Magic Circle Powerhouse<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1392

Magic Circle Powerhouse
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1392

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I loved the leg work with the magic circle. It made me much more aware of the glut connection. Thank you.
I enjoyed every minute! I LOOOVED the saw, my back felt so much better after this saw as I started this class with a stiff back. Thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you both for your enthusiastic comments. Mat work is amazing, isn't it?
This was a great class and such great use of the magic circle, I really enjoyed it!
Loved it!
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Helene, so much fun to connect on PA. Glad you enjoyed the class.
I have been incorporating some of these moves into my classes and all my pupils absolutely love using the circle.
Love it and thank you Niedra!
Niedra Gabriel
HI there Caroline and Josephine, I see you are over in Scotland and Ireland - Love knowing that people from other lands are enjoying what PA has to offer.
I will be in the UK in August teaching, so let me know personally if you wanted to be informed. I can be reached at
Lovely class. Lots of fun. Please teach more classes w/ circle.
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