Reformer Connections<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 3190

Reformer Connections
Karen Sanzo
Class 3190

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I so love your teaching style, Karen, your cueing makes so much sense. Thanks a lot :))
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As always, you get us connected in an enjoyable, easy to understand way. Thank you
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Great cueing Karen. For a level 2 I got a great workout!!
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OMG! I have been wanting to do this class forever and finally did it. Just a great class. Thanks so much Karen! Merry Christmas!
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Absolutely love your workouts thank you so much
Karen Sanzo
More connections and more clarity coming up!!
Michael Mary S
Thank you.  Love your explanations and "connections."  
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I had fun!!! Very much!!! Loved the spine twist on the short box. That feels wunderful!! Thank you very much!!!
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Thank you Karen! This was the perfect class to get back to the foundation and technique I needed after doing so many 2/3 classes lately. I feel all the work in my entire body!
So great thanks! Loving all those small connecting variations:)
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