Unilateral Reformer <br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3164

Unilateral Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 3164

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Thanks Amy. I just finished your class and noticed some imbalances in my body that I hadn't picked-up before! Given me something to think about as I correct my clients :)
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Holy goodness Batman!
What an eye-opening challenge, Amy!
Thank you! Lots to work on here, as there is a clear difference on each side. Will be revisiting this workout again and again to see what changes.
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Thanks Amy, loved the whole work out and the awareness it brought to the imbalances I need to work on!
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Yay! Super excited to play more with this class. Beautiful!
Michele M
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Fantastic practice! I found those differences in my body too and will cue these differences to my clients too:) Also a pleasure to work your practice here, thanks Amy!!
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ahhh! I wanted to click on LOVE! Thank you Amy, that felt so balancing, strengthening and oddly gentle too!
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I really enjoyed this workout, and as others have pointed out, it shows up the imbalances beautifully! After working all day, I decided I neede something to inspire me, move me and make me feel good, and this just hit the spot perfectly! Thank you so much.
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I have been getting my house ready, and them back to "normal" for days since hurricane Irma. This is my first workout since Tuesday and oh boy did i need it. I think a cried a couple of times during the workout. Thank you Amy for always giving us an amazing workout ❤️
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Boy did I felel the asymmetry when doing single arm supine! Especially in t arms. That was great thank you!
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I always love your classes and this one was no exception!
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