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Oov Discussion
Daniel V. & Brent A.
Discussion 2558

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That was life changing and still trying to process all of it. Haven't had the chance/pleasure to experience it yet. I almost feel now that I haven't truly experienced 'spontaneous organization" and should instructors be teaching without it? Thank you all for bringing more awareness to my life!! It's a beautiful never ending journey..
Love it! Cannot wait. Great interview!
Thank you! Can't wait to try it!!!!!
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I have now watched all there is to watch regarding the Oov and have recently just imported 3 into South Africa. Having used it myself and with my clients, I (and my clients included) agree that this must be the best piece of equipment available.
I was also amazed at how unbalanced my body actually is but seeing tremendous results.
Please please could we have more classes using the Oov xx
Jayde H
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Daniel Vladeta, what a wealth of knowledge!
His knowledge, passion and respect for the human body is inspirational!
As a Pilates instructor and a 3rd year student of Osteopathy, I managed to learn so much from this video (just when you think you know the diaphragm!) haha
Would be amazing to get him back for a few more practical videos on the Oov!
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I agree, more Oov videos, please!
Another Oov class coming up in mid-March, about a month from now. With Daniel's permission, in January I filmed an Oov sequence that complements the material he created for Pilates Anytime and Polestar. Try it out!
After seeing this and remembering Elizabeth Larkam in Cologne, - how she relaxed on it before and after teaching the fascia- workshop - , I want an oov for myself and my clients. There are three different sizes. Unfortunately you donĀ“t refer to the sizes. Is it the Upper-Body length that matters, or the weight? Is the medium maybe good enough for a class of woman in average size?
What would be the cost of your Oov and how cost would change for a class of 30? also your views on ELDO and do you use the technique? I am pesentely using in my classes with pilates and they are loving it
Hi Silke ,
Apologies for not replying to your enquiry sooner.

The sizing depends on both Height and Weight.
The Oov changes in length, volume, and density as the size increases, so there are 3 variables.
Weight is perhaps a little more relevant, as it influences if someone can compress the material enough. For women we find roughly a 50/50 split between small and medium, and for Men roughly 50/50 between Medium and Large.
In doing classes we find the best way is to have someone find the most comfortable size for them.
Having them comfortable is extremely important as it means the person will relax.
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