Parasetter Workout<br>Marika Molnar<br>Class 2812

Parasetter Workout
Marika Molnar
Class 2812

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I am SO excited to see Parasetter here. My clients and I use it before and after every workout for warmup and recovery. I'm excited to learn more from Marika Molnar.
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I can't wait to follow along with this video at home! As a singer I use Parasetter often to help my breathing coordination.
I love the Parasetter! The headrest offers great support as it follows the natural curve of the spine, and the rib wrap serves as a great cue when breathing. I appreciate how much thought went into this product with consideration for how the body is designed! The class is a great place to start.
Lower blood pressure and cortisol level and feel great.
Doris Pasteleur Hall and I have the great fortune to be teaching with the Parasetter at Marika's Westside Dance Physical Therapy.
It has been an invaluable tool for all my clients from professional movers, injuries and my older clients.
What I love the most is getting the nervous system calmer to overcome tension patterns that take away from good function.
I loved the class. The rib wrap for my body is wonderful the material it's made out of warms the body and feels heavenly. I loved the coordination variation.
I have the chance to be teaching with Marika Molnar at the Westside Dance Physical Therapy in NYC. The Parasetter is amazing .
Loved getting to use the Parasetter from the inventor herself! I so wish I had this when I was a young dancer! Thank you Marika & Pilates Anytime for sharing.
Love teaching group class on the Parasetter and Minis. Clients love the feed back it gives them they feel more open. They come back wanted more! Thank you Marika!
My first class with the Parasetter!  Loved it! Looking forward to more classes.  Thank you:)
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