Sculpting Upper Body Mat<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1611

Sculpting Upper Body Mat
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1611

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Love this workout! Especially the sitting down & standing up part which is where most of my clients are weak. Very creative spin on the classical matwork! Thank you Niedra!
Niedra Gabriel
Thanks Bonnie, I know, standing up and sitting down is so much fun and natural and yet challenging - enjoy...
Niedra Gabriel
I am just now reading all your comments and am smiling - i am thrilled that you enjoyed this twist on the mat work - inspired by old film of Joe standing up and sitting down over and over, in the woods, with only shorts on, to get his work out done... We are the modern version of this right?
Great 30 minute class.. a lot of movement precise and very effective!
What a way to start off a Monday. Thanks Niedra, loved it!
Great Workout Niedra!!
Wow! Loved this class, so inspiring.
Niedra Gabriel
You are all such athletes - I love it.
Sarah N
Beautiful cueing. Also love the shoulder sensations in scissors.
Thanks Niedra for a great workout for me this morning!
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