Pilates Arc Reformer<br>Anula Maiberg<br>Class 2919

Pilates Arc Reformer
Anula Maiberg
Class 2919

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Ingrid J
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Wow Anula, that was GREAT! I love your sense of humor and also the independence that you teach with! Fantastic class! Hope to see mooore of you, much MOOOORE!
Morgane K
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Thank you Anula. I loved it! The tiny ball of pain series were great. Hope to see more.
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Really fun, very creative! What a treat!
I absolutely loved this class! Loved using the arc on the reformer. You are such a great instructor, and made this challenging class fun! I'm going to check out your mat class. Please please come back for more classes!!
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Thank you so much Anula. I loved your creativity. FUN!
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Darn ! Arc doesn't fit over Stott reformer !
Loved the new ideas and your style.What ??was my fav ! Will get inspiration and hoping for Reformer class sans ! Arc.
Happy Valentine to all !
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Great class! Thank you so much. Quite the Valentine's treat. I did it with a bosu and sticky pads ( shoulder rests off) so it wouldn't slip. Worked very well however single leg bridge even more challenging due to instability of bosu.
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Just brilliant. Thank you Anula. Your mat class is also terrific! :)
I used a ball and a foam roller because I do not have an arc. I LOVED these moves. Sense of humor is also critical.
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What a great class! That blue spring is very mean, plus extra abdominal work from all the laughs and giggles :) Hope to see you again soon!
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