Neurological Disorders<br>Mari Winsor<br>Discussion 2056

Neurological Disorders
Mari Winsor
Discussion 2056

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Thankyou Mari for the sharing, very personal and very much appreciated.
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Thanks so much. I have friends, wife has Parkinson's and husband has MS. I'm anxious to see what you suggest I can help them with
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Hi Mari- danced w you in Mich back in the '80's. Now I'm a bd certified occupational therapist with national neurologic rehab certification & pilates certification. Thank you for stating how detrimental it is to attempt strengthening w als/other specific neuro diagnoses. Function is the goal, on any level. I hope your message is heard. Folks think if they aren't pumping weights or getting "workout sore" they aren't working. Neuromuscular glide/functional movement w balance are all valuable. Yes we can load you up in pilates but only if that is appropriate. Wishing you positive energy on your journey. You're in my thoughts &prayers. You are beautiful!!(tiny dancer &pilates guru to all!!)
Thank you for this. Looking forward to learning more on this topic.
Thank you this is great help. X
Thank you for sharing your story. Your workouts have been a staple in my home for many years.
You are right, I have many friends that have neurological diseases. Any information that you share is greatly appreciated. by many.
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This is of great interest to me Mari! As Pilates Instructors we can make such a difference in peoples lives, helping them to be more functional ,confident etc. and also just someone who cares. Thank You so much for sharing your journey in this and helping us all be better . Much love xxx
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Thank you so much for sharing what you have learned.
Thank you for sharing, very interesting area beautifully explained.x
Thank you for sharing, Mari, and I wish you well. I had just listened to an interview with neuroscientist David Linden. When asked what he does to protect his brain, he answered, "exercise".
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