Starting a Pilates Practice<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2388

Starting a Pilates Practice
Monica Wilson
Class 2388

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Love this! So good to go back to the beginning. What a great refresher. Thank you!
Marta M
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what an Amazing Teacher! I wish i had learn form you!
Tessa ~ Here is the playlist with all of the classes in this series in order. I hope you enjoy them!
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I've been doing pilates on and off for quite a while, and I have to say that I've not felt this fantastic in a long time.
Absolutely amazing Monica!! I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning now :) Thank you thank you :)
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This see sion was very nice for a beginner. I encouraged my homeschooling 13yr old work this session today. The feedback was way too dramatic! Thanks so much
Monica Wilson
Thank you for all the wonderful feedback!
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First time with you, Monica Wilson, and first time for me with Romana pilates - I've been practising pilates for a couple of years now but I never got to actually start from scratch. So glad I did, I'm definitely going to follow the whole series! Thank you Monica!
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Congratulations Monica! The class was very good! But as a level 1 class I would like to see more level 1 or beginner students doing the exercises and I also missed spine extension movements and weight bearing. Anyway thank you very much for your tips! :)
Monica Wilson
Hi Frederico, thank you for your feedback. This is the first class of a 10 class beginner series. You will see spinal extension (back bends) in class #9&10 once we have established a strong power house connection. In this class I have a few seasoned Pilates practitioners to demonstrate correct movement but the rest are novices and extremely flattered you thought otherwise:) Finally, because this is a mat class series, you are working against your own body weight and will add a magic circle later in the series to add some resistance training. Hope that clarifies and thanks again for your feedback, Monica
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Hello Monica! Thank you very much for your answer! Best regards:)
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