Exercise #1948

Chest Expansion

10 min - Exercise


Muscle Focus: Upper back and arms.

Objective: Strengthen the upper back and arms and improve posture.

Reformer Setup: Start with one medium or light tension spring. This exercise can also be done with no springs, or one to two heavy springs, depending on what works for your body.

Start Position: Kneel on the carriage with the knees against the shoulder pads, shins pressed down, and the tops of the feet flat against the carriage. Hold onto the straps with a closed fist, above the handle, and palms facing in towards each other. Draw the abdominals to the spine, curl the pelvis under, and rise to kneeling. Maintain a straight line through the front of the body from the neck to the knees. Arms are straight and slightly in front of the body.

Movement: Without moving anything else in the body and keeping the shoulders depressed, press both arms straight back, keeping the elbows straight. Option to turn the head right and left while the arms are pressed back. Keeping both arms straight, return them to their start position. Throughout the movement, maintain a connection between the abdominals and the hamstrings, keep both arms narrow into the body, and prevent the back from arching. Repeat two to three more times.

What You'll Need: Reformer

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Jan 16, 2015
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Hi, I'm Sarah. And today we're going to look at chest expansion and chest expansion happens to be one of my favorite arm exercises for a number of reasons. Works the back of the body. ...


Sarah, thank you! Very well explained!
The videos has nothing to do with this exercise, it also last 1 minute, while in the description it shows 10 minutes
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Hugo Thank you for letting us know. We apologize for the error and will get it resolved soon!
Thanks Noelle!

Noelle  Thank you, i have just seen it, good tip about changing straps

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