Transition-Focused Mat<br>Rachel Taylor Segel<br>Class 1149

Transition-Focused Mat
Rachel Taylor Segel
Class 1149

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I think that when you move with breath and flow (transitions) you always feel great after (-: Thank you everyone!
Very challenging class, I liked it except for the gasping breath of inhale. Drove me nuts, was awful. Transitions, moves great tho.
Trudi, thank you for your comment about a "gasping breath" because it gives me a chance to talk about that (-: I was making a point that if you exhale every last atom as Joe suggests, there is a vacuum and one can take advantage of that to inhale capaciously (Joe's word). Sometimes a teacher will exaggerate something as you know to make sure a client truly gets it. I wanted them to experience the biggest breath they could. Sorry that the sound is annoying (-:
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I think the class is good. BUT there's just too much talking. I like a faster pace. I feel this much talking should be for a level 1 or 2. By time we get to three, we WANT work. And should know what we are doing. But still. It's a nice class.
Great and challenging class - thank you. As for the too much talking comment, I personally cant get enough!
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Nice class!
cant handle the 'ish' and the exaggerated tone after about 20 mins. trying to focus on what are good concepts.
A very good, intensive and complete routine for an advance group, thank you!!!!
Lovely class. Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious. I love getting at infusion of "Rachel" from so far away.
Andy M
Such a great class! Rachel has such a grace and ease to her teaching - it's reflective of her 25 years of hard work and commitment towards moving the Pilates teacher training standard forwards. Thank you Rachel and Pilates Anytime. My back feels so freed up after a heavy week of teaching and my spirit is soaring. Just lovely. X
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