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Hand Weight Challenge

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Meredith teaches a Mat class that uses weights the entire time to change up your regular Mat routine. In some exercises, the weights assist you while in others, like Teaser and Side Kicks, they make you work harder. Meredith also teaches a series of balances that will challenge you and make you connect to your core.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

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Mar 25, 2013
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So tonight we're going to use weights. We've all got two pound or one pound weights. If you feel like using heavier weights, that's probably okay. Um, and it's my intention to teach this class in two segments. So the first segment will just be regular old mat work. The second segment will be some standing balance, arm work, leg work, things of that nature. So, um, the segments will be clear. And here we go. Yup. Have a seat.

So just holding your weights in your hands and I'm going to use the weights pretty much the whole time. I think I'm, if it ever feels like it's not okay for you, just put them away. Um, but for now they're just gonna reach down just to the outsides of your thighs. And I want you to just gently press down on the ground with the weight so that as you press down on the ground, you feel that the upper spine turns on a little. And then just stay here for a moment and allow your eyes to close and take just a couple of breaths and inhale and an exhale and feel that moment of being committed to your practice and to your body and open your eyes when you're ready. Lifting the spine tall, so we inhale here, feet flat on the floor. Xcel, press the weights down and curl the spine. Keep the shoulders where they are so the weights are holding you up, they're holding you forward. You're just curving through the lower spine and then like you're going to pull the weights backwards. Lift the spine up in here. Exhale, press the weights down and slightly forward without allowing the shoulder blades to curl forward, tucking the tailbone and really dig deep down into that lower spine.

And inhale, we left pulling ourselves up with our arms and exhale two more times. Press down into the mat with your feet. Dig deep in the abdominals and really flex that lower spine and press the spine up by pressing the arms down and back. Last time like that. Exhale, curl. Inhale, lengthen, exhale, curl. Again.

Once you've got that nice c shape, just lift the weights up. Now continue backwards keeping the feet where they are. Find your way down towards the shoulder blade area of your body in. You'll take the weights up. Don't let the body fall down. Exhale, press the weights down. Inhale for a full path and exhale to come up. Now you've got two choices here.

You either put the weights down and pull your spine back up, or you just keep the weights reaching out in front of you. Inhale, exhale, create a rounded spine first. Then bring the rounded spine down. Inhale, lift the arms. Xcel pressed forward with the arms and follow the weights forward and either keep the arms forward or put them down on the floor. And exhale, we curl the spine. We feel that anchoring of the feet on the mat. Inhale the arms. Reach up this time. Open your arms out to your sides.

Bring the arms forward and roll at lifting tall. We're going to do that two more times. Exhale to curl. I have already feel that my shoulders will be tired by the end of this. Inhale, reach out. Come across. Roll up, lift tall last time. Exhale, curl. Nice. Controlling that position. Reach up, reach out, come across, lift up, sit tall. Open the arms out to the sides. Inhale as you bring in the arm furthest away from me to the arm that's closer to me. Exhale as we roll down that side of the body.

Keep that front arm still open the opposite arm out. Cross the body with the arm. Mid was still exhale to lift up that side of your body and open the arms back out. As you sit tall. Inhale, we're going back to the opposite direction, so go towards the back of the room. Exhale, we round down. Keep that back arm still. Open the front arm forward. Roll out. Reach across and roll up all the way.

Lifting tall and open to this center. And one more time to me. And exhale, rolling down. Rolling. Open to the side. Cross the center of the body with that opposite arm. Roll on. Sit ta unwind. Reach both arms forward. Exhale, curl the arms. Sorry, though, those are arms. That's a spine, curly, or spine. Reach your arms. Stop.

When you connect your shoulder blades to the mat. Slide your feet in closer to you. Place your arms down in. Place your head down on the mat in ELL. Here I want you to push like you could push through the ground your weights into the floor. XLP Peel the spine, lifting up into a pelvic curl. Meo feel the arms trying to roll the weights away from you.

As you exhale and roll down. Let me just use the arms or the weight in the hand as an anchor and as a, as a concentrated point as we ask that, we lift the body up, peeling, uh, rolling the weights forward towards the heels and sliding the heels towards the hands. Xcel to roll down. Okay. Inhale, changing the changing. In a little XO we lift. Press out through the backs of the legs. Inhale, take the arms up and back. So control the arms.

Don't drop them on the floor. Keep them hovering just off. As you know, roll down all the way through your spine and press the arms over the shoulders. Inhale, exhale. We lift the spine back up. The arms are just reaching for the ceiling, pressing the hips up. Nice and high. Nice Gem. Reach back and XL to reach the arms away from you.

But feel the shoulder blades slide in the direction of the pelvis in here. The arms come up. Exhale, we lift the spine up last time. Inhale, take the arms back, exhale, lower the spine down and then just slide the arms around to the sides and let them rest on the floor with the pumps. Phase up. W wait, it's resting in your hands. Lift one leg and the other leg legs together. Glued it. Tabletop. And we in Y'all going towards me for the spine, twist and Xcel to come back. Okay.

And inhale as we rotate the fine away and exhale to come back. So use that weighted position of the arms to really challenge the anchoring of the shoulders. Exhale to pull back and as you anchor your upper body, play around with the edge of your rotation. How far can you go in control and without allowing the knees to shift back and forth on one another and exhale to come back. And we reached the weight in the arm away from the knees as the knees travel in the opposite direction and exhale to come back and any as we reach across, Ooh, I got your cellist, Jim and Xcel to come back and the last time to the other side. Inhale, reach across and exhale to come back. Placing the feet down one at a time.

Bring the arms up over the shoulders. Inhale here. As you exhale, press the arms forward, reaching up into a chest lift. So now we use the weights to help us pull our bodies a little forward. Let's roll up a little higher in your lift the arms up. Take them overhead and lower the body down and now start to lift the head and chest. The arms come with us. The weights pull forward past the hips.

Hold and breathe in and lift the weights up. Exhale into lower down. Inhale, keeping the shoulder blade stable. Exhale, arms head, chest lift. The arms continue forward. We inhale for intensity and we exhale to lower the body down. One more like that. Exhaling as we left, had chest arms first following through with the arms.

Please hold here as you exhale. No, just float the left leg up and inhale, put it down and exhale. Float the right leg up and now we're going to have some arms. Inhale the leg down. Exhale, left leg, right arm and down. And inhale, just change the breath on us and Xcel to go down and opposite arm, opposite leg and down and opposite arm, opposite leg and down. Hold the legs down. Lift both arms up. Challenge that height marina.

Come up and take it all the way back. And then lifting the arms head, chest, follow through. Lift the left leg, but reached the right arm across. Touch the opposite weight and find center. So you're reaching across the lifting leg.

You tap the weights together and unwinds and across. Tap, unwind. Keep reaching forward with your weights. Tap and unwind and a cross and unwind and across and unwind. Ooh, stay nice and high. Last two to both sides pressing down on the weights.

So they're floating off the ground, but they're pressing against an imaginary surface and down across to the other side and down. Pause here please. Keeping me arms here. We lower the body down. Lift one leg at a time, press down into the floor with the weight and curl the head and chest up. You might actually have to kind of push your weights away from you. A little. Stretch your legs out. Two choices. You either stay here and breathe, or you pick your way up. And we pump. Exhale, two, three, four, five. And in Exhale, reaching forward with your arms. Then in and reaching the all collarbones open and in and reaching the spine forward and in, and five, two, three, four, five and eight and lift two, three, four, five, seven. And use the waist to help you pull forward.

And in last three, exhale, two, three, four, five. And in two, three, four, five and two, two, three, four, five. And in, keep lifting up. One, two, three, four, five and in, and now we bend our knees. We're still lifted. We're gonna stretch the legs out along the floor. We're going to take a full breath in and we're going to lift all the way, sliding the spine forward and place the weights down just down on the ground, rolling the spine forward, and then we lift rolling the body up and separate the legs. Arms [inaudible].

You can leave your weights on your floor or you can lift your arms up. Here we go in here. As you exhale a sit a little forward. Marina. As you exhale, curl the spine forward, reaching the weights out over the feet, put them down just outside of the ankles. Lift your back, you like pulled back on the weights to lift your spine through your legs. Then lift the weights up, then pull back away from the weights enroller and inhale and exhale. Reaching forward. Rounding the spine.

Place the weights gently on the floor. Pull them backwards and downwards as you reach the spine forward. Nice. Then pick them up, then reach away from them to rural yourself up and inhale and exhale. We take it forward and we allow the weights to come down and we pull the spine forward. Long diagonal spine over the legs. Just Chin down a little bit, gym and lift the weights up at all. Roll yourself back and one more.

Inhale and exhale. Rounding down, setting the weights, pulling the spine forward, pulling forward. We're going to stay here when we lift our weights. So you ready left him up and stay. Take the arm closest to me and pull that way back. Press the opposite one forward. Inhale to center. Exhale, rotate and pull.

So imagine that there's like a pulley between your weights that you're stretching. So the opposite arm has to go way out in front of you and pull and push and pull and push and pull and push. And one more. Pull and push Paul and price and reach forward and roll. Slide the legs together.

I've got two choices for you. Arms out to your sides of the weights, resting in your hands, or just put the weights at your chest. You decide, lift the spine. Then whatever you're doing. And in here and we XL twisting to this twist and center and rural, rotate, rotate and center. And if this feels more necky than it's worth, you should just cross the weights over your chest like so and twist, twist, and at with twist and center and who is swift and center and twist, twist and center. Two more times we open, enlist the spy open and lift this by. Reach the weights behind you. Put your hands just outside of them. Point your feet. Lift your spy.

In here we're going to do a modified back support. So we're going to hover the hips, bend the knees and lift the pelvis up. So you come up into a bridge, start to reach back through your spine, stretching out your legs and sit down. Uh Huh. Shoulders our shoulders down Rina and lift the hips and start to pull like a little hamstring connection. Reaching up through the pelvis to stretch the shoulders.

Push the floor away from you. Keep lifting up out of your shoulders and sit down. Excuse me, two more. Lifting or bend the knees, pulling the spine, lifting the hips up nice and high, squeezed the backsides of your lights. Reach back, straightening the lengths and sit down. Last one, we left hovering. We start bending, we reach up, up, up, up through the pelvis. We reach out through the legs. We're starting to straighten the back and we sit down, separate the legs, lift the spine tall, pick up your way through. Don't, I don't have any options for this one. Sorry. Take your arms out to your sides.

We turn towards me in here and we dive over that front leg. Pull the back way back, reach the front weight forward and the back. Way Back to sit up on the diagonal and find center. Inhale as you rotate first and then reach forward and then lift up and find center. So just allowing the weights to sit in the hand. Feel that the heaviness, the gravitational pull of the weights challenges you to create that opposition in your body. Gotcha.

Well we lengthen and we come center. Go into more times, rotate and reach and reach out enough and center and rotate and reach and push the back arm towards the floor as a front arm reaches forward and center. Last time. Inhale and diving forward and reaching out and finding center. And inhale, twist and diving forward at her itching and coming to center.

Lower your arms down. Bring your legs together, Bend your knees, Scoot your feet in close to you. So I'm gonna take my weights and I'm just going to rest them on my ankles. Okay, we slide the feet in Nice and close. Get into a nice, tight little ball. Elbows. Why? However the feet up off the floor from there in your rock back. And exhale, roll up to balance.

Inhale rock back and exhale. Roll up in bow. So holding the legs in tight, holding the abdominals in strongly, keeping that nice consistent shape in the body. Inhale, rock back and exhale to come up and balance. Two more. Rocking back and balance. One more rocking back and balance. Staying here. Play. So we just reached the weights forward.

Lift the feet. Start to bring your body down slowly and in control. Keep the arms reaching for. There's the opposition that we want to look for as you place your spine down onto the mat. Heading towards the double leg stretch. Here's how we're going to do it today.

We're going to just lift the arms straight up, reach the legs out and press down bent and inhale, arms up, legs up and exhale Paul and reach and Paul and don't let the lifting of the arm make the body fall down and fall and reaching and pull. Keep the body lifting so as your arms are going forward, can you pull yourself more forward and three and pool and two and pull one and pull. Reach out towards the knees, pulling the spine up. Take the right leg forward and switch and switch and switch and switch and switch. Switch. Good. Keeping the list, keeping the lift. Here comes something special. We're going to bicycle the legs, bicycle and bicycle. And now we're going to bicycle our way up. He'll by cycling up the hill we lift and key bicycling. Yes. And now bicycle downhill, reaching me arms, reaching the hips, reaching and reaching.

And we bicycle uphill up, uh, climbing up that hill. Nice. And down the, here we go. And reverse your bicycle and pedal backwards up. Yeah, that's hard. Yeah. I don't know if it's harder for the brain or the body and pedal backwards down here. We're going to go one more time. You're ready. Pero backwards. Zapier up, backwards. Down here. Duh, Duh. And one more time to the top. We get all the way to the top.

We hold it. Hold it. Nice together. Make it, make the hands come together, twist the knees to the, the back, the arms to the front. Twist and twist and twist and twist and twist and twist. Spine. Arms go into one piece. Legs go in the other. One more time and center.

And now rolling down. Rolling. Yeah. Rolling please. The arms down. What is the feet? Never felt so good to put your arms down on the floor. And now rolling through the spine. We lift the hips up, press down on the arms, roll the weights away from you as you lift up. Nice and high on the pelvis. Lift the left leg to the ceiling, reach it straight up.

We're going to take the entire spine down so the whole spine comes down in one piece and comes up in one piece and down in one piece and up in one piece. Now as you're lifting, your body will either push down with your arms and pushed down with the arms and three more and feel the way through reaching for the heel of the opposite foot. Here's two and last one. We hold our bodies. Take the leg away and pull back and reach away and pull back. The leg press is just like the arms are pressing and reach out and back and reach out and back. And three, the pelvis stays high, it says lifted. And Ah, one more time. We lift up, place your foot down slowly roll your spine down, checking in with your shoulders. Push the way it's the way they feel, the neck length and behind you rolling ourselves all the way to the mat in healing at the bottom. Exhale to lift up, pressing down into the fee pressing attitude.

If you getting a knife in high, tilt the tailbone under just a little bit. And now we lift the right leg straight up into the air. We lower the entire body down. Press the arms into the mat and left down all in one piece. Feel the entire spine. Touch the mat in one piece and uh, and and, and, and three and two oh one and we hold the pelvis.

We take the straight leg away and pulled back, reaching away and back and three pull and reach. Pull and reach, pull, reach. And the last two, last one. Bend your knee. Place your foot down. Check the alignment of your pelvis oral down, reaching the weights all the way over, all the way over. When you get to the bottom, who rolling the weights away to lift the head up.

Shoulders down through. You're pressing the shoulders down with the weights. Lift one leg. Pick up the other way. Stretch the legs up and externally. Rotate the leg. Take the legs forward, push down on the floor, bend the knees in and stretch the legs. Press legs away, bend the knees in and stretch the legs. Push the leg the way, but chase the legs with the trunk, Bend and lift, press away then and left.

Last one. We bent analysts and now we're going to reverse. We're gonna bet we're gonna progress up pointed feet in that Ben flex the feet Porsche, point the feet and up. Ben, flex the fee, push up all of the legs forward and to reaching and, and bent and reaching and parallel legs. Bend the knees, hands behind your head. And we rotate for the Chris Cross to me and the other way and across.

And the other way, I couldn't figure out how to do this with the weights, which is why they're on the ground. And in no way, if anyone has an idea, feel free to share. Here's four and three and two and one. And now we come this way and we're going to hold here. Take that opposite arm and reach up the leg and up the leg. And three, just this one that outside one oak towards me, marina [inaudible]. And now we switch outside leg, outside arm and ah, and Ah, and three and two.

You got to know what everyone's center holds your weights. Push them down into the ground, lower your body down, stretch your legs out, lift them up. Inhale, exhale, roll over. Keep the way it's rolling away from you. Flex and separate your feet. Keep your spine long as you lower your legs down and they'll slowly down through the spine coming down. Dan, pressing back through heels, pressing through the arms. Point the feet, legs come down and together and we left and now exhale we roll over. Finding that nice deep spinal flection. Flex separate.

Push the feet away from you. As you roll down, point your feet. Legs come down and together they lift and we go over [inaudible]. We flex the feet, separate the feet and point the feet together. Separate the lift XL. Rollover the [inaudible] still down on the ground, right. Flex the feet, but then down [inaudible] legs across the body. Point the feet. Reach down. Separate. Inhale and lift. Exhale a deeply back through the center. Flex together, pushing the weights down, pushing the way through as you roll down.

Point. Reached down, lifter at roll over last time. Rolling. Flex together. Roll down. Okay. Listen, now start to lower the legs. Start to lift the head. Start to lift. Theo, hit the legs where you cannot sustain them. And now we rural the spine. Rolling.

I bet. Reach for your feet. I know. Keep reaching for your feet as your spine rolls down, down just to the shoulder blades. Cruise. Good job and lift. Oh, uh, uh, finding that nice long spine and now reached for the feet with the weights as the spine goes down. Nice Dad. And one more. Rolling up. Now we're just going to hold it up guys. Just hold it there.

We lifted the way to lower the legs and lift the legs and lower the weights. I lift the something in lower. Something. There we go. It's the legs that go down in the [inaudible]. Go Up. Just one more legs down. Arms Up. Hold it here. Bend your knees, stretch forward. Well, it's taking them on their breathing and then come all the way out and come up onto your knees facing this way.

Yep. Pretty candy or how Rosie Cheat. Okay guys, we're gonna take the ums out. So again, you not necessary to have weights, they can go on the ground. Yeah. Another option would be to do this exercise, just sliding the weights down and sliding the weights down. Okay, so let's all do that just so we know we can do take the left arm and reach down for the left knee. Push the right knee into the mat, just oppositionally and then pull up with your waist. So even though the right arm is lifting up the leg, the right shoulder is still pulling down. Okay? So there's our modification.

Take the arms out and now we reach out, reach out to this spine and now lift up and reach out through the spine to go over. Nice. And now lift up and now we're going to reach out and down and the top arm is going to go up a little bit more up, up ups and then push the top arm down and lift up and reach out. Bottom goes towards the floor. Top arm lifts a little higher, a little higher. We get that bigger stretch. Push the top arm down and lift up. Reach all the way over.

Lift the leg that lift the opposite leg, having trouble teaching tonight. That opposite arm just reaches straight up. Take the leg out, stray. Flex your foot, pull your leg forward and reach your leg back. Pull forward and back and forward. You're ready for a brain. He's or death and back and forward and center.

Now take the leg in the arm. Forward leg in the arm, center leg goes back, arm goes forward and center. Leg in, arm forward and center. Leg, back, arm forward. Arm goes the same direction. Every time there's a clue. Leg and arm forward and back. Leg, back, arm forward and that. Hold there. Lift the arm, lower the leg. Bring them together for five and up and four lift. Nice and high and down and three and down. Here's two and down. Number one, lower your life.

Start to reach up. Start to find your balance. Taking your body up and dropping the hip in place. Let's lift the opposite arm and reach over. It's placing that weight, that low weight down on the leg somewhere I can stretch out and then just lower that top bar and strapped the knee. Yes. Okay. You've got another side, another chance. Here we go. That's the star. That's the arms for the star. We were eating off, lifting the leg, extending the leg, the opposite leg, the one that just lifted.

And now just the leg goes forward. We flex forward and you push the floor away from you with your arm and reach forward, keeping the leg nice and high and reach forward and back. Two more. Reach forward and back. Just going to go in a second. Reach forward and back. Fine. Center, arm and leg. Forward, arm and legs center. Arm forward, leg, back and center.

Arm and leg forward and center. Marina. Just look this way a little bit. Um, and like arm forward like that and center. We did one more, right? I'm Ford Lake Ford Center. Um, for like back center. Lift the arm and center. Lower the leg, lift together, touch down, try to make the leg come to the arm rather than the arm come to the lake. So you're doing the reverse. Yeah. And now you gotta know and theory here is too, why am I now reaching out? Finding your balance, dropping that pelvis into place.

And now just start to reach over, stretching over. Okay. And since we're here, we'll just do our back extension work here today. Okay? So hopefully your arms are doing okay, but the weights together lines in the center of your body. Okay? So now I want you to imagine first of all, we've have find a nice strong center zipping up through the center of the body. Now I want you to just feel that the weights are glued together.

That's what you're imagining, and now you're trying to pull them apart, pulling apart. Maybe they're glued together with gum and you're stretching the gum. And now just reach out. Don't let the arms go behind you. Don't let them go behind you or reach them out to the sides. Rotate the palms up, lists the chest, turn the chest back to neutral palms forward. Bend the arms, breached the elbows out as the hands come together. And here we go again.

We pull the elbows apart, taking the weights away from one another. Reach out, creating that intensity in the upper back. Rotate the palms up, lifts the chest, rotate everything back to neutral and Ribet yes, a one way. Pull apart. You pull apart, pull apart left and center. I now take the weights down, take the head to one side, take the head to the other side. Okay. The next exercise is to Nicky. I recommend just bending over and putting the weights on the floor. So there it is. There's my, my recommendation, but should feel good with weight. So what we're gonna do, so we're going to rotate the elbow forward. Hands back. Okay, so now I want you to literally just let those weights rest in your hands.

Feel the shoulders start to slide down. That downward pull of the shoulders is the only thing that's allowing the arms to start to reach up straight. Reaching the arms lightly. It's like the weights are pushing the shoulders down as the arms is stretching up. And then take the arms backwards and then pull the weights. Pull the weights down in a part. Taking the Elvis lightly forward in space, just right underneath the hands and turn the palms down. And then we do it again.

We rotate and elbows reaching forward. Spine lifting, abdominals engaged, reaching and just pressing back through the arms. Only the arms, straight arms, narrow arms. And then we come back to straight and we pull back down and we rotate down. One more. [inaudible] reaching open, stretching up, lifting, lifting, reaching the elbows down. Heavy, heavy, heavy shoulder blades. Take the arms all the way down. Bend over, put your weights down, lift back up, reach your arms out in front of you.

They should feel light as a feather. Flex through the heels of the hands. Push your arms open. Open the chest, bring the fingertips back together. And now around back. Sit down towards your feet. Has You reached back? Flexing through the hands. Lean back so you're ready. Reach open through the thigh. Stretch opening the chest.

We turn the fingers to face the other way and we sit down. Reaching, pulling back with your dominoes into that flexed position and reaching open, open, open and arms down. And that is the end of our first segment. Second set. You meant standing arms, legs, stand, face me. Arms at your sides. Finding your alignment.

Lifting through the center of your body. Bend the knees, take the arms to the side, squeeze from the heels all the way through the center of the body and stand up. Press the arms to your sides. Then just yes, perfect. We take that little cass stretch and we squeeze and we bet in here and press squeeze together and in Y'all just sing and maybe we could feel that. Try to find that like the knees are buoyant. None. A lot of tension there. So Jim, keep your body underneath your pelvis underneath you. Just like that.

Perfect. And Ah, and then and the legs right there. Strong. These zip from the hills, the hills pressed down. We feel the inseams of the lakes. Connect and connect and connect and likes together and step out. Oh there we go. My Surfing Mat, k, heels, y, toes wide.

Same thing. We want to keep our trunk right over our pelvis, arms just in front of the pelvis. We're going to plea a, reach the arms forward, perfect gym open. Press up cleanly, reach the arms forward, open and squeeze up and play a gold down, low open and press and reaching forward and open and press and reaching forward and open and press. And we go as low as we can every time and open and press. And now we go the other way. Reach forward. Push the weights down to Sanda. Feel as you're bending your knees at your heels are reaching towards one another. Trying to reach and connect. So we keep the inner thigh super active, reaching forward, pushing.

This is a place where you could choose to use heavier weights if you wanted to. I'm perfectly happy personally and bend forward and yeah, when more bend forward and I now he'd take the arms to the side and we bend the knees. So I now want you to go down just a little lower. Now you're gonna circle your arms. Five for candy. Lean back, just a little two, one hold there. Go down just a little lower. Circle the other way. Five Marina. Lean back to Silva. Three to push the shoulders into place and go down just a little more.

And the other way. Five push to shoulders into place. Three, two, one. Go down just a little more. This isn't so good the other way. One, two, three, four, five. Push up and stand up and step to the end of your mat. Oh yes. I'm like marching in place. I don't know why. Okay, so we're going to do a little standing foot work now and a little pushups. So that's going to go like this. We're going to sit back now. So before we were staying right over ourselves, this time we're reaching forward and sitting way back. Push the arms back and stand up. Inhale, arms before and pelvis goes way back and press into the heels and stand up and inhale.

Reach the hips in the arms away from one another and push the shoulders down as you stand up and reach and stand off and reach and sand and reach and pushing into both legs evenly. Two more and stand up one more and stand up an inhale and softening the knees. We rolled towards the floor. I was letting the weights carry you down, letting the way it's carried down a place so it's down on the floor. Walk forward along them walking two, three finding your plank position. So holding yourself strong. Yeah. Lift your head up.

Just a little marina and we're going to bend our elbows five times or not. You could just hold your playing position, Ben, one and straight Ben two and straight. Ben Three and straighten. I was pulling. Excellent. Jim. Last one. Bent and straighten. Lift your hips up. Push your heels down towards the floor. Lift through the spine, reach up onto the toes, roll yourself back forward.

Point the right foot. Lift the right leg up and to marina pelvis down a little, three, four, five. We lift the body up now though, right? Like reaches into the air and we come back down and tap the floor. Tap and push away with the arms. Reach up with that straight leg and I don't reach and and reach and, and reach and hold a year. We take that leg forward, step down back like strong and straight.

Find your balance squeezy, the inner thighs towards one another. Roll yourself up. Arms up to the sides. No, I just bend the back knee that left me, reaches for them and stretches and reaches for the mat and stretches at already just for them and stretches to reaches for the mat and pushes out. Last time reaches for the Mat. Keep it here. Keep it here on the ground. Reach forward with your hand. Push back. Let's take the front leg back.

Lift the hips up all the way. Walk the hands, sit a feet. One, two, three. Pick up your weights, soften your knees. And I left rolling up [inaudible] and here we just lift the heels up a little bit. He goes up, pass the floor, bend the knees, sit back, reach the arms for it. Here comes our more balanced and then everything, seeing back this control feel as though your body is moving through water. That pelvis in the arms go in the opposite direction and then they come together and then they reach in the opposite direction and they come together and they reach out and they come together and they reach out. And they come together. The last one, Amia and Axa, placing the heels down. Soften the knees.

[inaudible] nice buoyancy through the knees. We roll the spine down, keeping the knees soft. Even then you've got a second side guys walking forward. So there we are over. We're over our, that strong leg. Strong ass. We knew you could come to your knees if you want it to or anyone could. Anyway, Ben, your arms and straighten.

Keep your head in line with your spine and straighten and bend and straighten and bend. Yeah, straight to one more and straight. If we take the left leg and it reaches out and, and to pulling the shoulders down, marina pelvis down just a little bit. That's it. Last two, last one. Lift the leg, lift the spine, reaching the leg up into the air. Turn the left hip forward marina and then come forward to at the top of the foot on the floor. Lead with that straight leg. Reach back, pushing your weight into that right here and coming down. And three more.

We reach up all the way and, and reach up and this is it reaching. We bend that back knee, it steps forward. Take a minute. Back, leg strong, inner thigh strong. Find your balance lifting, reaching the arms or put them on your thing. The Fi gonna. Bend the back knee down bend and just that back leg reaches out straight and bend the back knee trying to tip them out and just the back leg reaches straight bend reach and to her each one. See if you can put it down on the ground. See if you can put it down on the ground.

Reach forward straight in the back leg. Step back, lift the hips up. Okay. A little bit more prone to abdominal work. It goes like this. You're ready. We come forward over the arms. We lift the right leg around the spine, put the right leg down, left leg comes into the chest, and an right leg. Exhale.

And unless like exhale and and right leg. Exhale and Bam. Lastly, exhale. We're crossing across right leg, left arm and center. Left leg, right arm and center. Cross Center, uh, Cross Center. One more time guys. This is a cross. We left SAMHSA. Take just a minute here. Press the heels of the feet towards the floor, hollering and just start to walk back walking towards the feet. Bend your knees, feel your weight on your feet, weights are in your hands if you want them.

And now we just roll rolling through this spy, I mean all the way to [inaudible] and then just turning this way and I finish. Yeah, so just parallel on your feet and then bend the knees and just start floating the arms far. Do this easy like you're floating through space. Don't lean back marina. Stay right over your pelvis, like lean a little far and then down. So now we imagine that the weights aren't in our hands. You just rest there and try not to lean back. Try to keep your body right over your head. Lean a little forward.

So stick your butt out and stick your chest forward and forward. I now go to the side and just floating through space and feel the energy in the legs, pushing the floor away from the energy traveling through the spine. And one more, I don't know. I now allow the knees to bend again and just roll towards the floor, keeping the knees soft, reaching down, let the weeds come to the ground, let go, roll, and then take the arms up, reaching up, bring the arms out, find a fourth flat back, dive forward. Reach the spine down into the ground.

I'm bending my knees to go there and now we're going to keep the knees bent as we roll. All rolling all the way to standing. How loud allowed the, it's to strain. Very Cha extending her, feeling the energy in the body. Press out through the arms, press out long through the spine, soften the knees and just fold in half at the waist and in here and lift. And one more time with just the RMZ IRREECHAA and open. And that is that. Wow, that.


Loved it!
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This was just a great challenging workout. Really got a great sweat and am thankful for the challenge. Great cuing Meredith! It's so amazing the way our bodies are able to work!
Thank you!!
Thanks ladies!
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Instead of weights I just take two bottles of I have deserved one of these...Thanks Meredith. You are my favourite teacher! I love your flow.
Amazing Class! It was a great challenging workout for the full body. I will incorporate this into my regular circuit. Thanks so much Meredith!
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loved this class with the added arm weights .... great challenging workout! xo
Thanks everyone! Maike, I think you deserve to have BOTH beers :)
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Great Class. Loved how you incorporated the weights into the routine. Will definetly do this again!
Just received "error loading media" msg. Video stopped and went back to beginning.
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This class is level H.
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