Cardio Pilates<br>Ed Botha<br>Class 299

Cardio Pilates
Ed Botha
Class 299

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Just the first two exercises were all I needed to see to inform me this class goes against everything we're doing with the pilates principles. No stabilizing warm up- massive hip flexor work up front! No thank you.
We knew this class would push people out of their comfort zone. Please keep in mind this class is acknowledging the importance of cross training while recognizing the limited amount of time our schedules often allow for this. We asked Ed to share what he does when his Pilates and boxing clients are short on time and still need to address all the components of fitness. This class is not for everyone its true, but it sure is fun if you are up for a change in pace and intensity and don't mind deviating on occasion from traditional Pilates . We look forward to having Ed back to teach his regular BASI flow class when he returns to the states and hope you will all try that one too.
Great, challenging & fun workout, nice mix up of cardio & pilates! Well done! Thank you Kristi!
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Dynamic class,, Loved it. And the instructor not bad to look at..hehehehe.. TY
Loved the combination of moves-wish you would have shown modifications for those not at this level, but would like the cardio/Pilates combo. Loved to see everyone working and not all together. (: Great class.
Can't wait to try this class on my students! Thankyou...
Wow, After that Mat class I get extra Pumpkin pie!!
Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for a great workout.
Great if you're a gym type, into "boot camp" workouts. The cardio intervals could have been varied for variety. Way too much work on flexors and quads. Too much rolling back and forth. Too fast to keep proper alignment. For cardio, I prefer rhythm pilates. More balanced.
Ed - I'm sweating and smiling. Awesome class, thank you.
This was brilliant! Bring on more cardio please
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