Functional Patterns<br>Carrie Macy Samper<br>Tutorial 2386

Functional Patterns
Carrie Macy Samper
Tutorial 2386

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Glad to hear it, Ira!
Mat Work, I recommend viewing other mat videos on this site, including all of the contemporary instructors to get good extension exercises to add to your mat work.
Beautiful explanation and demonstration. Love these short, deep tutorials.
Thank you for the feedback, Holly!
Thank you Ms Carrie Macy. I have been doing what you kindly suggest for years. As mentioned there is little emphasis placed on the posterior chain group of muscles in either the Classical or the so called Contemporary approach to the Methodology.
Thank you for responding to my enquiries.
Thannk you. This was a super tutorial, pity it was so short.
Thank you, Tova! Maybe we can do more of these and longer next time.
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Excelent!!! Thank you for this tutorial!
Wishing it will be longer in a near future!
Thank you, Perla! Hopefully I cameo some longer tutorials on this subject.
Kelly S
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Thanks, Carrie! Great explanations and love the straight line visual for criss cross!
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