Tremor of Truth<br>Cathleen Murakami<br>Class 1888

Tremor of Truth
Cathleen Murakami
Class 1888

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Cathleen Murakami
@ Anna - thank you so much for appreciating what I do & find it helpful for yourself!
@ Geovanna, so glad you enjoyed.
@ Lisa - thanks for asking about the shoulder the meantime, I believe I have a couple of other ones posted.....
Cathleen Murakami
@ Pele - glad you liked the leg work. The pace description label is not up to me, that's the team of PA. My approach is to be that I like to observe what the client is doing on their own after giving some cues to see if they can incorporate them. For me, set up is extremely important to (hopefully) initiate efficient and effective movement. There are many varieties of approach to choose from here on PA, so I know you will find some others who are more to your speed
Thanks for taking the time to share your viewpoint.
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Pele ~ Thank you for your feedback. After reviewing this video again, we have decided that Deliberate is a more appropriate for this class.
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Good stuff!! Really liked the slowness of the coordination move. also loved using the bar on the feet with the leg straps! thank you
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Great class I love the fact that all the exercises were done at much slower pace!!! Can not wait to try on my clients thank you!
Cathleen Murakami
@ Connie and Beth~ thank you for taking the time to make a quick comment about your experience. I'm glad you can feel the difficulty of deliberateness and appreciate it.
@ Gia - thank you for moderating
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Loved the new ideas, the hip-flexor-friendly cueing, the attention to detail, the pace, everything ! Can't wait to see your shoulder tutorial ! Thanks a lot, Cathleen :))
Cathleen Murakami
@ Anne - you are so welcome!! Thank you for taking the time to post!
Nice to see someone who is actually teaching the bodies on screen as if they were in a real situation.
Lucie Bécus
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Loved the variations with the dowel - I have some from home depot already so nice to find new ways to incorporate them! Thank you :)
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