Advanced Reformer<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1168

Advanced Reformer
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1168

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Olivier C
video stops playing after 4min. sound still there though
Olivier~ Losing the picture in a video but having it continue with the sound is usually because the internet connection being used to watch the video isn't strong enough to support anything but the sound being streamed. This may be fixed by restarting your computer or you may want to consider looking into our alternate video player options, where I'd recommend selecting a Low quality, by clicking here to read the FAQ about these options.
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GULP - Micah, just so you know I stood up in front of my computer and gave a standing ovation! WOW - you were awesome, really,...movements were beautiful, exact and immaculate....down to the last detail! I would just love to know one thing....Did you know you were signing up for a workout like this? I mean, with Niedra you wouldn't expect anything less!

Please, would love to watch you again!
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Yikes! Would love to show this to those people who say "Pilates is just stretching right?"....Way to go Micah!!
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Awesome fast-paced challenging workout. Thank you both. I loved the rolll onto the hip obliques on the short box. Great no nonsense, to the point cueing too.
Niedra Gabriel
Yay, all of you - so thrilled you enjoyed Micah, he is awesome, and such an example of what a great workout Pilates is FOR MEN! yes, way to go - Pilates is for everyone, anytime!
Thank you. I work with men in cross fit competitions and this class has a nice fit.
It's a really great video! I learned a lot! Thank you!
wow amazing
Elsabe D
This is absolutely amazing!!! Thank you both to Niedra and Micah!
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