Reformer Workout
Rael Isacowitz
Class 1896

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Lovely work ladies. It's all in the details.
I love the transitions through the leg work with the stretches. Nice class. Thanks Rael!
What a treat....I feel so good and so happy after 'working out' with a master of this caliber....Thank you so much PA. As usual I feel so spoiled by you. More more more of Rael
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Thank you Pilates Anytime for bringing Rael into my home! How lucky am I to be able to do a class with a Master Trainer. I agree with Paola, more classes with Rael.
Absolutely amazing! I look up to you as a teacher :)
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Thank you for a delicious Sunday morning session.
Wonderful - feel really energized after that... It that has lifted my spirit on this grey UK Sunday morning :)

Thank you Rael and PA!

And the transitions with spring changes were very helpful...
Absolutely wonderful! As always, Rael, I learn so much each time I see you teach.

Thank you! :))
I thank Rael for a beautifully controlled and masterful session and I thank Pilates Anytime for giving me this opportunity to experience my first class with Rael. His passion for Pilates shines through.
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Thank you, Rael, for presenting on PA, sharing your expertise with us. The Oblique Arch and Pulling Straps 3 are a welcome addition. I often refer to you as the "biomechanically correct", Pilates/Dancer.
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