Reformer Connections<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 3190

Reformer Connections
Karen Sanzo
Class 3190

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Valya Karcher
I love the discussion Karen. It expands our clarity and purpose. Thank you for a great workout!
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Thank you! I love the rotator cuff connections and the work on the side of the reformer!
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Yap! - felt the connections!!!
great workout, - I love the precise cues and the little challenges created by attention to where I should feel the work and by rhythm-changes! Thank you Karen!
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Just love all of your little connecting exercises. So many great cues and right now I can't think of them all. One that I absolutely loved was when we were doing short box and on the way up, in flexion when you mentioned going lighter into the legs, that was so huge. Definitely felt my abs deepening! And by the way, my legs were shaking too. Going to definitely watch this again to write down all your fabulous cues. Thank you Karen you have taught me so much!
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One word: smart!
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I love how easy this is to follow by myself in my studio trying to think of small new ideas I can remember - straightforward but creative - thanks Karen!
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Absolutely fantastic! Great variety, modifications, and nuances!
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Such great work- thank you Karen
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Thank you! I now know, understand and FEEL the connections in the movements. Basics that are anything but basics. Also adore the way you describe what the body should be doing and feeling. I'm 68, fairly new to being consistent with pilates. Your 4-video series has been really helpful. I did this one twice to be sure I got it!
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Love it... love you!
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