Seated Towel Workout<br>Ken Gilbert<br>Class 2903

Seated Towel Workout
Ken Gilbert
Class 2903

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Hydie ~ We check to make sure every video plays all the way through before they are on the site to make sure there won't be playback issues. I'm not sure why you are having trouble with only this video as I have tried it and it plays for me without any problems. Are you getting a specific error message or does it just not play? Please email us at with more information so we can help you find a solution.
It only plays for about 17 minutes.
Hydie ~ I would still recommend a different video quality. I find that 478p works very well for most people. We will have our programmers check to see if there are any bugs and let you know if we find anything. If you continue to have trouble after trying another video quality, please email us at
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Loved this! Surprisingly intense upper body work. Thank you. It is in my go to playlist now!
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Lori . . . good to hear from you. Yes, surprisingly intense upper body workout - arms and shoulders. Thank you for your comment.
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Judy . . . good to hear about your L3! My intention is to teach the body how to decompress through mobility and stability any part of the spine, particularly the lumbar. Thank you!
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Debra . . . the stool workout is my newest application of the standing work (my tag phrase is "toilet training") in that we sit during a good portion of our day and particularly in our "toilet" practices of sitting and standing. When the pelvis is stable on the stool (different from a chair) we can activate more strength and mobility from the lumbar through to the cervical spine. Thank you for your comment!
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Ken Gilbert I was smiling at the Russian dancing reference (and at many times throughout) Thank you I quite enjoy your classes ;)
Roxana . . . thank you for acknowledging my sense of humor. I am discovering that the levity makes the challenges more fun.
Thanks for this Ken and I really laughed at the Russian dance reference :) Lots of ideas here for my older clients thankyou. Sarah
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