Mat Fundamentals<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2520

Mat Fundamentals
Amy Havens
Class 2520

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Hi Amy, the split screen and instructions are great! I continue to play the Levels 1 and 1/2 and learn. Will come back to this one and others that you have done. Thx from Colorado
Hi Wendy, thank you for this feedback!!
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Breakdowns are perfect way of teaching basics and adding on; this is a good start for every one and those who likes to get back to basics; You are an excellent teacher Amy...thank you
Much appreciated Cigdem , thank you!~
Megan Y
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Incredible cues thank you!
Thank you Megan !  Did you have one in particular that worked well or better than others?  Curious.
Martine B
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Thanks Amy.Just tried this class and found it just right. I have done various beginners classes on Pilates Anytime but found them too hard . I normally stick to the stretch class with Meredith but will now alternate with this class. 
Hi Martine B , very happy to hear you found this class and that it suited you.  Thank you for being with me!
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