Simple Movement Flow<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2837

Simple Movement Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 2837

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Love it! Good as always! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
More please!!!!
Love it. Excelent!
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Another Brilliant workout, as usual ! You make Pilates Fun as well as functional Meredith ! Did some of these "interesting" and challenging rolling like a ball transitions with my Monday night classes and heading out to challenge the Wednesday Wonders shortly. Thank you .
PS Noticed quite a few Instagram videos in the last few days (from around the world ) with similar transitions @meredithrogersinspired me thinks ! Fantastic ....reaching out to so Many on PA
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Thank you Meredith,
your classes are always top
Perfect Pace! Thank you, Meredith :)
Thank you all for your feedback and for sharing this time with me. I appreciate you!
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Really fun class! It's cold at my house right now and there is snow on the ground outside, I thought about turning the heat up in the house but did this class instead and am definitely warmed up now! Thank you for another great class Meredith! As a BASI student in a small town I really appreciate having your classes to do at home and to observe!
Thats great to hear, Mindy.
I am so glad that PA is a resource for you. So many great BASI instructors here. Good luck with your training.
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I really love your classes I never get annoyed with you haha but seriously it's easy to follow relaxing and good work - thanks
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simple and effective...
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