Sculpting Upper Body Mat<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1611

Sculpting Upper Body Mat
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1611

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Good challenge with good instruction. Thank You!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Mary, glad you are enjoyed the class.
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Thoroughly enjoyable and perfect to wake me up, thank you.
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Kate, I always check out the bio of people who comment and see you work for Alan Herdman, how lucky you are - Alan was my first teacher! and I just spent a few days with him in Korea at the Pilates conference we were both guest presenters at. So we have a lot in common you and me. Great to meet you and happy you enjoyed my class.
Great work out, thank you, just up my teaching alley
I almost didn't click on this video because I saw the hand weights in the photo..That would have been a mistake! What a creative way to add strengthening and toning without mindless repetitive contractions. Increasing strength and supporting flexibility really resonates with me. Thank you Niedra.
Great love it-thanks!
What, what a replacement session for my LA Fitness Pilates Mat class. Thanks Neidra, I love it!
Beautifully done, Enjoyed it very much and will be back to it soon. Thanks
Wow, that was fun but hard! Would love to roll and stand up but will stick with the rest for now.

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