Functional Patterns<br>Carrie Macy Samper<br>Tutorial 2386

Functional Patterns
Carrie Macy Samper
Tutorial 2386

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This was a very informative tutorial, Carrie! Thank you for sharing such great knowledge with us. I definitely learned a lot!
Excellent, Summer :). I'm so glad it was helpful for you.
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Greetings Ms Carrie Macy I have come across you quite a lot on my Classical Pilates internet research.
You are one of very few Instructors to my knowledge that speak about the Posterior Chain group of muscles in our Pilates Mat practice. There is an imbalance of flexion and extension movement within the Traditional Mat practice, and over the years, I have come across many who get into trouble with this because of the excess loading of the lumbar spine. The Rest Position frequently used transitionally, does not redress the balance, simply gives the spine a rest. It requires extension isometric co-contraction movement to create real spinal integrity. I would welcome your thoughts.
Dear Ms Carrie Macy, I forgot to ask, if I may please, what sort of Resistance Training do you do twice weekly, and can it be done at home?
What Equipment is required please?
Thank you again.
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Thank you Carrie, very informative and useful! Hope to see you again soon! I love your work! And your Toe sox ads!
Hello Mat Work,
Yes, I agree with you that there are not enough extension exercises in the classical mat work - if you do the true, full mat order, there are more extension exercises but still not quite enough. The classical apparatus work provides us with many more extension opportunities, so in a session I would use more of those exercises to balance out the workout. If just doing the mat work, I often add some additional posterior chain exercises.
As far as resistance training besides Pilates apparatus work, I do lift weights as well. But it would require greater explanation than is possible here.
Haha! Thanks, Denee!
Thank you Ms Carrie for your replies to my enquiries.
I note your reference to the use of Apparatus, but, like many I imagine, it is quite simply unaffordable.
I believe everything contained within the Classical Method can be achieved with diligence, the use of a mat, resistance work, weights, and using your bodyweight appropriately to build overall strength.
Do you have video access to the "many more extension exercises you would include to balance out the full mat order"?
Thank you for your interest.
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Thank you, it was very informative!!!
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