Breath and Endurance<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3028

Breath and Endurance
Amy Havens
Class 3028

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Im so loving your teaching style, great visual aid too! Looking forward to the next class, thanks Amy!
Patricia W
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thanks a lot for this great class. by the way where can i get such a ball?
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Glad you're with me Liz and Ewa !!
Thank you Denee!! Patricia -- I got this ball at a toy store believe it or not! It's a wonderful visual aid isn't it? Glad you enjoyed it too! See you in class #2!!
Chiara L
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Thank you, Amy--it went by in a blink even though I was sweating by the end of it, so I definitely felt it. I did this at the end of a long day and with a headache; by the end of the class I was energized and no headache left. So glad there's another challenge available.
Chiara , thank you for starting this challenge with me and I know you're going to enjoy the progression of each class as they build upon one another. Let me know how things are going along the way!
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Thank you Amy! This breath work is fun and energizing - helped me unlock a few sticky spots in my spine :) yay!
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I'm going to commit to writing down each of my observations and/or epiphanies after each class in this challenge so I can refer back, when needed. The following are my 'take a ways' from BREATH & ENDURANCE:
1) The idea of 'expansion from within.' Why have I never thought about it like this before?? LOVED the diaphragm imagery using the toy.
2) The recognition that I have NOT been breathing "all the time consciously with commitment" in my Pilates practice! I've been avoiding the #1 principle out of convenience.
3) My breath should go to where I want more freedom in my body. Brilliant!
Amy, you mentioned all 3 in single leg circles, & it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. Thank you, dearest friend!! What a gift you're giving us.
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Fabulous class Amy, thank you!
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That was fantastic! You completely changed my swan dive! Thank you, can't wait to do the rest ❤️❤️
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