Pilates Arc Reformer<br>Anula Maiberg<br>Class 2919

Pilates Arc Reformer
Anula Maiberg
Class 2919

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Beautiful class Anula! Such ease, but I think really 'strong' class to do. Loved your breathing start as well.
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Super great class. I just finished it for the second time because I love it so much. I never use my arc so this really reminded me what a great tool it is too. Thank you so much!
Wow!!! You are my new favorite instructor!! So challenging, clear creative cuing and super funny! Hope to see more!
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Used a foam roller and it was perfect to use for this. Love the different moves on the reformer. Great workout and fun all together!!
Jennifer W
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This was challenging and lots of fun! Thank you!
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SUCH a fun and creative class! Your sense of humor has made both classes go by so quickly. Thank you for sharing with all of us.
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whee! what a fun class. loved all the different ideas and angles. Thanks Anula - I felt like Queen Pilates sitting up there on my BOSU doing arm work. (and thanks Kathy W for BOSU suggestion - worked great.)
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I loved this class. I, also, tried it on the bosu. So challenging but fun. Can't wait to see more from you on PA. Next time I'm in NYC, I would love to take a class at your studio.
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Loved this!! Thank you 🎉
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Great workout Anula....and don't worry I didn't harm any small children during the course of my butt busters. ;) @ocpilatesmama
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