Coordination & Control Flow<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 1754

Coordination & Control Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 1754

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Kristi-thank you for a great workout! I loved it! Also, very cute top!!! Thank you for a quick workout!
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Kristi, what a great idea to just adjust the bar in place of using a yellow spring for arm work. Thank you for another great, high energy workout.
Great quick workout Kristi!! Brought back memories of taking your classes.
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Kristy I got a lot of bang for my buck on this one what a great class thank you
Thanks everyone! So glad to hear you're getting what you came for! Leslie... I'm still here! Get on up here as soon as you can!
Great - my studio has no wifi - so stops and starts - is downloading workouts and option
Does anyone know ? ??
Julie ~ Downloading videos from Pilates Anytime is not an option at this time.
Love it! Thank you Kristi!
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Perfect will be my goto class:)) thank you Kristi:)))
Thank you - I realised after there was an option to change the quality of vide, which worked perfectly on low res off my phone... so I will be able to train hader and longer! Is there anywhere onsite that talks about the gear bar and stopper settings, im struggling to get it spot on, especially in this workout at the end, my legs on that low spring felt to far away to have control....maybe its my strength!
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