your thighs. Your elbows are bending. You bring the bar to chest height. Hinge back in one straight, long line like a thigh stretch. Hold it here. Reach the arms forward and lift the body up. We'll do that again. You round four. The bar goes down to the bed. ABS are engaged.

Scrape the bar on the bed. Scrape the bar up the size. Stacking your spine bar to chest height. Hinge back in one long line. Reach the arms forward and left with control. One more in this direction. Round forward. Draw the belly in. Scrape the bar along the bed. Scrape the bar up the thighs to your chest.

One long line hinge. Extend the arms and left. Keep the arms straight. Hinge your body back. Bring the bar into your chest. The head lowers down. You scrape the bar down the body right in front of the knees.

Scrape it forward and rural. Two more hindering back bar to the Tufts head. Goes down, round forward, bar scrapes along the body bar, scrapes on the bed and you rolo last one, we hinge back bar to the chest, abs are engaged, head goes down around, forward bar, down to the bed, bar reaches forward and you rural God from here. Let's take our roll down bars and just get them to the very top settings so they are out of the way. We are done with the roll down buyers. While we're here we're going to set up, um, so the spring is bottom loaded.

We go safety first. So get your safety chain, get your push through bar. And with this setting, with a balanced body setting, we're going to go to the third hole from the bottom. So attached to it there you have your red springs that are attached at the bottom. So let's take both of those red springs and attached them to the bottom of your push through bar. Okay, once you are set, we're going to be lying on our back. So your head is down to the very back edge of the tower end.

So check your head position. Okay. And then from here, just help yourself to lift your feet up. So your feet are about hip distance apart. Okay, so let's just check in with alignment here. Safety reasons, make sure your pinky toe side is on the same side as all the other toes. The balls of the feet are on that bar. Your shoulders are down, your chin has left a creating length in the neck length in the spine. If you're very tight, you'll have a hard time getting your tailbone down.

So strive for anchoring your tailbone down towards the bed. Let's pull our toes back. So you're pressing your heels up towards the ceiling. You should feel a nice stretch all the way through the back of the thighs and the calves. We're gonna point the toes. You press up through the balls of the feet. Now flex the feet, pressing the heels towards the ceiling. Stay there, bend your knees, check your alignment. Knees in line with your shoulders. Exhale, press up through the heels and again, you press up through the balls of the feet, then through your heels, and then keeping the feet inflection. Bend the knees and Exhale, press up through your heels again. We point fall, lacks bend the knees story in your legs.

Point flow, lax. Bend the knees. Push up to the heel straight in your legs. Two more points am flux, Ben. The knee is draw the ABS and DPRS. Last 1.4 Lux. Bend the knees, press up through the heels. Let's take our left leg all the way down.

Stretch it long so that right leg is only working. Start with the foot flex. You'll feel a deeper stretch. Here we go. Point and flex. Bend the knee straight and the leg. Point n flex. Ben, a new progressive, the healed a street in 30 m flex. Ben The knee n per ass for flex.

Ben, the new push through your heel. Last one point. Flex, bend and stretch. Let's take that left leg back up onto the bar. Extend your right leg down nice and long. Try to square up the hips as much as you can.

Reaching your left sip bone towards their right foot and here we go. Point flex. Inhale, bend, axe hill, press point. Blacks. Inhale, bend, push to the heel, engage your abs and points elects. Inhale, bend. Exhale, press point, Lex. Inhale, bend. Exhale, press. Last one points. Flex. Bend the knee, push up through your heel. From here, let's help ourselves out. Take your hands and let the foot release. Slide your body down so your soders are directly underneath the bar.

The knees are bent. Knees together, feet together. Anchor down through the feet and press the heels of your hands onto the bar. Straighten your arms up right here. I've have my fingers long. You're going to bend the elbow so they're pretty narrow, but they're slightly to the outsides of the rib cage. Exhale, press like a supine pushed up. Inhale. Exhale, press three and press. We'll do ten four for us by think of the opposition.

So when your arms press up, you draw your abs in deeper and deep in the ABS and press. I lost count. Let's do four more am three and two. Last one, bend your elbows. Take your left arm all the way down to your side. Five with a right.

Here we go. Press up one and two. Feeling the shoulders square and even on the bed. Two more. All the way to straight. Lift your left arm up, right hand goes down. Bend the elbow and press one and two and 30 ABS, deepen four and five. Place your right hand on and then just release the bar all the way lying on your back. Let's just make a transition here.

So take you one red spring and let's take it off. Okay, carefully lay it down. Just testing your distance. Take your hands to the metal, upright poles, or they may not be metal for you. And then slide your body down. Arms length away. Once you are arms length, we're going to place our feet hip distance apart onto the bar again. So we had to roll your hips up, feed or hip distance. Once you're there, the knees can be bent. Let's take the hands back to those upright poles going into what we call the small tower. You're gonna roll your hips up a little bit more, bringing near the knees and the direction of your ears.

Now stretch your legs up towards the ceiling. Feel scared, right? And that keeping the feet pointed, the length in the legs. Draw your abs at and let's roll it down. Rolling through the Appar, back, the middle back. If you can, depending on flexibility, lower back as low as you can. Flex the feet, point the fie and bend your knees. We have two more like that. Knees, the ears, legs extend to the ceiling. Roll it down with control.

Draw that belly in deeply to support your spine. Once you get to your lowest point, you flex the feet. Point the feet and bend the knee is rolling the hips up. These towards the ears. Legs. Extend to the Cla and roll it down with control and precision through the center of your spine. That was number three. You're gonna flex the feet.

Point the feet, and we reverse it. So with straight legs, you roll up, bend your knees, roll your spine down, down, down. Lengthen the legs, flex the feet, point the feet, roll the spot up. Bend the knees nice and controlled. Roll it down, up, upper back, middle, back, lower back. Extend your legs, flex the feet, point the feet, roll the spine up. Bend the knees. Nice and easy. Stomach pulls in. Use Your exhale. Breath too deep in that core connection.

The legs extend. Let's just finish with a flex up point and then let's go ahead and help ourselves out of there. Hold on to them, Bar God coming out of there. We have one more with this attack. Watchman. So we're gonna come up onto all fours here. So hands are here. We're going to go into pushups. So make sure you have room so that the Christie's looking at me.

So the balls of the feet are on top of the bar. Yeah. So let's go ahead. We'll bring one leg up. Get that leg nice and strong. Draw your belly in and lifted up. You're in a plank theater. Hip Distance. 10 Times. Here we go. Inhale. Exhale, left two. Exhale left three. Use your core to the left.

For any pushup you want. Elbows, narrow. Elbows wide. Lift from your abdominals. Let's do four more and three last two, last one. And with control, bring one knee down. Followed by the other. Okay, we're going to unattach that. So safety first, keep your safety chain on. Let's take our red spring off. Okay. And then here we go on attaching the strap.

Okay, once that is put away, we actually should have taken the red spring. We're going to go into um, teasers. So you're going to set up your push through bar. So take your red spring, I would say, hmm, from the top we've got the third one down. That's around going. Okay. So that is that. And then we're going to lie on her back. So red spring or two blues you can do, but well it's about even, so we'll just stick with one red. Okay.

From here you're setting, let's just be not real close to the very back edge, but not arms length either. Just somewhere. Um, in between those two points, arms are straight up to the ceiling. So from your check your springs, let's move those springs off to the side of the arms, springs or legs springs. We don't want anything in the way. And then bend your elbows who clear nos and stretch your arms all the way back. Okay? Make sure you have room space from here.

Keep your arms all the way back overhead. Let's start with the knees in a tabletop position, so they'll stay here. Just feel that your low back is anchored down. Right now. Your stomach is drawing and you have the strength through your core. You're gonna bend your elbows with control. Straighten your arms. Social, lift your head and fluid. We with control. We go up into a teaser.

Draw the belly in length in the spine. Let's bend the knees as we rolled down. So bend your knees, draw your belly in and let's roll it down. Bend your elbows, arms reach back. We'll do one more. Just like that. Bend your elbows, lift the arms, lift the head, acts, hail, rolling through the spine. Lengthen the legs. Draw your belly and lengthen the spine.

Bend your knees and roll it down. One Vertebrae at a time. Bend the elbows, reach him back again. Bend your elbows straight and your arms. Exhale, roll up length in the legs. Your choice. Either bend your knees like we just did, or keep the legs nice and straight, exactly where they are. As you roll down and the arms reach back, bend your elbows, lift your head, acts. He'll rule your spine up with control. Deep abdominals are pulled in, chest is lifted.

Rural India have through the low where the middle of the upper or the arms go back. We have one more and roll up. Stay here. The elbows bent and straightened for three one inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Three more. Raise your leg a little one and two and three. Soften the knees and roll the spine all the way down.

Place your feet down. Hold the bar with one hand. Bring it actually, whatever. Whatever's the easiest transition to come to your stomach. Okay, we're going to just balance it out with the Swan. So when do you do this? You want the bar to be in line with your upright poles. Maybe a little bit closer towards you, but not beyond the Poles. Okay. Legs or hip with the part. Your forehead is down on the bed.

The fingers are long. Draw your abs and lengthen your legs. Spine, muscle engagement and length. You're going to bend your elbows wide and up towards the ceiling. That should feel good to stretch your chest and shoulders from here. Hover your upper body off of the bed and holds it there.

You're looking still down. Now you stretch your arms forward as you searched for. Lift up into a thoracic extension. Dry Your abs in and lank and to lower. So there are four parts. You bend the elbows wide and up on one.

You lift your chest into a thoracic extension to on three the arms reach forward and you lift a little bit higher on four dry your abs in and lengthen to go down through the crown of the head. One more. Bend the elbows wide and up one lift your chest to stretch your arms forward. Lifting up higher thery and extend to lower on four keep your forehead down. Raise your legs from the back of the thighs. Now you're going to start to lift your chest as you lift your chest low or the legs. Now start to raise your legs first. Engage the back of the thighs lower.

Keep those knees nice and straight and now the chest lifts that initiates your legs. Lowering one more slowly. Lift your legs and lower your chest. Now lift your chest to lower the legs and let's do a few more. Just rocking it through. So rock and left for more. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale tomorrow and stay lifted with control. Just lower your chest all the way down. Good. You're going to keep your head down.

Just bend one arm to reach that bar through to release it with control. Okay, coming up from there. I'm going to do one more with the push through bar the parakeet. So take that push through bar forward. You're going to take the balls of your feet almost closer to the arches onto the bar. Okay. Lie yourself all the way down. And again, just testing where you are. The link, the bar should be in line with the upright poles.

The feet are hip distance apart, so stay here. Feel that length. You're reaching out through the crown of the head. You're reaching out through your toes. The whole body is long and in reaching in two directions from your center, nice and easy. Bend your knees nice and easy, straight, and your legs up from here. Draw your belly in rural, going up, up, up, up, up. Stay here.

Press down to your left foot and lift your right leg up and overhead and place it down. Press down through that right foot and lift and lengthen the left leg overhead. Bring it down. Stay right here. Reach your arms up to the ceiling. Reach your arms. [inaudible] all the way back to the top of the hands or on the bed.

Roll your body down. One Vertebrae at a time. Your tailbone touches a bed. Bend the knees and carefully press the bar through. Raise your arms up towards the ceiling. Lift your head. We roll up up, up. Make sure you've got a grip on the bar, and then try to reach forward and drop your head set. And then we'll roll down from there. So again, just check your feet.

Sometimes the feet start to Crayon and then rolling down arms go down to the sides. We can do that whole series again. So here we go. We bend our knees, hands, we straighten the legs for the ceiling, roll it up. One Vertebrae at a time. They're right leg lifts and goes overhead. It goes down. The left leg lifts and goes overhead. It goes down the arms left and go overheads. Yeah, and we roll down with flexibility through the spinal column. Bend the knees, press the bar all the way through. Lift the arms, lift the head. Exhale going into a nice roll up, and if you can, you hold onto the bar.

You drop your head and stretch and one more time flowing through. Roll that down through the low back, middle back, upper back, shoulder blades in had bend the knees straight and the legs. Exhale, roll this fine. Now. Inhale, lift the right leg up. Exhale, place. Sit down. Inhale, lift the left leg up. Place. Sit down. Inhale, lift the arms up and overhead. Still rule this. I'm down. Bend the knees, press the bar through.

Arms lift, head lifts. Exhale, rule up, up, up. Hold on to that bog. Give yourself a stretch and then letting go of the bar. Roll down, reaching forward. Arms down to the sides. Bend your knees and then just carefully lift the bar. Release. There we go. Feet come down. Yeah, you might need to lift them tall and then come on up from there. Okay.

We're going to go onto some standing work. So let's take that red spring off. You can probably just leave it there for now. And let's take our handles, springs, your yellows, whichever you're working on your handles up about shoulder height. So actually my red spring does need to go somewhere else. Okay. So once you have your handles attached, we're going to turn. So I just have them in. Yeah, I haven't looked third from the bottom. Okay, so we're holding onto the handles. Go into a hug, a tree and salute.

So let's go to our is v position. So your toes are about a fist distance or maybe a little bit more apart and you're going to bring your arms. So they're in your peripheral vision and they're just, yeah, that's good. Right underneath the height of your shoulders, slightly hinge forward from here. Ground your feet, your weight as in all 10 toes and the heels, inner thighs engaged, glutes engaged belly is an exhale, fingers together and he'll resist and open ax hale together. Resist and open again.

Every exhale is an opportunity to engage your abs deeper and to gather and open. Only three more burry, that one, and control and two and control. Last one, open the arms. Stay here. Bring your hands towards your forehead. They'll probably be in front of the forehead. Exhale, reach and bend.

Think opposition here as arms reach forward your shoulders. Press down and bend and reach four and three and last two and last one. Open arms to the sides and lift yourself back up. Good. That's all we're going to do there. Just take those straps. Turn around. Okay. You want the springs to help you so you want enough strength in them, so come on back. But it is going to be challenging. They have a year. They are.

So your feet are going to be hip distance apart, checked down at your feet. The tendency is to turn them out. Let's keep them nice and parallel. So arms are forward, elbows are soft. We're gonna start slow. You're gonna sit down into a squat as you do that curl using your biceps and he'll resist the arms in release forward. Again. Exhale, keep your back straight, like you're going up and down a wall in here. Resistant. Reach forward.

We're doing 10 let's pick it up a bit and I'm thery inhale forward. Exhale for in your resist and lift forward. Exhale, five. Press down through the feet. Engage your glutes in your abs and six and resistant. Left.

And I'm seven and resist and left. And exhale eight and two more reaching out. And a last one here we go down, but they'll come all the way up. Come about halfway up here at a table position and alternate for ten nine, eight, seven six five, four, three, two, one and control. We finished with the feel good. Walk forward. Release the straps. Let's actually move them out of the way.

Bring them down underneath the leg straps. Okay, hands, hold in line with your shoulders onto those uprights. Get a good grip. Bring the balls of the feet to the upright poles. From here. Your arms are completely straight.

You're gonna let gravity take your hips down. So just let your hips sink and stretch and release, and now scoop your abs and rotate your pelvis under to rural the spine. Up the arms. Stay straight. You lift your chest and you extend back up to neutral arms. Stay straight. Let your hips sink down.

Gravity takes you down. Dry Your abs and rural your spine up, up, up a will. Lift the chin, lift the chest and extend back and come to neutral. You have one more. Here we go. Gravity takes you down your release and stretch abs.

Initiate the movement, rolling you up. Chess lifts to the ceiling and hang onto the uprights as you arch back and come to the center and sip away from the tower and we're done. [inaudible].


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Great class Melissa. I loved the kneeling snake rolls, as I've started calling them. Encouraging clear cues as always with great pace and flow. I love the challenge and I'd love to see more!
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Great class! Thanks! :)
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Loved it! Thanks.
Thanks for the positive feedback! It inspires me to keep creating and learning!!! I am fortunate I get to share on Pilates Anytime!
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great class! intriguing voice! you need to go to hollywood!!
Hollywood! Wow thanks!!! LOL!
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Fabulous class with excellent cues. I never had to turn my head to watch, so I could be careful of body alignment even with new moves! The perfect workout to warm me up from head to toe on this chilly 5' day in MN :) Thank you.
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Melissa, I viewed your class while doing laundry, haha. It kept my head out of the laundry and helped past the time. I loved your class so tomorrow I am turning you on again and doing this entire workout. Thanks beautiful cueing and a great combination of exercises
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@ Libby, I'm loving the kneeling snake roll name:) Thanks
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Really great class, nice to see some different exercises. Thank you!
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