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Niedra Gabriel
Tutorial 1343

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Thank you for this brief introduction to this underused piece Niedra. I don't have one but certainly see the cross over from so many exercises. Perhaps a way to feel the use if the lats but without the compression that so often comes on other pieces. A wonderful compliment to the seated chair, which I do have. Thank you so much.
Yeong Cheol C
Thank you Niedra Gabriel.
So glad to have another Ped-o-Pul routine. Thanks, Niedra!
Thank you Niedra I have Ped o Pul and I miss more classes!!
Niedra Gabriel
So glad you both enjoyed this video - there is not as much demand for the less used equipment, and yet, they are so wonderful, very happy you found this info useful.
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I have 7 Ped-o-Pul so I please I ask PA to let you enjoy more of this wonderful classes.
Niedra Gabriel
wow - that is amazing you can do group classes with them! I have never heard of a studio with so many of them, so you use them a lot! great.
Love this video. I've been using this lesson in the studio with my clients and my brand new Ped-O-Pul. This is a wonderful piece of equipment that will help a wide variety of people, and this lesson is a perfect starting point. One question-- how much of the spine is touching the pole in the beginning of the series when your student aligns herself to the pole after moving the feet out to adapt to her curvatures? Again, many thanks!!
Niedra Gabriel
What a good question Gyk, and there is no rote answer - it really depends on how much the spine has elongated and how open the hip flexors are, and this is different in each person. We are striving to have a long sacrum and the lower ribs touching, and but many people cannot achieve this state without either slumping the upper trunk or over tucking the pelvis. I eye ball the person and attempt to cue toward length and elongation with a balance between the front and back body. Hope this help...
Thank you so much, Niedra. This is very helpful indeed. My clients and I are loving this lesson and growing tall! Many thanks for this detailed explanation.
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