Mat Workout
Michael King
Class 2421

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I LOVE this class!! I had my first MK Pilates experience back in 2000 on the Gold Coast Australia and I still think of it often xo
This is a class I will continue taking to challenge my balance, abs, and strength. Great exercises!
I love your classes!! So challenging. I definitely need to keep practicing knee lift rolling and teasers. I love the music as well. Thank you:)
Nice session, well done. I loved it
Michael is an awesome teacher! I need a little work on my balance.
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loved the flow and the music to accompany the class. Can you buy this CD?
Thank you Stephanie and yes the music CD is on my web site shop as a download // ct-detail.aspx?PID=35
as always so inspiring .
I like very much this kind of flowing movements!
Loved the continuity, extension, deep work,a nd flow!
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