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Creative Theraband Flow

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Niedra shows fun ways to use the Theraband that will help you find your powerhouse without straining your neck. She demonstrates how you can get proper articulation in the spine and how to work the small muscles in the feet. If you want a quick workout that will target all areas of the body, you should definitely try this class!
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Mar 30, 2013
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So these are just a few lovely additions to the map work. Using a theraband that can deepen the exercises and bring a new quality to some of the work are to help people really find their powerhouse without actually straining in the neck. Um, I like to sometimes work with a band. I'm laying it out law and making sure that as I lie down, I have a nice amount of Ben left above my head and starting out with the knees bent, putting my hands on the floating ribs and just curling up to find those upper abdominals, making sure I'm not dragging forward. This is a temptation to do. You want to make sure the hand is hovering so the line of the spine stays low and actively relaxing the neck like a little pillow and coming down.

So lifting up and coming down suggest starting to wake up the high powerhouses band of muscle, right. B, a of the lower ribs into the upper abs, which often doesn't get used. People usually can often go into very strong lower abs. As I'm doing this, I'm really widening my rib cage in the back. Lifting up one more time and then lifting up and just going into the hundreds from here. Legs can be in any position that you like. Making sure that the neck is relaxing and you can keep alternating back and forth with the arms in order to get a, you know, the opposite sensation. Or you can focus on deep, deep breath in and just breathing out. Breathing in, breathing out.

One more time. Breathing in, breathing out, and then lowering the legs. Lowering the head down nice and long. Now roll up is my favorite with the band because it really helps isolate. So again, making sure not to pull and making sure the trunk is taking the work, not just jumping through it. So it's almost like you're sitting into a cushion. The head is not too far forward, but just resting and you can really feel yourself drop down one vertebrae at a time as you do this. So it's a fabulous, fabulous place to work through the spine and get that proper articulation happening.

That's so interesting to the deeper purpose of why we do roll up and rolling back. Making sure I'm relaxing one bone at a time through as I go down now roll over before we do rollover footwork and just like reform on the mat. Such a lovely place to work with the theraband. So lit, lifting up and lengthening the back body before I'm even starting, I'm just pressing out a little bit, working the balls of the feet and tractioning out and then resisting back, pressing out, pulling the inner thighs nice and tight, resisting back, pressing out, resisting back, pressing out [inaudible] and resisting back. Moving into bird on a Perth.

Sure. Okay. Making sure the band is nice and long and here again, the pressure into the toes is very interesting because the metatarsal, they're usually not very active. Okay. And this really gets into that powerhouse and if you want to work fast so you always can and then going into heels, working through the toes and coming back in. Now coming up to a sitting position very often this part of the foot is not well, it's a little bit lazy and this is such a lovely place way to really challenge people to understand the dexterity that's available, so pressing down with the toes pulled up, then pressing down with the toes, lifting up and keeping the ball pressing forward, and then coming up to a flex. Very, very good to really start to wake up.

The more subtle and detailed aspects of the muscles in the legs can be done parallel or can be done slightly turned out just to go over it from the front pressing out. I'm really pulling the toes back and then working the toes deeply into the band. Very, very useful to do, can be done with a slight turnout. This really works the, the the whole line of the muscle up the sides of the legs, very useful. It gets the inner thighs going, so quite wonderful. Then with the like in the air, I love this because it allows a hip to be so stable and to really get much more of the stretch in the legs. Two and three and four and five other side.

So nice extension through legs and one and two and three and four and five and reversing it and one and two and three and four and five and [inaudible] rolling up now rolling like a ball is fun because what I'm doing is bringing my feet together and tractioning them out a little bit. So as I'm in this position, instead of just pulling in, I'm slightly pushing into the band and I'm using it to activate my powerhouse a little bit more. So it allows the outer support part of the size to work. If I was pull the legs apart, we're ready for some aspects of seal. So this whole outside band of the legs is working and I keep the pressure into the band and it actually allows the deeper levels of the powerhouse in the c curve to be challenged in a lovely juicy sort of way and one more time and are now coming down.

The band can be used just to create a certain amount of traction. Lifting up and pulling out and pulling out and pulling out and pulling out and pulling out. Bend around the feet. And if you really want to work hard, stretch apart. Four double leg stretches, pull apart and pull apart and pull apart and pull apart. Okay? Okay. Scissors. The band can be over the head, curled up between the arms and you can work rhythms, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse.

Lower lift is fabulous, fabulous because it allows you to deepen into the powerhouse and stay up. A lot of times people lose it and they stopped to go back. So the pool into the strap allows that upper part of the ABS to really fire and be challenged. And then coming up to spine stretch forward, wrapping the strap around, widening the legs. It's whole premise of really getting the legs apart.

Nice lift and deepening through the powerhouse, pulling back and sitting up and the legs want to roll in. So you're working that out, the line of the leg, pulling back and sitting up and pulling back in powerhouse and lifting and one more time pulling back and coming up. Same thing, wall, nice and challenging. Open leg rockers stretching into the band and Woo. Yes, this is a challenge and rolling and up.

Good. Here we go. I'm anchoring in and I can feel how my legs in the sockets wanted change their angle. I'm parallel with us. Slight, slight hint of external rotation and my left leg is working really hard to stay even because it has another agenda. That's why it's so cool. Rolling down on my back. Now this is where I'm holding the band longer and pressing up against the van. The arms can be like this depending upon the length of the band.

You can also pull down or stretch up, but this fan is medium length so just that pressure up is so good so you can work up, roll down onto the right side, swing around and recipe roll down, swing around [inaudible] and one more time, rolling down, swinging around and pressing up and coming all the way down. Now just for the fun of it, adding swan to this, because we've been doing a lot of work to open up the back body. So with the band here, I'm slightly widening it and pressing up. So as I come forward enough, I'm going to keep that and nice and wide. It's a very different quality coming in.

Widening. So the upper chest, the pexa working a lot and doing single leg kicks, keeping the chest and stomach nice and long and actually working the lats and the shoulders quite extensively. Double leg kicks. I'm going to be widening my hands on the way up so the hands are wide. To begin with. The elbows are wide kicking three times and stretching wide and lifting. Kicking three times.

Why done lifting kicking three times. Why did lifting in one more time? Picking three times wide. Lifting. Oh, that was good. Across the shoulders and sitting back.

Spine is really, really open right now. Chest is open. It's a quick way to get a lot of juice out of your spine and really isolate your powerhouse and actually stretch yourself because it gives that lovely deep qualities. So hope you have fun with the theraband. Thank you.


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Nothing wrong - just have seen it all before - but certainly fine exercises - if you are new to pilates you will enjoy
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creative way to incorporate the band with mat work. Every participant, no matter what level, will enjoy it!
Niedra Gabriel
HI Jill and Judy, thank you for your comments and glad you enjoy the thera band, I have found it a delightful way to make mat work very interesting.
Thank you, the therabands have been sitting on my shelf unused for a year!
What I love about PA is although new exercises are difficult to find (although y'all seem to do this on a regular basis) the order in which they are performed can change, the duration can change the depth of the core work can change..... This class was good for me because I was able to take work I knew, challenge my depth and reach a bit higher, pull a bit wider and actually build a sweet little sweat !! Thank You Niedra :)
Niedra Gabriel
That's great Yogunda, so happy you enjoyed the new interpretation. Yes, Pialtes is a fixed body of knowledge so variation add so much to the basics.
Fantastic! I can't wait to explore this myself and give it to clients! Thank you Niedra for your honesty in demonstrating how demanding the exercises are and for sharing the passion.
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Thank you Niedra, I am honestly deeply excited by this website, your class the first one I've tried!! It's fabulous, I think it's what I've been waiting for, a wonderful wonderful tool- I like pilates so much I can do it with joy and curiosity.
Niedra Gabriel
Delighted to read both your comments - Angela, and Jutta, you are both form Australia, WOW. I wish you much success and expansion in your understanding of your own bodies your potential and how to help others. Very happy you enjoyed my classes.
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I really love this work with the theraband. This is more a demo video, do you have a class here?
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