Magic Circle Powerhouse<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1392

Magic Circle Powerhouse
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1392

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Fun fun! I needed that stretch ! I love your instructions thanks.
Niedra, I absolutely ove your teaching cues! I have used a lot of your classes to teach myself, so I can be a better instructor! Have to teach 3 Pilates mat classes in the next 5 days, and we are totally using the magic circle to gain more core awareness! Thank you again!
Lovely class, enjoyed it!
Niedra Gabriel
So glad you all enjoyed this workout.
I absolutely loved that class. It was energising, fun and I feel connected throughout my bod Thank you Niedra
Niedra Gabriel
thank you all for your enthusiastic comments, I always smile reading them, and appreciate your time both working out, and sharing on this site. It feels like a big fun party where we all work out!
Really good class using the ring, thank you.
Love this so much, you are an inspiration. I love your teaching Niedra. As a relatively newly qualified Pilates instructor I find your teaching an amazing resource. I do have a question, I have a client who find many exercises like the roll up quite uncomfortable due to her coccyx. Would hugely value your advice on an alternative? Thank you again, I wish I lived in the US, I would love to attend one of your classes or workshops.
Thank you for all your enthusiasm and inspiration. Best Wendy
Niedra Gabriel
Lovely post Wendy - and yes, I have a suggestion. As your client's coccyx is bulging more than normal you need to place a pad on either side of her spine ( you can fold 2 towels up to achieve this) and when she lies down her tail bone is floating in the space between the two towels ) this should remove the pressure of her bones grinding into the floor and she will be able to stay balanced and do roll ups, teaser and the like.
I hope this helps, and by the way I travel a lot and will be in the UK and Spain in September. You are welcome to contact me and I will put you on my mailing list for all the live events I do.
Thank you so much Niedra, I shall try that with her. I have also emailed you directly with reference to your live UK events as that would be so amazing.
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