Rhythmic Body Coordination<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 2506

Rhythmic Body Coordination
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2506

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Leelee, I understand that 'one-size rarely fits all'. You could try adding caribiners (metal safety clips used by mountain climbers) to your long yellow springs in order to increase their length. I do this for my clients when a spring is too strong or too short. The Allegro 2 has a variety of tower eyebolts. You might use a lower eyebolt, although that will change the spring vector, decreasing the range of motion and strength challenge.
Love the spinal undulations! It always makes my back feel so good! Very creative as always! Love your classes! You are an amazing teacher!
You are the best Elizabeth! Thank you for your attention to responding to these great questions and for acknowledging that you are hearing how much we are enjoying you and your innovative style of teaching.
This is awesome!!.
Glad that I can learn amazing reformer /tower Workout ...even teaching Pilates in Thailand :)
Wanvisa, Kristi, Dami, Lynn, Leelee, David, Kimberley, Connie, ZA, Darlene: I am thrilled that my reformer/tower sequence has found a home with you all over the world. Ever since Balanced Body first put a tower on the reformer I've been developing this material. (However, let's acknowledge that J.H. Pilates was the First to combine a tower with a reformer!) It is so rewarding to hear that the moves I love, that are effective for my clients, resonate with you. The synergistic forces of tower springs combined with a resisted moving carriage are unique and just perfect to explore biotensegrity. The 6-spring supine pattern I use with all my hip/knee replacement clients and many back pain clients as well. As you can feel, the exercises advance to challenge hip and spine range of motion, pelvis and shoulder stability in ways that a reformer alone cannot reach. Always Grateful to You,
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The core strength required for stabilizing especially the last exercise had me sweating profusely without feeling any heaviness or muscular tension at all. It's amazing. Thanks!!
Exactly Catherine! You have a balance of compression and decompression in motion - an expression of biotensegrity.
Absolutely beautiful to watch! Like a ballet and your instructions are so clear and melodious! I can't wait to try it.
JoAnn M
a little too complicated for me ... though the work with tongue was interesting.
JoAnn, I posted a bit more 'tongue info' in the comments on my recent mat class #2508 (2nd comment page 2). The reformer/tower workout includes many different angles and combined planes, intending to challenge motor control and move thoroughly through the myo-fascial network. If it would useful, I'd be glad to suggest simplifications so you could benefit from the basic structure of the workout.
All the best to you.
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