Exercise #1950

Legs In Straps

10 min - Exercise


Muscle Focus: Abdominals, inner thighs, and the backs of the legs.

Objective: Stabilizing the powerhouse and strengthening the abdominals.

Reformer Setup: Start with two medium tension springs. A heavier spring setting will create more resistance for the legs, while a lighter spring setting will create more work for the abdominals. The footbar is up.

Start Position: Lie on your back, holding the handles in both hands, and placing both feet on the footbar. Press through the feet to extend the carriage out, and place the right foot into the right strap. Place the left foot into the left strap. Press both arms straight and firm into the carriage, bring the legs into frog position (thigh bones perpendicular to the body in a tabletop position, externally rotating the thigh bones and bringing the knees a little wider than hips distance apart, gluing the heels together with toes apart).


Frog: Press both legs out to straight, keeping the heels glued together, with the thigh bones wrapping in external rotation, and the pelvis anchored into the carriage. Keeping the spine long and the pelvis stable, bend both knees with the heels together, returning to start position. Repeat three to five more times.

Openings: Press both legs out to straight, keeping the heels glued together, with the thigh bones wrapping in external rotation, and the pelvis anchored into the carriage. Open and close the legs in one plane of motion, avoiding hyperextension by maintaining a soft bend in the knees. Can be done in parallel or turnout. Repeat three to five more times.

What You'll Need: Reformer

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Jan 03, 2015
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Hi, I'm Sarah, and we're going to take a look today at putting the legs in straps. I've got Christie set on one red and one blue spring, and it's important to remember that if you adju...


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Great explanation and cueing. Fabulous attention to detail.
Very good explanation of this move! Love the ques too!
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umm. this was fabulous!! Great tutorial!! loved it.
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That was the best. Brilliant instruction.
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Sarah is brilliant
Indeed! Sarah is Brilliant!
Ya know, even when I'm the lucky student on camera, as I am here, I am still the person trying to offer a service and respond to the needs of our members first. To that end, the many things I'm thinking about often prevent me from truly hearing everything being taught or fully receiving the experience...
I never doubt Sarah's ability, but hearing and watching her teach this tutorial from a "distance" is what makes me chime in now to say... indeed, Sarah is Brilliant! Thank you Sarah.
Hi I love all the queues in the set. and as a teacher I used them also. But I have a patient she is very strong , but every time she is doing this set , she complains that she feel pains in the lower back. I think that at the next session I will ask her to put a pillow under her lower back or maybe to posterior tilt her pelvis . What do you suggest me? Thanks and great video!!!
Hi Hani, it is difficult to give specific guidance without seeing your client. I would guess that she is not stabilizing well enough. Try to pinpoint what point she feels pain and minimize range of motion to avoid pain. Neutral pelvis is a process and may take time to achieve. If a posterior pelvic tilt allows your client to perform hip work without pain then I am in favor of the adjustment. Hope this helps!
This is the first time on my reformer since meniscus surgery (5/20/15. It feels really good to move smoothly and pain free for a change.
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