Short and Sweet Reformer<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 3072

Short and Sweet Reformer
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 3072

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Great class. Loved all the moves. Thank you
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Oh my gosh! That was awesome! Going into my favorites! I loved about tricep work when in the mermaid position with the forearm on the far bar. Thank you so much!
Suzanne H
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I loved this! Thank you for a wonderful quickie workout.
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I loved this! 😀
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Thanks for the alternative suggestions for tendon stretch! I will give them a try.
Perfect workout!!! Thank you!!!
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Loved it all! What a great mermaid variation!
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Short & STRONG....nice one. Loved the mermaid variations! thank you
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What a great class! Loved the tempo, and that it wasn't too fussy. I loved you're attitude throughout! Thank you!
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