Rhythmic Body Coordination<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 2506

Rhythmic Body Coordination
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2506

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So inspiring! Elizabeth you are amazing! I love the innovation of this workout! Can't wait to try this!!!! Looks so fluid and fun!
This looks so innovative and exiting, cant wait to try.
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Loved the single leg work with the long yellow at the end! You move beautifully Elizabeth!
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Nice, where do I find a stability sling?
Leelee, I order my Stability Sling from Balanced Body. It is a tower/trapeze table accessory developed by Marie-Jose Blom.
Kimberley Michelle
Ahh, That hip extension looks wonderful. Thank you.
I loved this workout however, when removing the strap off my foot from the long yellow spring during the kneeling leg work my long yellow spring metal end popped out through the spring (STUCK IN THIS POSITION) causing the metal end to pop out and I haven't figured out yet if / how to remedy this situation. Thanks for your attention.
David, I have not experienced this or any spring malfunction during the exercise, although I have been practicing and teaching this exercise (the last exercise of the workout) for at least three years. The large range of motion in hip circumduction does put rotational forces through the spring. However, I think that similar forces are at work in advanced trapeze table exercises. Please contact customer service of your equipment manufacturer. Although I have used Pilates equipment many hours a day, nearly daily, since 1985, fixing equipment malfunction is way outside my scope of practice
Thank you for the info. I will go ahead and order one. My only other problem is that being 5'1", I have to make sure someone else is home to help me with a few of these moves. My allegro II reformer with tower combo is a bit long for me on some of these exercises. That's okay, I can really feel this workout the next day.
Wow Elizabeth this is just about as good as Cirque du soleil! What creative examples of good fascial movement once again. As you say, hours of fun!
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