High-Energy Reformer<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 1062

High-Energy Reformer
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 1062

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Jeannean M
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L O V E D the standing foot balance work! Great Class Sarah. Felt like 15 minutes!
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Really enjoyed is class while taking it over here in Japan. I liked that is was uncomplicated and have me the time to go deep into each movement. And some of your movements are just lovely!
Robin D
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So I sat and watched this routine all the way through. NICE, Sarah. I'm looking forward to trying it this week before teaching some of these incredible moves to my clients! Thank you!
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I kept wanting to fast forward through sections I thought might be predictable - but found that I couldn't - watched in totality - thanks for some great ideas! - my clients will appreciate
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Yes I loved the shoulder openers!
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Great class! It went by so fast and I loved the variations on classic exercises.
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I'm with Judy!!! You ROCK Sarah! Miss you both tons!! :)
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Wonderful - I love your teaching style.
Thanks very much!
Whew! Nice deep work in this! I'm quivering all over and almost went flying on the open hip forward bend with strap! Fun and challenging with always exceptional cueing!
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