Mat Fundamentals<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2520

Mat Fundamentals
Amy Havens
Class 2520

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I appreciate so much the addition of the split screen, camera angle close ups and shooting the video from above. This enhanced visually your demonstration of the exercises and proper alignment along with your excellent cues. Thank you for a great beginner basic workout. Marjorie
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I agree with Majorie and thanks PA for your efforts and constantly improve
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Great class for me as an instructor to get new ideas for beginners and also for my experienced pilates body slowly and carefully critique all my basic techniques. Thank you
Superb. Thank you.
Amy you have a gift! You understand simplicity of explanation, few words, wonderful que's. I will share what you taught me, with my classes. Thank you. Yes, the split screen is a wonderful addition :~}
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very helpful! thanks!
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Amy, you're such a great teacher! I also loved the different camera angles.
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Thank you Amy, I really enjoy your classes. I have been practising Pilates for a few years now, and this fundamentals class is an excellent way for me to check my form and gain a deeper understanding of each exercise.
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Loved the split screen and the breakdown of movements. This lesson was effective and educational. Very appreciated and well done.
Thanks everyone.....your positive comments are so wonderful and we appreciate your feedback on the split screen options too. Sounds like you all find it beneficial for the overall experience!
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