Class #996

Mat Workout

10 min - Class


Courtney Miller offers a quick workout that is designed to help you re-balance your body from left to right and front to back, with the intent of assisting you in all the activities you love to do outside of Pilates. Her exercises strengthen your ankles and core muscles while creating the dynamic stability so important to most recreational activities. Courtney challenges you to do ten consecutive days of this workout to maximize improvement in your balance.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi. I'm Courtney Miller. Today I'm going to be teaching you a few exercises that will take less than 10 minutes of your time. These exercises are designed to help you re-balance your b...


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Simply perfect...right after ride to beach and right before 60 mins of STEP...(yes, I still love STEP). These are all great as balance checkins. Plan to use as a warmup & cool down so my students can see how their balance an improve in just one hour of Pilates. Thank you!
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What an awesome way to start my day. Once again, Courtney Miller does it again! Many thanks to you.
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Such a Joy to watch Courtney Millers Classes , as always.
Love your delivery Courtney and your cueing is spot on .
Balance work is so Important, particularly as we get older and This short sequence Certainly packs a punch ! 10 day challenge here we go....
Love the teaser variation and will be doing this daily!
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Thanks for the best 10 minutes of my day! I have been sitting at my computer the last two hours and this was the perfect pick me up. I look forward to the 10 day challenge.
Hi everyone! So happy to hear your feedback! Please keep me posted on your progress! 10 minutes + 10 days = better balance! Enjoy!
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Always a treat to watch - thank you Courtney for more insight and inspiration!
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Lovely moves enjoyed the session , but found the hair distracting tying it back would have been more professional
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Loved the class, Courtney, brief and very effective as well as creative, thank you.
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Courtney, I really enjoy your work!!!
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