Fascia in Motion<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Workshop 2748

Fascia in Motion
Elizabeth Larkam
Workshop 2748

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Mary, continuing:
Please note, this is not a coupon to redeem. It is a code to enter.
1. Buy my book, Fascia in Motion. Compare prices on Handspring Publishing and Amazon. I think Handspring offers the best deal as you get a 20% discount code if you sign up for their enews.
2. Go to page xvii in the section How to use this book. It explains the code and how to use your device to scan the QR codes that accompany the photos in the book.
3. You can choose how to use my book:
Look at photos, read captions and view video clips in any order
Read cover to cover, viewing video clips in the order they appear
Skip around, reading chapters in the order that interest you, practicing movement sequences with the videos
Choose chapters relevant to your clients and learn from those chapters as interest arises.
All best to you

I cannot find the video for Figure 1.1D does that exist?
Todd, I do not see a QR code at the end of chapter 1, so looked at my Chair class 2101 from 2015 in the purple unitard. Could not find it there during fast forward, although all other relevant movement sequences are in this class. I did however film this move on January 6, 2018, just a couple of days ago. Pkease look for this new Chair class to post in a couple of months. Thanks so much for your support of my Book. All best to you🌞
Thank you for your beautiful tribute to your sister. I learned alot about her just through your brief performance. What a wonderful bond between sisters.
Todd, thank you for appreciating Tribute to Daphne. My book is dedicated to her.
hello, i want toby the book online and see the videos. how can i do his?
María de la Paz ~ You can go to the Handspring Publishing Site to purchase the book. Once you have the book, you will find instructions on how to access the videos. I hope you enjoy it!
Laura J
Ever the inspiration Elizabeth Larkam . You have helped me become so helpful to others. Thank You!!
I am loving these clips along side your book. So much awesome information. Well done !! Thank you.
Dear Elizabeth,

Sorry for asking this again! I purchased your book on Amazon. I followed your instructions on page xvii and it only explains how to download the QR App. This directs me to the clip but I am still only able to view the 2min preview. I also cannot find the “ COUPON” anywhere on page xvii. Please assist. Thank you
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