Exercise #1905


3 min - Exercise


Muscle Focus: Abdominals.

Objective: Stabilizing the powerhouse and strengthening the abdominals.

Reformer Setup: Start with two medium tension springs. The footbar is down.

Start Position: Lie on your back, holding the handles in both hands, bringing both knees into the chest. Curl the head and shoulders up, with both arms bent, placing the backs of the upper arms into carriage with both palms facing away.

Movement: Head and shoulders stay curled off the carriage while the arms and legs reach straight, with the legs together and the arms staying pressed into or hovering close to the carriage. Quickly open and close the legs, bend both knees into the chest, and then bend both elbows, keeping the backs of the upper arms into the carriage. Repeat two to four more times.

What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Jan 03, 2015
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So let's talk about the coordination. We are back into doing more abdominals that this is an exercise that typically follows the a hundred. So the assumption is that you can do the a hundred and that you are able to sustain yourself, inflection against resistance and able to breathe and feel good about it. And now it's time to move on and challenge that which is essentially I think why did we call it coordination? Because the principles of this exercise aren't going to change as to what the hundred really wants to focus on. And by that I mean real stable center, um, that you, you've control through your pelvis that you've got to control breathing.

This one just has more movements to challenge that. So how many things can we add before you need to come out of it? So let's just show the exercise if we could before I try to say it in time. So, um, without, without the straps first, I think it's a really good idea to learn this one on the floor. If you haven't, again, there's a lot going on. Just trying to hear the words that I'm about to say or memorize them for yourself. Um, can be hard enough. But once you're kind of comfortable with that, then add in the resistance.

I think so. As of now, I just have the carriage stable and the starting position. Amy's going to be tucked in with those elbows like you would be if you were practicing the a hundred we're going to inhale, prepare, exhale. Just comes up all the way up. Open-Close bending the knees. Then she's inhaling and she goes again, you can stay up my fault. Exhaling up open, close bend, bend, and again.

Yeah, because hey, right about here, she starts to inhale and refuel and then she pushes away. She opens and closes and just notice as she continues for two more that she's not moving her body up and down. She's not rocking back and forth. Rather she's just changing up the legs midway and the breath pattern. You can rest there and then we're going to put the straps on. It's no different. I have her on one red and one blue using this reformer. That's about right.

You basically, again, want to be able to control your springs. Not feel like it's constantly pushing on you, but that you can push on them, keep them nice and open. So again, going like, like so we inhale, prepare, exhaling up my fall, open, close. She bend the knees, then she bends the elbows and that's where she's also starting her inhale. So it's exhale, open, close, bend, inhale, elbows. XLA, everything's straight. Open-Close bend, inhale, scoop. Keep going. And as you scoop, the elbows, really think of reaching the elbow points further so you're not just letting go.

You don't want all your weight to drop to your upper body. Keep it all going forward. Especially as you bend the knees end right here at the elbows. Can you do one more? Who, who? She's The star. Good and rest. So that's the coordination you'll find as you move through, um, all the polities exercises, it's almost as if we're looking for just new, different ways to challenge that same powerhouse, the same square, the same box, right? But in, in, in doing so more intricacy gets added.

You really do have to know where the tips of your toes are at the top of your head and then paying attention to your spring so it's becomes more of you working them rather than them working. You takes a lot of coordination.

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Helpful and nicely done! Thanks for helping this newbie. :)
Jen M
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Brilliant... love doing this with clients !
Jen  Thank you! More to come in the new year! 
Love the variation without the straps first!

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