Successful Cueing<br>Leah Stewart<br>Workshop 1116

Successful Cueing
Leah Stewart
Workshop 1116

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Leah's cueing workshops are so amazing - she offers wonderful techniques to fine tune and develop your cueing abilities to broaden your expertise as a teacher! I still review my notes, finding inspiration ~ and use the practical applications that Leah taught us. Her lessons and guidance continues to provided me with the tools to grow both as a teacher and as the eternal student.
I highly recommend this workshop to all teachers - experienced or new!
I took interpersonal communications in college, so this was a brief over view. I don't feel like I learned much about how to cue.

You have a great advantage of having taken an interpersonal communications class in college. Unfortunately, these concepts are not taught to Pilates students in most Pilates training programs. The intention of the workshop was to discuss these concepts, as basic as they are to those that have studied communications, to Pilates professionals, giving them a new prospective on exactly how important word choice is.

I wanted to create a workshop that simply did not relay information, but engaged the participants to think about what words mean to them and what they may potentially mean to clients, so that they are able to implement these concepts into practice. This workshop is specific to one aspect of cueing, word choice, and some ideas and concepts that are behind our word choices as professionals.

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I do hope that you learned something from this workshop, or at the very least were reminded of what you learned in college and how valuable that information is to the profession of teaching Pilates.

For many professionals, this information may be new and may offer a whole new way of thinking about the words they use, which may help them teach with a deeper consciousness and sensitivity, that is the objective.

Thank you for taking the workshop. Have a lovely week!


This is good class with the wrong title! For a class on "word choices", (not cueing) the title of the class should express that. The choice of words for the title "Successful Cueing" is not accurate and descriptive of what the class is about. This class is not about cuing, it is about interpersonal communications and choosing words wisely, as you just confirmed in your responses. I would like a refund. I signed up for a class on cueing. I did not get a class on cueing. The choice of words that were used in the title influenced my decision to pay $70 for this class. The title is misleading and does not accurately explain what the class is about, therefore it is false advertising.
YogaAngel ~ Thank you for your forum post. I have sent you an email addressing your feedback.
Yoga Angel ~ The title of the workshop is "Successful Cueing -The Effects of Word Choice."

I'm sorry you think this is false advertising about Cueing as it relates to word choice. I am the one who titled this workshop and wrote the description for it. I picked both thinking they fit the content addressed very well. My college degree is in communications (with an emphasis in interpersonal relations) and to me successful cueing cannot happen without good interpersonal skills (including and especially word choice) so I assumed I was being quite thorough in my description.

Gia has been in touch with you regarding your complaint, but I would really appreciate your feedback on specifically how you would have felt the title and description could better depict Leah's workshop than how it currently reads: See below...

Successful Cueing - The Effects of Word Choice
In this workshop with Leah Stewart, she explores the importance of thorough and clear communication to guide clients through a meaningful experience. This will ultimately lead them to a deeper understanding of their movement and their body. Having an awareness of your client, environment, and word choice can impact how you communicate with your clients.

- To define a variety of concepts pertaining to oral communication
- Highlight the nuances that go into word choice and the role they play in successful communication
- To engage Pilates Professionals to think about their own perceptions when it comes to verbal communication
- To encourage Pilates Professionals to become more aware and sensitive to the words they choose in their cueing
- To empower Pilates Professionals to actively practice and implement careful and thoughtful word selection by providing fundamental knowledge of word selection

Ladies, as I read your comments, I kind of agreed to certain extent with all of you, so I wanted to give my feedback here.
As we are stating our backgrounds here, my background is philology, semantics, rhetoric and communication studies. I competed in reciting and giving ex tempore speeches to variety of topics. So when I watched this workshop, I found it to be a nice refresher for the things I have already known. There I would agree with YogaAngel, that is more of a refreshment for people with similar background. What I wouldn't agree on is that it is a waste of money since its always good to refresh, like in our Pilates practice, and there are clear chapters' names you could look at and help decide whether it is for you, before they take workshop. Of course, if you are a person that already has significant amount of training/schooling/experience in this subject it is always possible that you don't hear as much new information as you would like, maybe because there is none.
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And for newbies to communication and teaching, this workshop is amazing: very clear, precise, concise and straight to the point. Well done!
Kristi, what you think about adding a note somewhere that it relies a lot on communication skills training or similar, just as N.B. to people that might not want to go over the same topics, maybe don't see/realize what is the topic here?
Lea, I found interesting the way you ask participants how they feel, think,..That encouraged me to ask myself the same questions - really helps understand clients better. Also, examples that you analyze regarding specific cues are great tools how to analyze all of the other examples and then come up with more effective ways of cueing. I thought I would be getting more practical cues I could pick up and use hahaha but that was my lazy part trying to get it all processed and ready. So that was a major learning point for me-learn how to make your own cues and correct them! Wisdom of the day!
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