Detailed & Thorough Reformer<br>Deborah Lessen<br>Class 2023

Detailed & Thorough Reformer
Deborah Lessen
Class 2023

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That was wonderful. Loved the clear concise delivery. Lots of variations I can't wait to try.
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Just beautiful. I cannot wait to try this when I get to the studio. I love the que "relaxing the front of the hips into the mat". I only hope my hips can obey!
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What a treat to be able to watch such a seasoned and brilliant teacher! Thank you!
Elizabeth V
Loved how methodical she is. And the way she always mentioned the spring load was great. Thank you.
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Hi Deb!! Thanks for this class. Very specific cueing that is helpful for me as Pilates Anytime is my teacher/coach. You mentioned that you do a more comprehensive class mixing the apparatus. I would love to see a class with a reformer, chair and barrel that I could do at home. Glad to see you are doing well!
Helen H
I love you Deb! My favorite pilates class ever! Thanks for the great stretches. I feel so flexible and strong. And learned so much from your excellent delivery. Oh please offer more.
James M
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Thank you Deborah and Kristi. I loved that version of the Front Stretch.
"If it doesn't feel great you may not be doing something that's good for you..."

Top of the gratitude list today! xoxo
Thank you so much deborah and kristi. Loved doing another class with you deborah. Xoxo have a great day molly
Good class
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