Ideal Position for your Body<br>Ruth Alpert<br>Tutorial 2690

Ideal Position for your Body
Ruth Alpert
Tutorial 2690

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Very useful information, thank you for sharing.
Thank you Tina!
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Wonderful tutorial, Ruth. The analogy of sitting on long hair is spot on! Your boards are a perfect alternative when moon boxes are too high and aeropads are too soft. Thank you so much! As for moon boxes, I don't remember the source but I recall hearing that moon boxes were called that because they could be moved around the body like moons around a planet. Still, a funny name!
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This was very helpful. I appreciate your thorough analysis with various bodies. We all certainly work with those differences every day and it is a challenge. Thanks!
Paola Maruca
I love everytime Ruth has a tutorial on PA...more please
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Ruth, this info was so helpful to me. It was as if a lightbulb went off. Thank you so much! I look forward to more classes with you!
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Ruth there are all great tricks to help people if all you have is a reformer. I have done many of these with my own clients. Obviously the low chair was created to solve all these issues. I think Jill's explanation of the name of the moon box sounds good. Perhaps someone should ask Ken Endelman.
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I am so grateful for this class and I can't wait to try it on my clients next week! Could you tell me what type of padding you use to make the plywood seats?
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I have one more question. I tried the tricep press back the two ways you showed us and it was so much easier on my back with knees and hips at 90 degrees.I also tried the exercise with my feet dangling. My knees and hips were at 90 degrees. This felt pretty good too. Do you have an option on having the lower legs off the box without feet on a solid surface?
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I love it when I come to same conclusion as expert instructors!

Great video! I do also have people just move back a bit until the knees are level to the hips... wondering if that's a bad choice. But I always thought this even in the mat work when we 1/2 roll back instead of rolling like a ball! I always felt this was wrong for a lot of people. Glad to see the attention paid to every type of body.
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