Release Tension Patterns<br>Mary Bowen<br>Workshop 1710

Release Tension Patterns
Mary Bowen
Workshop 1710

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Ann S
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Thanks for sharing, Mary. You are so inspiring. Your stretches are amazing.
Mary, you are such an inspiration and you never change. Still looking fit.
Helen A
Fascinating! Thank you so much.
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What a poet she is-- thank you
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Thank you for sending me comments on my workshop with you. I am glad for the positive
response. That's good to hear;
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I am loving her talk, thank you!
I am glad that I took the time to watch and listen, and get a glimpse of the wisdom that Mary Bowen offers! Even though I can not fully share some thoughts on "men and woman", I get the point and see it more as the feminine and male principles in all of us. But besides that I definitely took advantage of the thoughts on "holding", - tension in the muscles and tissue and in our mind. I will work with the Yawning! It already helped me freeing up my neck! Thank you so much and all the best to Mary!
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Love the yawning and melting of tension.
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Chewing with the tongue and yawning: simple exercises but they are wonderful ways to release the muscles of the neck and shoulders. I have tried them on myself!
Excellent loved listening to Ms. Bowen, so much knowledge and wisdom a true guru,
Thank you.
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