Stabilizing the Pelvis<br>Kathryn Ross-Nash<br>Class 1537

Stabilizing the Pelvis
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 1537

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Breathe??? LOL LOL LOL SO HAPPY YOU LIKE IT!! I love this work out and the client it was created for really found her two way stretch and connection to her powerhouse :)
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What a joke. Pilates with too much coffee. If the focus was on pelvic stability, how come there were so many times that the pelvic stability was not there and that her spine was over extending because her center was not on.
Sorry you thought it was a joke. This is the pace in which I was taught to do the classical work and to challenge stability. Fortunately Pilates Anytime has a large variety of types of Pilates to choose from!
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Love it !! Kathry
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I really enjoyed the variations and most of my clients don't have this level of flexibility. For the ones who do, this would be a kick in the proverbial pants. I love to work faster to challenge myself. East coast pilates, yeah!
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Loved the mentioning of how one move is like another move. Brings in the mind. Great tempo. Wonderful energy.
JoAnn, Pilates at this level isn't always perfect (whether you focus on it or not) in terms of stability etc.... If your body is able and you can challenge the exercises, everything I've learned from documenting the first generation teachers in the Pilates Legacy Project suggest to do so.
I understand some of what you say regarding this class, though I can't get behind all of it. Kathi is one of few people on our site who regularly shares (and is capable of showing) the high end of what she was taught by first generation teacher Romana Kryzanowska.
I personally think Kathi Ross Nash's teaching is one of the best possible examples of the original form, pace and movement patterns of Pilates Method there is to learn from today.
I believe you are very knowledgeable when it comes to anatomy and movement and appreciate your feedback. I do not however believe Kathi, or this class is a joke.
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What an incredible class! I love an efficient, well-taught workout!
Thank you for your kind words! nothing makes me happier then when someone enjoys my work!!!!
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I can see why so many love this! Fun and super challenging...but very doable (well maybe not as graceful as you Kathi) I love that you gave fun variations to the classical order and am so pleased that I am confident enough in my understanding of Pilates to know how fabulous this workout and you really are!! :) Oh, and I have unstable pelvis and guess what, it really loved it, so there!!!!!!! Love you!
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