Coordination & Control Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 1754

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Julie ~ I don't believe we have anything on the site that is a gear bar and stopper setting tutorial, but that is a great idea that I will suggest to our filming team to see if they can produce it in the future. I am short so I always stay geared in on the advanced Reformer exercises, and don't have much guidance on the gears. Hopefully someone else on the forums can help!
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Thank you for a quick, challenging, full-body workout! Oh - and also FUN Thank you again!
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Wow!Amazing!Changing the pace makes big difference!Thank you Kristi!
The pacing was fun for me too. Glad you liked it!
Thanks Kristi! Loved it!
I liked this workout a lot, I liked its pace and flow...I am having a bit of a hard time with the side twist though, so I will have to work on that!
Really enjoyed this class Kirsti, being a BASI teacher it's great to hear you teach in the BASI lingo! And the pace is awesome, something caught my eye in the ocean just before 27 min up to the 28th min- either a shark or some dolphins!! Distracted me! Thanks for class!
Ais H!!! That is so cool! I didn't know you could see the dolphins. They were so close, I'm surprised I didn't notice them!! Thanks for pointing them out!
Thanks Kristi! Not only did I enjoyed the way you taught with good pace and flow. I also enjoyed the elements outside the window. What a view!
Wonderful Mary! Thank you!
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